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Itís Steffyís wedding day and when Taylor comes in to talk to her Steffy says she canít believe it, Liam and her are getting married. Taylor tells her that sheís going to love the arrangements for the altar. She tells Steffy to get ready for the happiest day of her life and the two share a hug as Taylor and Steffy express how happy they are. Taylor leaves after telling Steffy she canít wait to see her surprise wedding dress.

Rick finds Hope alone at Foresterís rooftop and goes up to her. He says itís a tough day today for her isnít it. Hope says nothing and just hugs her brother looking near tears. Taylor thanks Eric for letting them use his home for the ceremony and tells him she canít thank him enough. Eric tells her that light of joy in her eyes is thanks enough for him. They kiss and Taylor smiles at him after pulling away.

Hope tells Rick that it was her who told Liam to marry Steffy for the baby. She says it was on principle and the right thing to do morally but now that the day is here. She stops and sighs then says that today she loses Liam to Steffy forever.

Thomas comes into Steffyís room with Taylor to meet his sister before the ceremony. They share a hug as Steffy asks him if he can believe it. Thomas says he can because once she sets her eyes on something it doesnít stand a chance. Steffy smiles and says things turned out right. Taylor says so much is going right for their family right now. Getting emotional Taylor gets teary as she says everything is wonderful and especially today on Steffyís wedding day. Steffy gets teary herself and huge her mom and Thomas joins into the family hug.

Bill helps Liam get ready and is overjoyed with him. He tells him itís his wedding day and hugs him before saying and heís marrying the right woman on top of that. Liam nods before saying heís just sorry Katie couldnít be here. He asks how Katie is and Bill tells him she is getting better and better each day. Liamís dad agrees to be his best man for the wedding saying it would be his honor. Bill tells Liam he is so proud of him as hugs him one more time.

Thomas comments on how his mother went all out for this wedding. Caroline says how could she have missed because Steffy is finally getting everything she always wanted. She says she should take some pointers from her. Justin asks why as sheís rich, talented, pretty and a Spencer herself. She asks if they see Rick on her arm before saying sheís going to go say hi to Steffy and bouncing off excitedly. Eric, Justin and Thomas all pull annoyed faces once sheís gone and Eric comments that she is a handful. Thomas says he guesses he was lucky for escaping her unscathed making them all laugh.

Taylor spends time with her daughter, brushing her hair and they recall their memories together from when Steffy was growing up. She says Steffy was always a rambunctious tomboy making her laugh. She says if you look at her now you could never tell. Steffy says sheís still a tomboy but Taylor says it doesnít show making her smile again. Caroline asks to come and they let her in. Taylor leaves to give the girls some alone time and Caroline takes Steffyís hands before saying congratulations to her and Liam and their baby. Steffy thanks her though confused at her sudden warmth towards her. Caroline says they are going to be cousin-in-laws and hugs Steffy saying she is so excited to have a girlfriend in the family. She says she doesnít have any real friends before saying any friends. Sighing she says women just donít seem to like her. Steffy smiles tightly and says she canít imagine why.

Rick tries to get Hopeís mind of Liam by talking about the changes heís making for the revival of her line but Hope remains distracted. When Rick talks about giving Maya the job of the spokesperson and saying it might be obvious heís trying to keep her close Hope says thatís the smart thing to do. She says if she had done the same with Liam then today he would not be marrying Steffy.

Thomas notices that Liam isnít here yet and wonders if heís having second thoughts. Eric tells him that Liam is committed to Steffy but Thomas says that may only be until he runs into Hope. He says he does not want to see his sister hurt again but Liam arrives right then with Bill. Bill announces the groomís arrival and everyone applauds making Liam blush.

Eric tells Liam that unfortunately Ridge isnít here. Liam says he knows and Eric says heíll speak on his behalf though. Eric welcomes Liam to the family and tells him he is trusting him with precious cargo. Liam says he is aware of how lucky he is to be marrying Steffy. He says heís thankful everyday because sheís a prize. Eric warns him about having to deal with a pregnant lady soon and Liam looks nervous but smiles and says heís looking forward to his future. Bill goes to meet Steffy in her room. He hugs her before holding her hands and asking her if he even needs to tell her how pleased he is. Steffy thanks Bill for all of his support. Bill tells Steffy that he knows a good thing when he sees it. He says for his son sheís as good as it gets making her laugh. Steffy tells him sheíll maker his son very happy. Bill says he has no doubt about that. Steffy says just wait till he holds his baby for the first time and calls Bill gramps at which he chuckles and says he does like the sound of that.

Liam and Taylor talk and he tells her he is committed to Steffy and will never hurt her like he has in the past. Taylor says she knows he wonít and hugs her son-in-law. Justin and Carter meet for the very first time and exchange contact information after hitting it off well. Bill finds Liam looking down and asks if heís thinking of Hope. He says itís natural to think of the past when you are standing at a milestone and says heís sure Liam is thinking of his mother too. Liam says yes and says his mother would have really loved Steffy. Bill says heís sorry his mother isnít here but says heís here. He says heís not sure if itís comforting or horrifying for Liam to know that but heís here making his son laugh. Bill tells his son again that he is so proud of him for making the right decision. He says him. Steffy and the baby are going to have a wonderful life. Liam nods and smiles.

Taylor asks Steffy if sheís upset Ridge isnítí here. Steffy says it would have been nice if he was here even though she did talk to him on the phone just because so many people are missing like Phoebe and her grandmother. She says she can feel them here though. Taylor gives Steffy a special gift, the same necklace that Stephanie gave to Taylor years ago. She tells Steffy that Stephanie would have wanted her to have it. Steffy is touched and starts to cry and says that there are people that canít be here today but the woman that she loves most in this world is by her side. She tells her mother that she has always been there for her and that she is so grateful to have her as her mom. Steffy hugs her mother tightly and cries tears of joy.

It is time for the ceremony to begin. Taylor goes up to get Steffy only to find that she is not in her room. Hope suddenly stands up and tells Rick that she canít do this, she canĎt sit by and let this wedding happen. She tells her brother that if he wants to help her he will take her to Ericís now. Liam is led to the altar while Taylor comes downstairs confused and asks if anyone has seen Steffy. Thomas asks if she wasnít in her room. Taylor says no and says this doesnít make any sense.

Soon the sound of a motorcycleís engine is heard and Steffy makes her entrance up the path on a motorcycle stunning the guests. Bill, Taylor, Thomas, Eric, Caroline and the guests smile and Liam watches in awe, whispering oh my God as she makes her grand, unique entrance in a black wedding dress on the bike. She walks up to the altar and takes her bouquet as Carter says they do things a little differently in L.A. making everyone laugh. Carter welcomes everyone to the wedding of Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester. Liam and Steffy look at each other smiling in happiness and looking overjoyed as the ceremony begins.

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