B&B Monday Update 4/8/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/8/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie is breathing on a ventilator.

Hope and Bill rush to get ready. Brooke wonders if this is all her fault. Bill says no as the run out the door.

Bill and Hope chat about how much fun they are having. Hope explains that Will is a great baby. Liam thinks he is a bit demanding. Hope explains he better get used to it.

Caroline explains that he is too nice for his own good with the women that he gets involved in.

Maya is told that she is a great look and that she is going to be successful. Maya has questions and wonders when they start shooting. The director shows Maya around.

Caroline wonders if Rick sees something he likes. Rick does not want to play games. Caroline threatens to throw something if Rick does not do something.

Maya is given a script that is two pages long. Maya explains she is not good at improv. The director explains that if she wants to have the job, it is hers, but they need to do it now. Maya needs to know what kind of movie they are talking about.

Liam wonders how Katie could be missing. Hope agrees that this is strange. Liam wants to know where she is.

Brooke and Bill make it to the hospital and wonder why this is happening. Dr. Meade explains that she is having heart failure.

Caroline tells Rick that she misses being close and wonders if he agrees. Rick says yes but he worked really hard to be president and that Taylor and Thomas are all over him because of it. Caroline does not like feeling neglected because of Maya. Rick does not agree because Maya is not a good person. Rick tells Caroline that she is trying to get her life together. Caroline explains that she is a loser.

Maya wants to know what kind of film this is. The director says it is a high quality adult movie. Maya decides to leave. The director says this was to good to be true. Maya walks out the door.

Liam wonders if they should have brought Will downstairs. Hope says they would have just over stimulated them. Hope says that babies are always filled with wonder and it melts her heart. Liam explains that Hope will be a great mother one day. Hope says thank you. Liam and Hope hug each other and look into each other's eyes.

Doctor Meade explains that her heart is not pumping properly. Katie may have clots and she could have a heart attack or a stroke. Doctor Meade says that this is not going well. Bill asks to see her. Bill and Brooke go into the hospital room where Katie is all hooked up and in a coma. Brooke asks if Katie can open her eyes saying that Brooke and Bill are their. Brooke starts to cry and says please.

The porn director gets a call from Caroline. Caroline asks when she starts shooting. The director explains that she is not going to do it. Caroline demands her money back. The director says no and hangs up. Caroline says we will see about that.

Brooke and Bill are given some time alone with Katie. Brooke thinks Katie looks very pale. Bill believes that Katie is the strongest person she knows. Brooke explains that Will needs her. Donna rushes in and asks what happened. Bill says heart failure. Donna starts crying.

Maya sits down. Rick asks if she is ok. Maya tells Rick all about the experience and thinks it was funny. Rick asks if Maya is more her type and explains that he can be nasty if Maya wants him too. Maya and Rick start to kiss each other. Maya smiles.

Caroline rubs hand sanitizer on her hands and is shocked that Maya did not go for it. Caroline demands a refund, because she did not get what she wanted. Caroline threatens to call the police. Caroline sees Hercules and is attracted to him. Caroline flirts with him while the director films her.

Liam hopes that Katie is just having some alone time. Hope agrees.

Donna tells Katie that everyone is here for her and that she loves her so much. Donna wonders how this happened because she was doing so well. Donna holds her hand. Donna notices that Katie's ring is missing. Donna demands to know what happened.

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