B&B Friday Update 4/5/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/5/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Bill wake up in bed together happy and pleased that they made love. Brooke calls him stallion and Bill couldn’t look happier. The porn director says Maya is gorgeous which annoys Caroline. She says she’s pretty in a homely way and is good enough for porn films but that’s it. She asks if he wants to hire her or not.

Maya warns Rick that he will probably pay for taking her to lunch later because Caroline was giving them cold stares. Rick laughs and says he’s sure he can handle it and Maya says she is sure too. Rick and Maya smile at each other and look at ease. Maya thanks Rick for opening up to her but Rick says it was the least he could do after how nice she’s been to him. Rick takes her hand and explains that when he didn’t tell her who he was he was just trying to get her to see him for himself. Maya says she gets it and says they should not live in the past but the present. She says that is what losing her daughter taught her, to live in the present because the past hurts too much. Rick says he wishes he could have met her daughter. He tells Maya she would have made a wonderful mother. Maya smiles looking touched.

The director says he’s willing to give Maya three hundred dollars and background work but Caroline says he’s going to give her a starring role in his movie and five thousand dollars. He asks if she’s crazy, but she says she’ll give him five thousand dollars to make sure Maya gets that amount. The director looks at Caroline in a puzzled way.

Brooke tells Bill that she is so happy as she lays next to him in bed. Bill says he is too and they share another kiss. Maya asks Rick to let her cover the bill but Rick says it’s his treat. Maya says but when she’s a famous actress she will take him out. She feels self-conscious then and says if that ever happens but Rick tells her he feels her big break is just around the corner. Maya smiles at him.

The porn director agrees to take Maya in the role but asks if she can even act. Caroline says yes and he says okay he will take her word for it. Caroline tells him the extra money is for him to keep quiet and let Maya feel she got the job on her own. She asks them if they have a deal and he says sure. He moves to shake her hand but she says no. She tells him to just call Maya and get her on set as soon as possible.

Bill loads Brooke with complements and says she has given him unconditional understanding and love. Brooke is happy to hear him say all that to her, especially when he calls her strong and beautiful. Bill tells her she is like him because she embraces life to the fullest. He tells her she is what a man needs and what he has been missing. Bill and Brooke kiss passionately.

Rick says it’s good that Dayzee gave her a place to live and some work. Maya says she owes her a lot but Dayzee is just very protective of the Forrester family and feels she is going to cause harm. Rick says he’s not the least bit concerned she’s going to tarnish the family. Maya gets a phone call which interrupts them. Rick tells her to pick it up because it could be her big break. Maya smiles and picks it up. She agrees to meet the director right now excitedly, not aware that he is a porn movie maker. Caroline tells the director to get her the tape of Maya in the porn movie pronto, even if she turns out to be a bad actress.

When Maya tells Rick he is ecstatic for her and hugs her. He asks her if she has to go now. Maya nods and he says she should get moving. Maya says okay and leaves. Rick watches her with happy eyes a genuine smile on his face as she leaves. Brooke showers Bill with compliments and says she feels so safe when he’s around her. She says she never thought she’d feel this way about a man ever again or ever be this loved. Bill says it’s just the beginning and they kiss again.

Caroline gives Rick a shoulder massage as he tries to work and she annoys him by saying soon he’ll see that Maya is just snowing him. Rick does not look happy. Maya arrives at the set of the movie. She nervously goes in and the director is enthusiastic to meet her. He tells her she is beautiful and that she is going to fit right in. Maya smiles at that before asking if she needs to give a screen-test. He says no and she asks him how he found her because she doesn’t remember sending her information to her. He says it doesn’t really matter and asks her if she picked a name yet. Maya is confused and he explains that he meant a catchy pseudonym but Maya says no she wants her real name up in lights. He says all right then and says they are going to make her into a star. Maya smiles still not knowing what he really means.

Brooke and Bill’s intimacy is interrupted by a sudden phone call. Bill continues kissing Brooke and being all over her and Brooke looks pleased until she learns that it is Dr. Meade calling. He tells her that she needs to come to the hospital now. She asks why and he tells her it’s Katie. Brooke says she will be right there. Bill asks her what happened and she says it’s Katie who is in the hospital. Katie is shown laying in the hospital, pale and unconscious.

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