B&B Tuesday Update 4/9/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/9/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Donna rubs Katies head while Bill and Brooke look from afar. The doctor comes in and explains nothing has changed. Bill says she is hanging in.

Taylor says that she is shocked to see Hope and Liam together. Taylor asks how Steffy is doing. Liam explains ok and at home. Hope wonders why Taylor is even at the house. Taylor tells them both that she has a follow up appointment with Katie.

The doctor explains that they need to leave Katie alone for a while. Brooke and Donna head for the door but Bill does not move. Donna explains that Bill needs to go too. Donna and Brooke leave. Donna asks what happened. Brooke explains that Katie had an episode in the car when she came over. Donna is shocked at what Brooke and Bill did and explains why Katie did what she did. Donna wonders if the two of them are responsible.

Hope explains that Donna was here earlier but had to leave and the two decided to stay with the baby. Hope also wonders what Katie has a follow up appointment if she is fine. Taylor tells them that Katie has come a long way.

Bill says that Katie told them both that Katie said tha marraige is over. Bill says that Katie insists that Bill and Brooke belong together. Donna knows about Apsen. Brooke says they told her that she had nothing to worry about. Donna understands but knows that the two of them had kissed. Donna does not believe this and wants to know what Katie walked in on.

Taylor finds this all odd. Hope agrees because they know that Katie does not like to be away from the baby that long. The nurse shows up. The nurse wonders where Katie is. Taylor says they don't know where she went. Hope decides to call Brooke. Brooke picks up and explains that Katie is at the hospital. They all run and the baby nurse looks after baby.

Brooke tells Donna about the car accident. Bill says that they were going to all talk. Brooke says they colided. Donna wonders why Bill did not just go home. Brooke says that it was closer to her house. Donna knows that Bill took a drink and thinks he has been drinking a lot. Donna wonders exactly what happened. Brooke tells Donna about Baker showing up. Brooke did not want to make Katie mad if she knew about the car. Bill knows that it is a night that went really wrong. Brooke believes that all that matters is Katie. Brooke tells Donna that nothing happened between the two of them and not in the morning either because Bill was still hung over. Donna can't believe this because she did not need to see this. Donna knows that katie was upset and now she is in the hospital fighting for her life. Donna says that the two of them cannot loose their sister. Brooke sits Donna down and explains that no one else can ever find out of this. Donna believes that Bill could be involved. Donna wonders why Brooke is trying to hide this from everyone. Brooke does not want this to effect the rest of the family. Brooke tells Bill the same thing. Hope rushes in with Liam and Taylor. Donna explains that she is still not responding. Bill says that she is still in really bad shape. Taylor asks the doctor what happened. He explains it has to do with her heart. The doctor then explains that if she failed to take her medication she could not respond. Hope and Liam go to see her and everyone follows.

Everyone gathers around. Hope kisses Katie. Taylor asks to speak to Brooke. The two leave. Donna and Bill look worried.

Brooke explains what she already said. Katie had a heart attack. Bill walks out and asks what is going on. Taylor says that is what she would like to know.

Donna tells them all that Katie is a fighter. Hope tells Katie that she is going to have to pull through. Hope tells Katie about all the times that she saved the day. Hope asks Katie not to leave us. Donna tells Hope that she won't leave them. Hope says that she will wake up. Liam says that she has to wake up that Katie is going to get out of this.

Bill tells Taylor that she was fired so she is here for no reason. Brooke explains that the drugs are cause for this. Taylor wonders why. A nurse tells Bill she can get ice for Bill if he needs it. Taylor asks if Bill was in an accident. Taylor wonders if an accident has to do with why Katie is in their. Taylor says she will find out the truth.

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