B&B Friday Update 4/12/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/12/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Liam and Steffy waltz around the living room. Taylor and Eric look at them fondly as Liam and Steffy smile and look deliriously happy together. Hope asks Rick if heís expecting her to say donít be with Maya. Rick says no but then says he doesnít know and sighs. Hope says okay because she does not want him to put off the things he wants. She says if heís interested in Maya then he should go for it. Rick says itís not that simple. Hope says she thinks he needs to talk to Caroline but she wants him to be happy. She tells him he is making this way more difficult than it has to be.

Carter tells Maya that he was at work and he couldnít get her off his mind. Maya says so here he is. Carter says Rick could have been here and Maya says that would be awkward. Carter says yes especially seeing that heís here to ask her out. Maya looks surprised and caught off guard. Maya says as she recalls their first date didnít go so well. Carter says that was because of Rick but this time it will just be him and her there. Maya tells him heís a good guy and Carter says but Rick is too but he still has a lot to offer her. He says not as much as the Foresters but he knows that isnít the kind of thing that impresses her.

Rick tells Hope he has some new ideas for her line. Hope says thatís great and asks to hear them. Rick says he still has research to do though and tells her to stay here and go relax by the pool and heíll let her know as soon as he has something to show her. Eric and Taylor join in on the waltzing and Liam and Steffy say they are making fun of them. Eric says absolutely making them laugh. Eric tells Taylor that she has brought life and light and energy back into his home and he thanks her for that.

Steffy asks Eric if he really wants to host the wedding because heís already doing so much. He tells her to stop right there and says it is tradition for the family of the bride to arrange everything. Eric tells Steffy that this is where her mother lives and this is where her wedding will be. Steffy smiles looking happy. Eric leaves as Taylor and Steffy talk again about the wedding and Liam stands by. Steffy tells Liam to take a walk around the grounds and find a spot for the ceremony or just dream about their honeymoon. Liam says excellent idea and runs out. Taylor tells Steffy she is so happy for her and Steffy says sheís happy for her mom too. They share a hug.

Maya tells Carter he is persistent and says sheíll give him that making him laugh. Carter asks her for a second date again and says it couldnít get worse than the first one. Maya says she is sure they would have fun. Carter says but she is still hung up on Rick even though heís still seeing Caroline Spencer. Maya sighs and says not to ask her why. Carter says heís not interested in Rick, heís interested in her. Rick calls Maya and asks her to meet him at Forrester. Carter says heíll give her a ride but Maya says it isnít that far. Carter says heíll take the long way then and moves to kiss her but Maya moves her head. Carter kisses her cheek and says there is nothing wrong with them taking their time.

Taylor sees Hope is on the property through a window and goes to tell her to leave because she doesnít want her near Liam and Steffy as they plan their wedding. When Hope says that Liam and Steffy are getting married because of the baby, Taylor tells her they are marrying because they are in love. She says Liam wants to make this commitment to Steffy, and she has to learn to accept that.

When Maya arrives at Forrester, Rick tells her he wants to run something by her. Maya is curious.

Steffy and Liam take a walk around the grounds and Steffy tells Liam about all her memories of this place. She tells him her grandmother taught her how to play tennis here and she learned to swim here and her sister and her rode bikes here as well. Steffy says now that her mother is with Eric maybe their kid will do those things too. Liam says their baby is going to grow up taking rounds on motorcycles making Steffy laugh. They share a kiss before pulling apart and wondering where Taylor went off to.

Taylor tells Hope she should leave. Hope says sheís not going to run and hide every time they bump into each other. Taylor tells her they are very busy and the wedding will be happening soon so then she can get the closure she needs and move on with her life. Hope tries to turn things around on Taylor by saying if anyone should understand what she is going through right now it should be her because of what she went through over Ridge. Taylor informs her that Steffy did not steal Liam but says yes she knows how she feels because that is what Brooke, her mother did to her.

Rick talks to Maya about Hope for the Future and Maya realizes they need a new spokesperson for it. Rick tells Maya he wants her for the campaign. Maya is stunned. Rick says her ability to rise above her problems, that is what the line is about. Maya says she doesnít know what to say. Rick says he knows itís not acting but it will give her exposure. Maya says itís incredible and tells him he is incredible and kisses him passionately.

Taylor tells Hope that she needs to back off because Liam and Steffy are getting married and building a life together. Hope says that they both know it should have been her and Liam. Taylor gets angry and tells her that sheís sure she feels that way and says that is the story of her life too. She says she and Ridge had children but her mother couldnít care less and took him away from her.

Taylor turns to the window where Liam and Steffy are happy together and tells Hope to look at how happy they are. Taylor tells Hope to just leave them alone. Hope doesnít seem to care as she grabs her things to head out but stops by the window and looks out at Liam and Steffy. Seeing them happy and kissing Hope cries looking heartbroken.

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