B&B Monday Update 4/15/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/15/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Bill discuss all that has happened. Brooke explains that she is worried about Katie. Bill believes that she is going to show improvement today. Brooke wonders if the two of them broke her heart.

Doctor Mead asks if anything has changed for Katie. Katie does not respond to anything.

Taylor and Eric kiss each other passionatly in his office. They discuss how their mornings were. Taylor tells Eric that katie has had no change. Eric asks if Taylor still has her suspicions about Bill and Brooke. Taylor knows that something is up. Steffy and Liam walk in and tell them that they can leave if they have too. Liam asks Taylor if she has heard anything about Katie. Taylor says no. Steffy is worried about Bill. Steffy believes that this could hurt the wedding plans. Eric says that they should go on as if Katie was ok.

Brooke explains that the doctor does not know what happened. Bill tells Brooke that Katie was determined to end the marraige. Brooke agrees that Katie was angry and to angry to make a choice like that. Brooke wonders if they should have granted her words.

Liam assumes that Bill is at the hospital and hopes that Brooke is with him for support. Liam hopes that that Katie gets better soon so Steffy gets her wedding. Taylor wants to see Steffy's wedding dress. Steffy will not give any sneak peaks.

Bill says that when Katie pulls through they will be there. Brooke hopes that this is the case. Bill explains that she will be mad at him but never at her sister. Brooke wonders if Katie really wanted the two of them to have a life together. Bill says that he believes that she meant it. Bill explains that she loves the idea of him but does not love him. Bill explains that Katie is right that two of them need to be together.

Taylor wonders if she can have a job for the wedding. Steffy wants Taylor to be her maid of honor. Taylor is shocked and happy. Taylor hugs Steffy. Taylor accepts it. Eric asks if their are any other loose ends. Steffy says just for the two of them. Eric agrees. Steffy thanks Eric for brining Taylor happiness. Eric wonders what the date of the wedding is. Liam explains when Katie is out of the hospital. Steffy hopes it will not be long.

Doctor Mead decides to not order another scan until later.

Brooke goes over all the bad things that are happening to Katie. Bill says that Katie knew what was going on. Bill explains that Katie meant it when she took off her wedding ring. Bill explains that he meant it as well. Brooke believes that when they made love it felt so right and she has not felt something like that in a long time. Brooke needs to know if she meant it or if she only said it out of anger. Bill does not want to say sorry for what happened because it would not have happened if she was not sick. Bill refuses to allow Taylor to make them feel guilty for what happened. Brooke just wants her sister back. Brooke decides to go back to the hospital. Bill follows.

Taylor wipes her tears. Eric explains that is pretty emotional. Taylor wonders if it is Eric's doing that she is going to be the maid of honor. Eric says no but she diserves it. The two kiss each other again.

Steffy kisses Liam and explains that she did not expect to be excited over a wedding. Liam thinks it is because their are three of them this time. Steffy jokes that they should put that on the invitation. Steffy says that Katie is good for Bill and hopes that she will be standing next to them as they get married. Liam kisses Steffy with passion.

Bill and Brooke go into the hospital and ask how she is doing. Doctor Mead says that their has been no change and that scares him. Brooke wonders what they can do. Doctor Mead says that their are some opptions if she does not come through. Brooke begs Katie to wake up. Bill says that Katie will come around. Brooke knows that the doctor is going to open her up and she will die. Bill does not think it will happen. Brooke sees Katie's hand move and her arm moves. Brooke begs Katie to wake up. Katie moans. Bill asks what Katie is trying to say. Brooke explains that she wants her wedding ring back. Brooke and Bill look at each other.

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