B&B Tuesday Update 4/23/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/23/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope and Steffy kiss and Carter tells them it is official and they are husband and wife. Eric tells them to go inside. Steffy says good because the baby wants cake.

Katie wonders if she can go home. Doctor Meade says soon. Brooke and Donna come in asking the same question. Katie insists that it will be today. Doctor Meade says he will only release her if she does some tests. Katie asks how Hope is doing. Katie jokes about how this was the best way of getting out of going to the wedding. They all are on Hope's side.

Taylor thanks Eric for all of this. Steffy walks over and Taylor congratulates her. Taylor gets Liam and decides to make a toast to Steffy and Liam. Taylor tells everyone that this means a lot to her to have the wedding at the Forrester family home because it is an overjoying event. Taylor welcomes Liam to the family. Everyone agrees.

Donna and Brooke go into the hallway. Brooke thinks that she looks better. Donna says she will be fine. Donna does not want to judge because Katie did what she did and she is the one who did this to Brooke and Bill and they cannot blame themselves. Donna feels that Brooke is doing the right thing and is an incredible sister. Donna hugs Brooke.

Steffy and Liam cut the wedding cake. Steffy jokes about having cake thrown in her face but backs off at the last second. Bill decides to give his toast. Bill explains he never thought the two should not have been together and that this was the best thing that could have happened. Bill is happy that the two found each other and that this is important. Bill welcomes Steffy into the Spencer family for a second time and is proud to call her his daughter and a Spencer. Eric congratulates Steffy on being a Spencer but that she is not to forget her being a Forrester just like the woman who she was named after. Eric says that Stephanie set high standards and Steffy has risen above them and congratulates her.

Brooke thinks that Katie and Bill are good together. Brooke does not believe that Katie will let anything come between them. Donna agrees and wonders if anything happened with Bill and her the night of the accident. Brooke promises nothing happened that night and that Bill and Katie will be fine.

Steffy wonders where Liam is. Thomas wonders where Liam and Steffy are going for the honeymoon. Liam walks in explaining that they will go soon but that he has a surprise. Liam thanks all the people because they have to go. Liam explains before they do he has arranged something for Steffy, his wife. Liam says that this was inspired by Eric. Steffy says that Irish dancers better not come through the door. Steffy's favorite singer comes in the front door to sing Steffy's favorite song.

Katie has a flashback to when she broke off her marriage with Bill. Brooke walks in and explains that Donna had to go back to work. Katie is glad that she stopped by. Katie really wants to go home to her husband and child. Katie asks one more time if Brooke and Bill did nothing like they said. Brooke says nothing happened. Katie is happy. Brooke explains that Katie needs to be their for Bill and love him. Brooke knows that Bill will be a great dad. Katie agrees. Brooke explains that Bill likes to have adventures and that Will, will be with him. Katie wonders why Brooke is saying all this. Brooke says this because she worries that Katie will try to change him once again. Katie is happy and explains that she can't wait to go home.

Steffy is happy over the song. She hugs Taylor good bye. Steffy and Liam go off on their honeymoons. Everyone throws black paper at them as the part. The two walk outside and dance their way down the path. The two hug and kiss each other with passion in the sunset.

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