B&B Thursday Update 4/4/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/4/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Crying and shaking, Katie tells Bill that she’s taken all that she can and she wants a divorce. In the background Brooke listens intently. Rick thanks Maya for having lunch with him because he was not sure that she would. Maya says she’s glad they have a chance to talk. Caroline who is having lunch with Dayzee in the same place to discuss Rick with spots them together and is not happy. Caroline expresses jealousy over how pretty Maya is before trying to take the compliment back by insulting how she’s dressed and saying she would not wear that even to a Pilates class. She says Rick is such a catch and says she just doesn’t get what he sees in Maya.

Rick tells Maya that she has every right to be mad at him. She says she was at first, hurt, embarrassed and a little intimidated. Rick and Maya reminisce about the memories they have from when they first met an Rick was pretending to be a homeless man. Rick asks Maya if he had told her that he was a Forrester the first time they met what would she have done. Maya says she probably would have run and Rick says then he’s glad he didn’t. Maya says she is too and they share a smile.

Bill tells Katie that she is going to hurt Will by ripping apart their family but Katie asks him if he was even thinking about Will when he was driving drunk. Katie says they don’t know how much longer she is going to live and he could have left Will without both of his parents had he died. Bill starts to blame Katie for their marriage problems saying she’s always badgering him and has too many rules for him to follow. Katie is finally pushed over her edge and puts her ring on the table. She tells Brooke she can have Bill because she can make him happier then she ever could have and leaves in tears. Bill looks furious once she’s gone.

Caroline annoys Dayzee a little when she keeps calling Maya a criminal. Dayzee reminds her that the charges were dropped and says she feels kind of terrible for Maya and she wants to help her but she does not want her infiltrating her family. Caroline says so what she is saying is that there is no room for Maya in their lives. Dayzee nods and Caroline says that she could not agree more and goes over to Rick.

Rick fills Maya in on his life with Amber and his past. Maya says she’s so sorry. Their conversation is cut short when Caroline comes over and hugs Rick. Rick introduces Maya to Caroline but she says she already knows who Maya is and obnoxiously calls her Mitzi. Caroline basically orders Rick to finish up quickly and meet her back at work. When she leaves Maya asks Rick if she is for real and looks disgusted with Caroline. Rick says he’s sorry about that and looks equally irritated with Caroline’s behavior. Brooke tells Bill that he should go after Katie but Bill says he’s sure she’s done with him this time. Brooke says he can’t give up on his marriage but Bill pins blame on Katie by saying it’s her who has broken up there family. Bill does not make a move to go get Katie back even though he has seen her leave in tears and knows she is upset.

Caroline continues talking to Dayzee about how perfect she is for Rick and Dayzee looks a little annoyed but bears with her. Caroline soon pulls up Maya’s resume on her phone and makes fun of the small roles she has done. Dayzee says Maya is just starting out as an actress and is just taking whatever she can get. Caroline smirks evilly saying she’s sure she would and suddenly says she has to go. When she leaves Dayzee says "Thank God," proving how annoyed she was. Caroline says bye to Maya too and Maya turns to Rick and says she wonders where she is running off to.

Bill refuses to see why Katie is upset with him and instead says she’s changed to much and asked what happened to the woman he fell in love with. He asks what happened to the woman that accepted who he was and embraces his flaws, not seeing that Katie has to be careful because of Will now and things have changed. Brooke says Katie has been through changes but Bill says he tried enough to be understanding. Bill says Katie handed them to each other in Aspen before and says maybe she was right before moving closer to Brooke who looks touched at his words and tempted.

Caroline goes to meet a porn director. She introduces herself as an agent and says she has someone she would like him to consider for a role. He asks her if she know what kind of movies they make here. Caroline says yes and her client would be just thrilled to be in one. She gives the director a picture of Maya.

Maya and Rick resume their conversation and Maya says he’s been through a lot. Rick says people are not always interested in getting to know him, mostly it’s just about what he can do for them. Maya says maybe even Caroline is like that. Rick smiles a little and says she would not be into Rick the Waiter, that is for sure. Maya says well she liked Rick the Waiter. She says and Rick Forrester isn’t so bad either. Rick makes Maya promise him that if she ever becomes a big star then she’ll let him be part of her entourage. Maya smiles and says deal and they shake hands while laughing.

Bill tells Brooke that he’ll never be the man Katie needs and that she is finished with him. He tells Brooke that he wants her and Brooke stops resisting and gives in as they start to kiss and make love.

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