B&B Wednesday Update 4/3/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/3/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill is passed out in Brooke's bed and Brooke walks in. Bill moans in pane as he wakes up. Bill explains that his eyes are killing him. Brooke claims she has the antidote for a hangover.

Katie leaves Donna to go find Bill. Donna does not want Katie to be mad for no reason. Katie believes that she has no other choice and this is why it happened last time.

Liam asks if Bill's coming back. Donna explains that she does not know. Liam explains that he has strategy to go over with Bill. Donna is shocked because she thought Bill did whatever he wanted without planning. Hope walks in and the two are shocked to see each other.

Bill takes a sip of Brooke's hangover drink and Bill does not like it. Brooke tells him to drink it. Bill finishes it and explains that he feels a bit better. Brooke puts a cold towel on Bill's head. Brooke agrees that Bill should call Katie. Brooke claims that she was worried that a scandal could happen. Brooke decides to call a cab for Bill. Brooke hears a car and assumes it is Hope. Brooke asks if Bill will say something nice to Katie about Brooke. Katie walks in and is freaking out explaining that the two of them make her sick.

Hope explains that she sees Will once a week. Donna decides to leave then. Liam says that he could stay. Donna decides to let the two of them play with him. Liam explains to Hope that he can stay. Hope does not want to give up her morning with Will. Hope decides that the two will just have to play house.

Brooke tries to explain. Bill grabs Katie before she leaves. Katie is shocked to see Bill is hurt. Bill tells her that she crashed the car. Katie is mad that Bill drove drunk. Katie will not allow herself to be the reason that Bill was drunk. Brooke explains that she did not want to have the police get involved. Katie is mad this happened. Katie cries hysterically that he should have been with her and not Brooke.

Liam asks about mothers and babies. Hope explains how babies work and how Liam will have to be patient with Steffy. Liam understands but wonders if he is not right to be someone's father. Hope explains that he will be a great father. Liam wonders why Hope is so good with babies. Hope explains she thought of RJ as one long after he was one. Liam plays with the baby and Hope laughs. Hope explains that this is what she thought life would be like with Liam.

Katie is mad that Hope would do this to her. Bill tells Katie to leave her out of it. Katie explains that they cannot leave her out of it because she is always their now. Bill cannot believe that Katie does not believe them. Katie refuses to stick around while the two claim nothing happened. Brooke hopes that Katie will learn to listen. Bill knows that nothing is good enough for Katie. Katie hates that Bill keeps claiming himself over their child and she no longer trusts him.

Hope and Liam joke about babies growing up. Liam wishes he could be a child again and everything could be simple. Hope agrees and explains that everything is normal then you grow up.

Bill is mad that Katie thinks Bill is selfish. Bill wishes that the two could have some alone time but Katie refuses to listen. Bill tells Katie that nothing is going to change if she threatens to leave again. Katie explains that she is done this time and that she is not going to listen this time. Katie gives Bill to Brooke. Brooke does not want Bill. Katie says that Brooke does not have any friends because she cannot be trusted around men. Katie demands that Brooke take Bill. Katie gives Bill her wedding ring and says she wants a divorce.

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