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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/11/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Liam and Steffy spend time together enjoying the sun. Steffy says she's so sorry to hear about Katie and says that Bill must have been so freaked out. She says she knows Hope is close to Katie, so she's glad he was there for her. Smiling she says that now she's glad he's here with her. Liam smiles at Steffy.

Taylor tells Eric she is so grateful to have him. Taylor brings up Katie and Eric asks if she thinks Brooke and Bill are in some way responsible for her hospitalization. Taylor says that Katie has been very worried about what is going on between her husband and her sister Brooke. She says it doesn't help that Bill and Brooke aren't saying much. Eric suggests that maybe they do not know but Taylor says that isn't true and says Bill and Brooke know much more than they are letting on.

Dayzee and Caroline discuss Maya. Dayzee complains about how she's infiltrating her family because she already went out with Carter. Caroline says Maya can have Carter she does not care but she needs to stay away from Rick. Rick talks to Hope about Katie and tells her that Bill and Brooke will give Katie all the support she needs so she doesn't need to worry. Hope hugs her brother.

Caroline says she's not sharing Rick with a loser like Maya. Dayzee asks what she is going to do about her. Caroline says well it has to be epic because everything she has tried so far has not worked. She sighs and says but there has to be a way to show Rick what kind of person Maya really is.

Rick tells Hope about Maya and Hope asks if Caroline is still his girlfriend or not. Rick looks back at her quietly. Taylor wonders over what caused Katie's current condition. She says something dangerous is going on between Bill and Brooke and that she warned them that the truth always comes out. She says and if she has to she will find out what is going on. Eric tells her okay but warns her not to become like Stephanie who spent so much of her life stressing over other people. Taylor smiles and says she'll try not to and Eric and her share a kiss.

Steffy and Liam talk about their baby light-heartedly. Steffy thanks Liam for taking such good care of her and running out at odd times to get her food to satisfy her pregnancy cravings. Steffy tells him that the baby and her are lucky to have him. Liam smiles and they kiss passionately.

Dayzee says that Rick already knows Maya was in jail and that doesn't seem to bother him. Annoyed, Caroline says that Maya is just trying to play the sympathy card and make Rick feel bad for her. She says if the press was to find out Rick was associated with an ex-con there would be trouble. She says she does not care if she was exonerated because it does not matter because as far as she's concerned Maya should still be in jail for crimes against fashion. Dayzee laughs as Carter comes in. Carter is immediately badgered by both Dayzee and Caroline that Maya likes him and he should ask her out. Carter looks confused at their behavior towards him.

Rick asks why Hope is grilling him about his love life. Hope says because she no longer has one so she's living vicariously though his. Rick says she's given up on Liam. Hope says she has no choice because Steffy and him are having a baby. Steffy admires her baby bump and says it's growing. Liam says it's the cutest little thing he has ever seen. Smiling, Steffy says she knows. She says soon though she's going to be like a giant creampuff. Liam tells her that she's the most beautiful thing he has ever seen now more than ever. Steffy says she is so happy and says she cannot wait to meet him or her. They share another kiss.

Taylor says sometimes she lets Brooke under her skin and she shouldn't do that. Looking at Stephanie's picture she says that Stephanie would have never approved of re-launching Brooke's Bedroom. Eric says she's absolutely right but Stephanie isn't here right now. Taylor says she's so happy to be here in his life. Eric tells her she has made this home a happy place again. Taylor again she's so happy before asking Eric if Steffy can get married in this home because it would mean so much to her. Eric agrees and Taylor kisses him, very happy with his answer. Steffy is sent a text by Taylor. Liam asks her what it is and she says it's her mother and she wants them to come inside and talk with her. Both of them look curious.

Carter asks if there is anything going on between Rick and Maya since Caroline is so adamant on him dating Maya but she refuses and says she and Rick are solid. Carter says he's been meaning to ask Maya out again. Caroline tells him to do that and says to herself because Rick is hers and she is not going to lose him. Rick asks Hope if she can't turn things around with Liam. Hope says that Liam has a responsibility towards Steffy and her baby now. Rick tells her that Liam will always love her but Hope says she doesn't want to think about that because no matter what Liam will marry Steffy now because of the baby.

Taylor tells Eric that Steffy is going to be so excited. Eric tells her that this is going to be the best wedding ever. Steffy and Liam arrive inside and meet Taylor and Eric. Taylor tells them that they'd like to offer the house to them to marry in. Liam and Steffy are thrilled and thank Taylor and Eric over and over. Steffy says this is going to be the best wedding ever and hugs Liam who is just as happy. Taylor looks pleased at seeing her daughter so happy. Taylor shows Steffy some of her wedding plans as Eric asks her about the dress. Steffy says Thomas is working on it but he's busy saving the company at the moment so her dress is on the backburner. Eric offers to help with the dress. Steffy is thrilled with the offer and accepts.

She turns to Liam and says it is happening, they are getting married. Liam says yes they are and hugs her. Steffy tells Liam that she is just so happy to be his wife. They share multiple kisses before pulling apart and smiling at each other looking very much in love.

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