B&B Tuesday Update 4/16/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/16/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke tells Bill that Katie wants her ring. Bill wonders if that is true. Brooke asks Katie to repeat. Katie mumbles and Brooke knows that it is the ring.

Steffy cannot believe that they are having a baby and that they are getting married at the Forrester mansion. Liam thinks that it is nice how much Eric loves her and Taylor. Steffy believes they make a good couple almost as good as them. The two kiss each other.

Taylor and Donna discuss Katie. Taylor demands to know what Katie will be waking up to in the hospital. Donna will not say that Brooke has any part in this. Taylor wants to help her but needs to know the facts. Taylor needs to know for Katie's sake.

Steffy explains that they do not know when Katie will be better. Liam wonders if they should do this because of how Steffy feels for Katie. Katie believes that it is ok. Steffy hopes that Katie has a quick recovery. Liam wonders about Ridge. Steffy does not think that he will come back. Steffy is ok with it as long as she has Liam. Liam mentions that they need a minister. Carter walks in and Liam is introduced.

Doctor Mead runs in and asks Katie questions. Doctor Mead tells the two two leave.

Brooke and Bill go in the hallway and Brooke cannot believe that Katie wants the wedding ring back. The two of them know they made the wrong choice.

Carter asks when the big day is. Steffy explains that they do not know when because of all that is happening plus they have no minister. Carter tells them that they can marry the two of them. Steffy and Liam are excited and say yes to this. The two kiss like crazy.

Taylor believes that Katie is in trouble. Donna tells Taylor to back off because Brooke is not involved. Taylor says it only has to do with Katie's health, Donna plans to get Taylor fired when Katie wakes up.

Brooke thought that Katie ended the marraige and that is the only reason that the two of them slept together. Brooke knows that Katie is going to want to have Bill back now. Brooke has a flashback to having sex with Bill. Brooke wipes her tears.

Liam wonders how a lawyer with a fear of weddings would become an ordained minister. Carter says it makes him feel good to help others out. Steffy assumes that this is him living through others and he gets to just not get married. Carter explains he needs to get the designs for the intement designs. Carter hopes to meet Justin. Liam says that he will like Justin as he is a good guy. Carter leaves. Steffy is so shocked because the first wedding was in Aspen in the woods off the side of a cliff. Steffy jumps on Liam and kisses him saying she is excited.

Bill says she gave the ring back and that she was begging them to be together. Brooke believes that it was a mistake. Bill will never see it that way and that it was the two of them just moving on. Brooke does not understand this and tells Bill to stop talking like this. Bill wants to know what Brooke wants. Brooke looks in her purse and gives Bill Katie's wedding ring to put back on along with his own wedding ring.

Katie moves a bit in the coma and opens her eyes. Brooke and Bill walk in and Brooke is happy to see that she is awake. Brooke says she is sorry. Katie looks sad and looks at Bill.

Liam wonders about the wedding dress. Liam is happy that the dress like Steffy is unique. Liam is happy that Steffy is not normal and cannot wait to raise a kid with her because it will be a trip. Steffy wonders how she has become so lucky and hopes they do not lose each other. Liam kisses Steffy passionatly.

Taylor says she is not the bad guy. Donna says that this is a family issue and she can deal with it without her help. Taylor feels that Brooke is doing what she always does with men. Donna knows that Brooke will do the right thing like she always does. Donna walks out and Taylor rolls her eyes at the idea of Brooke doing the right thing.

Bill tells Katie that she needs to understand. Katie explains that does. Brooke wants Katie happy and healthy. Katie asks Bill for her ring. Bill takes it out of his pocket and puts it on her finger. Katie kisses Bills hand and tells him that they will never take them off again. Bill smiles. Brooke sheds a single tear and looks at Bill.

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