B&B Tuesday Update 4/2/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/2/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke puts more ice on Bill. Bill says that Brooke is right because his drinking could have killed them both. Bill says that Brooke did not have to help him. Brooke says yes because he is her sisters husband.

Katie tells Katie what is going on with Bill and is not happy at all.

Rick and Eric look at designs for Brooke's bedroom. Taylor walks in and explains that the designs are not what she has a problem with. Thomas follows and explains that his ideas are much better than what Brooke came up with. Rick tells Thomas that his ideas were not half as exciting as anything Brooke came up with. Thomas explains that he has good business. Eric thinks that Brooke's Bedroom is good because it was a success. Taylor believes that the all Brooke is able to do is cause scandal.

Katie says that she left after getting in a fight and does not know what to do with Brooke. Katie wonders what happened to Bill and is worried.

Brooke says that a car pulled up. She goes to handle it.

Brooke finds Detective Baker outside her house. He asks how she is doing after he car accident. Brooke looks shocked.

Rick tells Taylor that their is no scandal to this line. Taylor wonders why Bill is involved in the line and that the press will think that the two are together. Rick tells Taylor to listen to his own son that the more the world is talking the better. Taylor does not think that this is a smart idea.

Brooke tells Baker that she had the car towed and that the other driver and her made an agreement. Baker is shocked because of the amount of damage. Brooke understands but believes that their is no fault in the accident. Brooke claims that she walked home. Baker thinks that Brooke is lying because he saw marks leading up to the garage and would like to see the inside of it. Brooke says he needs a warrant because it is private property. Baker thinks Brooke is lying still. Brooke thanks Baker. Baker leaves. Brooke is relieved.

Katie says that she imagined her first year as a parent completely different. Katie says that Bill is an amazing father and she sees so much of Bill in Will. Katie knows that Bill is protective of everyone he cares about but she thinks his loyalty is shifting. Donna explains she learns from her mistakes because they are in the past. Katie wonders about Brooke though and cannot get the images out of her head.

Brooke explains it was Baker who found her car. Brooke tells Bill that Baker does not believe her. Brooke tells Bill that he cannot leave because Baker is probably waiting for him to come out of her house.

Taylor wants to remind that Brooke's ideas always come with a price. Thomas wonders if Brooke turns out to be a dud. Taylor knows that Bill came up with this line. Eric thinks that Taylor might be right but they are still doing the line. Rick explains that Brooke's Bedroom will be the future and Eric will be applauded for doing it. Rick says that their is no scandal. Taylor hopes not because lives will be ruined.

Brooke cannot drive him home because Baker will see. Bill wants to call Katie. Brooke does not want him to call Katie because Katie will have a fit. Brooke calls Katie and tells her that Bill is fine and with her. Brooke explains that Bill will stay with her tonight. Katie wants to talk to Bill but Brooke hangs up. Brooke does not want the cops finding anything out. Bill wants to tell Katie. Brooke does not think it would work out if Bill told Katie the truth.

Katie tells Donna that Bill is spending the night with her because Brooke says so. Donna tells Katie that Brooke would not call if that was the case. Katie starts crying hysterically. Donna thinks that their has to be another explanation. Donna tells Katie to go tell Bill to come home. Katie decides that Bill will do the right thing and she will just wait for him. Katie says that if Bill spends the night with Brooke that the marriage is over.

Bill puts a band aid on and Brooke gives Bill pain medication. Bill thanks Brooke. Bill wonders where Brooke's lecture is. Brooke does not want to give him one right now. Bill wonders why Katie cannot do that. Brooke decides to go and so Bill can rest. Bill says good night to Brooke. Brooke tells Bill to sleep well. Bill tells Brooke thank you. Brooke smiles and leaves.

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