B&B Wednesday Update 4/10/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/10/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke does not think Taylor is going to let go. Bill tells Brooke to forget about Taylor because Katie is the main problem right now. Taylor walks in and asks what is not being mentioned to Katie's doctors.

Hope asks the doctor if their is any change. The doctor says no. Hope asks if Donna is doing ok. Donna explains that she is. Hope says that she will be ok. Donna knows that Katie is a wonderful mother. Liam says that Bill is a lucky man.

Taylor demands that Bill tell her what is going on. Bill feels that Taylor is getting into other people's buisness. Taylor feels that she is Katie's friend so it is ok and she is only trying to help because she is her therapist. Brooke is greatful for the help but now... Taylor interupts her and explains now Katie is in trouble. Bill feels that Taylor is not helping. Bill and Brooke leave. Taylor follows and wonders why the two of them are acting like they are being accuseed.

Hope and Liam decide to go to the chapel. Donna decides to stay. Liam sugests to go get Bill and Brooke. Donna thinks things are different now and nothing is like before. Donna looks outside the window.

Bill tells Taylor that she needs to stay away. Hope and Liam come out and ask if everything is ok. Brooke says yes and to light a candle for them. Bill decides to go back in. Taylor tells Bill that she is just trying to help and understands that Brooke could be up to something due to her history. Taylor says that she hopes this not what happened to Katie.

Hope and Liam walk down the hallway. Liam explains that he has never seen Bill like that. Hope mentions he looks guilty. Hope thinks that Bill is their for her now. Hope and Liam decide to go to the cafateria.

Donna tells Katie her son needs her and they all need her. Donna says that Bill needs her as well. Donna explains she does not know what happened but to break up her family was not the right thing. Donna explains that if he had not spent the night at Brooke's that they were not even in the same room during the night. Donna wonders if it even matters. Donna begs Katie to come back. Taylor walks in. Taylor asks if she knows where Brooke and Bill are. Donna wonders why Taylor is here. Taylor says she is a doctor and can help. Taylor heard what Donna was saying and is fortunate to have a sister like her.

Brooke wonders if their is something they can do. Brooke cannot believe this is happening. Brooke is shocked and does not know what to do. Bill explains that this will not help Katie. Brooke wonders who is responsible. Bill believes that the doctors do not know what happened either. Bill believes that Katie looked fine earlier and that she got in the accident and that is how this happened. Bill does not take orders from anyone. Brooke feels that Bill took things to far. Bill knows that this is wrong. Bill knows that the depression is what lost her and what tore her apart from Bill and Brooke. Brooke just wished her sister had known this. Bill believes that she did know this. Bill explains her judgement clouded herself. Bill wishes he could have caught this. Bill does not know why he was drinking. The two go back to Katie.

Taylor tells Donna she knows what is going on but thinks that Bill and Brooke are doing something wrong. Brooke thinks that they all need to raly around Katie. Brooke sits down and asks for a moment alone. Bill gives Katie a kiss and leaves with Donna and Taylor. Brooke looks at Katie.

Donna decides to go get coffee. Taylor explains she knows this is dificult and that she is his wife. Bill will not let his son grow up without his mother.

Brooke kisses Katie's hand and cries. Brooke asks if Katie can hear her. Bill looks from the window. Brooke cries still.

Bill asks why Taylor is always creaping around. Taylor says that Katie has been through much worst unless something has changed. Bill looks in the window again. The doctor comes out and walks away with Bill so Taylor cannot hear.

Brooke talks about her last conversation. She asks for her to open her eyes and explains that she loves her so much. She would do anything for Katie. She is sorry. Taylor walks in and asks why Brooke is sorry. Taylor wonders what else their is to know. Bill walks in and tells Taylor to leave. Taylor demands that she find out what is going on with her patient. Taylor hopes that nothing has happened between the two of the. Taylor explains she will find out.

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