B&B Monday Update 4/22/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/22/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy stops her bike wearing all black. She takes her flowers. Carter explains that he is glad to bring Liam and Steffy together.

Hope tells Rick she has to be at the wedding. Brooke wonders what is going on. Rick explains Hope is going to crash the wedding. Hope says she cannot be stopped.

Carter explains that the next generation will fill the halls of the Forrester mansion. Carter asks if the two accept this. The two both say I do.

Hope does not care if she is embarrassed because nothing can be as bad as their pretend wedding. Hope knows that Steffy tricked him with the pregnancy. Hope knows that it is them versus us. Brooke tells Hope she loves her but the pane will be hard and she does not want that for Hope. Brooke begs Hope not to do this.

Carter explains that several people have asked to speak. Thomas knew this was coming and that this time was for real. Thomas says that Steffy is one of a kind and Liam is one lucky guy. He tells Liam to let Steffy have her way because no one will change it. Thomas feels that Liam makes Steffy very happy and thanks him. Thomas explains that Steffy will be a great mother and wife. Thomas and Steffy hug.

Hope hates that she is giving up. Brooke knows that she made the right choice and that she told Liam to do this. Brooke thinks that her putting the baby first was a great thing. Hope wants to be married to Liam and that Steffy keeps stealing him and now it is forever.

Bill tells Steffy that she is the complete package and that she is the perfect amount of everything. He explains that he is proud of who Liam is and he would admire him even if he were not his son. Bill believes that the two are a power couple and happy that they will be carrying the Spencer legacy forward. Taylor tells Steffy she has imagined this day since she was young and that this is what would happen. She remembers a young Steffy and that she was different and that only Steffy could pull off the wedding dress that is black. She knows that Liam will be respectful and adore her. Taylor knows that the two are meant and that she can trust Liam and he will take good care of her. Steffy hugs Taylor. Carter says that the two brought them together and asks that they repeat after him the marriage vows. To which Liam agrees too and repeats. Carter then does the same with Steffy and does it so with tears. Carter says the two have their own words to exchange to one another.

Hope tells Brooke that Taylor owes Brooke for not having Hope crash the wedding. Brooke just wants to protect her. Hope knows that the two already set a standard for how this goes. Brooke did not want this. Hope thinks it is to late.

Liam explains that Steffy is able to make every moment incredible. Liam believes that Steffy thinks every second matters and he is convinced that is the only way to live. Liam believes he is a lucky man to spend every moment with her. Liam is happy that the baby will have to parents together. Liam says that he is going his whole life and future joyfully until death do them part.

Hope knows this is best in a way. Hope knows they are saying their vows and she can just feel it. Hope knows this is right though. Brooke is so proud of her. Hope feels empty. Brooke explains this is difficult and that she will move on and this will be the past. Hope wishes she could believe it. Hope feels like today that her hope for the future ended today. Hope and Brooke hug.

Steffy tries to live in the present. Steffy explains that Liam helped her feel good about herself and take life the proper way. Steffy was saved by Liam and so many ways. Liam taught her loyalty and hopes to pass it on to her child. Steffy is thankful for the love and laughter. Steffy can't wait for such an incredible future. Liam puts the ring on Steffy's hand saying it will never end. Steffy puts Liam's wedding on. Liam and Steffy are married and the two kiss. Everyone claps.

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