B&B Wednesday Update 4/17/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/17/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

katie tells everyone that her ring will stay on forerver. Bill holds Katies hand and Brooke brushes Katie's forehead.

Maya walks into Rick's office and explains that she is still looking for roles. Rick tells her that she will have her brake some day soon.

Caroline walks over to Pam and wants to know why the website has not been updated. Pam says she is doing them now. Pam looks on her computer and laughs over a picture she found. Caroline sees the picture and freaks out when she finds out what it is. Pam explains that this is the first thing that comes up when they type in her name.

Rick says that Maya will have a gig with Hope for the Future and that she is perfect for the line.

Liam and Steffy kiss and the phone rings. Liam sees that it is the hospital and Doctor Mead tells him that Katie is doing well but he needs help with something.

Katie says she is sorry and that she loves them both. Katie knows that she should have trusted Brooke because she has always taken care of her. Katie knows how stupid she was being. Katie says she was coming back to appoligize when she passed out. Brooke is shocked to hear this. Katie begs for forgiveness. Brooke and Bill look at each other shocked.


Caroline says she would not post that on the internet. Caroline remembers how this happened. Pam wonders if the guy in the picture did this. Caroline says to stop joking and to get the picture taken off the internet. Caroline demands to know who is in the room with Rick. Pam says a girl named Maya.

Caroline comes in to the office and pretends to be happy to see Maya. Rick tells Caroline Maya is working for them.

Bill says he loves Katie. Katie says no more running away and trying to change Bill, she explains that Bill is very loyal. Katie says she should have trusted them and that she is sorry. Brooke says she is sorry. Katie kisses Brooke's hand. Katie hopes that Bill wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Doctor Mead walks in with Steffy, Liam, and Will. Katie is happy to see Will. Brooke and Bill give each other a sad look.

Caroline is shocked to hear this. Maya is shocked to hear Caroline say the right name. Caroline asks how they could hire a criminal. Caroline tries to convince Rick not to hire someone with a criminal background for the sewing room. Rick explains that Maya will be working with Hope. Caroline is shocked to hear this. Rick says that Maya will be a spokes model for Hope for the Future.

Bill gets Katie to hold Will. Brooke hands Will to Katie and Katie hugs and kisses him. Katie starts to cry when she thinks how close she came. Liam and Steffy explain that Doctor Mead told them to bring the baby. Brooke frowns when she looks at Katie and Will.

Caroline cannot believe this. Rick says that their have been problems with only one person in the role as spokes person. Pam walks in and tells Rick his confrence call is about to start. Maya says she will be fine. Caroline kisses Rick and tells him that she can show her around. Rick tells her no. Caroline tells Maya that she is way out of her mind. Maya says she can cope. Caroline accusses Maya of being a gold digger. Maya does not think this is going to happen. Caroline finds it funny to think that the two of them would do that. Caroline says she can't wait to be right their laughing her face off when she fails. Caroline falls over a rack of clothes.

Steffy and Liam explain that this is going great with Katie and that she will make it through just fine. Liam agrees.

Brooke holds Will. Katie brings up how Will and Bill are her men and smiles. Liam tells Bill that he is going to go with Steffy but if they need anything call. Brooke tells Bill to be a husband and father for everyone. Brooke makes Katie tell her that they will be together forever. Brooke cries. Bill walks up to Katie and the two of them play with Will. Brooke looks and continues to cry but is smiling.

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