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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/18/13


Written By Rachna
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After getting a call from the hospital Bill tells Brooke that Katie rested well last night. Brooke says that Dr. Meade was right about Katie needing to see her baby. Brooke also says that Katie also was better after getting her wedding ring back on her finger. She tells Bill he did the right thing and says she hopes he knows that. Oliver notices that Hope is not concentrating on work. When Hope says sheís okay he says sheís not and understands itís because Liam is marrying Steffy tomorrow.

Steffy and Liam are shown kissing. Steffy playfully asks if they can skip the wedding and go straight to the honeymoon. Liam says her mother would never forgive them as sheís on planning overdrive. Liam mentions Katie and says he hopes she could come. Steffy makes Liam feel better by reminding him how Katie insisted they marry now for the baby because family comes first.

Caroline feels up Carterís eight-pack annoying him until he asks her what she wants. Caroline says sheís wants the status report on Hope For the Futureís new spokesmodel and resident jailbird. She reminds Carter that he is supposed to be pursuing her. She asks how that is coming and right then Rick arrives and asks how is what coming. Caroline looks worried. Caroline tells Rick she was just asking about if Carter is ready to officiate Liam and Steffyís nuptials, switching the topic successfully. She says that Liam is her cousin and hasnít had a smooth road to finding love but after tomorrow that will end. Rick says unless his sister has other plans.

Hope says she pushed Liam to marry Steffy and says it was just another noble but stupid move on her part. Oliver says she is trying to do the right thing and tells her itís okay because no one expects her to be happy about the wedding. Hope says but Liam is happy and thatís all that should matter right. Hope says if she could somehow stop this wedding without messing with the babyís future she would do it but she canít.

Steffy tells Liam sheís planning surprises for their wedding tomorrow. Liam tries to get it out of her but she doesnít tell him. Liam asks Steffy if sheís sure she still wants to marry him. Steffy tells him not to even joke about that making him smile. She says him and this baby are everything she has every wanted. Liam and Steffy share a kiss. Brooke tells Bill that is was evident last night how much Katie wants her family together. She tells Bill he felt it too. Bill says but then there is them. Brooke says there canít ever be any ďthem.Ē Bill looks unhappy.

Caroline asks Rick if his sister is planning a little wedding bashing before he gets a call and has to go inside. Once heís gone, Caroline resumes her conversation with Carter over his wooing Maya. Carter tells her heís not going to be part of some scheme to get Maya out of Forester or to stop what is going on between Rick and Maya. Caroline tells him she just wants him to take her out because with his law degree and his abs, getting Mayaís interest would be easy. Carter says nothing and just walks away looking annoyed.

Hope tells Oliver that Liam has always been such a big part of her life that itís hard for her to accept that heís about to make a life-long commitment to his child and his childís mother because of that. She says she is trying really hard though and looks upset. Oliver hugs her as Hope sheds a tear.

Steffy realizes that they have not planned their honeymoon when Liam starts to act suspicious, and she realizes he has plans already that heĎs hiding from her. She tries to ask him but he tells her he has his secrets and she has hers. Steffy says thatís not the way to keep his wife happy and Liam says the word wife a few times. Steffy asks him if he can handle her and he jokingly says that he doesnít know about. Steffy laughs and tells him heíll be fine and Liam smiles.

Brooke tells Bill she knows this isnít easy but Katie needs this. She says she needs to feel safe and secure in her marriage right now and says that is the only thing she is living for. She tells him he has to forget but Bill says he canít forget and he never will. Brooke looks touched. Steffy and Cater go over the location for the wedding tomorrow and Steffy tells Carter her secret surprise for the wedding. Steffy is shown to be very excited and happy for her wedding. Caroline asks Rick to escort her to the wedding tomorrow but Rick says Hope would not be happy with him if he went to that wedding. Caroline says Hope is a big girl and so what if she got jilted ten or twelve times she just has to accept things and move on. She says what else can she do anyway.

Liam comes to talk to Hope and they have an awkward conversation about the wedding tomorrow. Hope tells him that she would never want to interfere with his commitment to his baby and tells him heís going to be a really great dad. Liam looks touched. Brooke and Bill talk about the future. Brooke tells Bill to focus on Katie and Will and what they mean to him to get over him and her. She says his family is counting on her and so is she. Bill asks what will happen if his wedding falls apart looking for reasons to stay with Brooke. Brooke appears to be telling him to stay with Katie no matter what but then says itís sad how love came into her life again but only for so short a time, clearly talking about Bill. She tells him she loves him and they kiss before she says goodbye and leaves.

Steffy holds her hands to her stomach and talks to her baby. She joyfully says tomorrow they make it official. The baby, her and daddy. She says they are going to be a family and canít stop smiling.

Hope and Liam talk about the wedding and Steffy. Hope implies that Steffy has controlled her way to this wedding. Liam, knowing that Hope is upset tells her that he will never feel the way he feels about her for any other woman. He also says that he will spend the rest of his life wondering what could have been. Hope says they would have had a beautiful life and beautiful children. She says that is what she believes and doesnít want to stop believing. She says she knows she has to, though, because itís never going to happen. Liam looks guilty and hugs Hope as she cries.

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