B&B Monday Update 4/1/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/1/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill and Brooke lie in the cars passed out and injured.

Katie has a chill and explains this to Danielle. Danielle assures her that everything will be fine. Katie is not sure what to do. Danielle feels that Bill is not a great person and does not know how Katie lives with him. Danielle thinks that Katie is good for Bill no matter what Bill thinks. Katie thinks it is her fault that this happened but Brooke clearly went to far as well because it always ends in a disaster with Brooke and men.

Brooke wakes up in her car and looks around in a panic. Brooke tries to get out of the car and finally is able to. Brooke spots the other car and notices that it is Bill. She screams his name.

Danielle looks through a photo album. Katie sits down next to her. Danielle wishes she could have warned her against Bill. Danielle thinks it looks beautiful. Katie says Brooke told her it is because Bill is not getting what he needs. Danielle explains that she has a family to protect. Katie says on her wedding day you only think about how happy you are and that you can get through anything and they will get through it. Danielle explains that Brooke may have been trying to help and that Brooke cannot give up on feelings that she has.

Brooke is able to wake up Bill and is happy. She asks if Brooke is ok. Bill wonders what happened. Brooke tells him they were in a car accident. Bill refuses to see a doctor but Bill cannot move very well. Brooke takes Bill's seat belt off. Brooke asks if Bill has been drinking. Brooke tells Bill to move over to the other seat and she will drive.

Katie says that Brooke does not think she has crossed any lines. Katie explains that Bill is just being himself. Danielle thinks that Bill is a spoiled brat. Katie wishes that Bill would come home where ever he is.

Katie walks Bill to her door and Bill thanks her for getting him out. Brooke says they were both very lucky.

Katie leaves Bill a message and explains that she does not like how things were left and to call her. Katie has a flashback to her wedding. Katie starts to cry.

Brooke cleans Bill's head. Bill knows he should not have been driving. Brooke wonders why he was. Bill explains that Katie was being herself again. Bill remembers that Brooke knew this already and that he thought he could drive but he was upset. He promises not to drink and drive ever again. Brooke wants to take Bill to a doctor. Bill refuses to see a doctor as he does not want to get in trouble. Bill thinks that this was a huge wake up call for him.

Katie explains that Bill's drinking scares her. Danielle says that Bill might not be a drunk but it is shocking that he has not got a DUI. Katie is worried that Bill could get a DUI.

A police officer calls in about a car belonging to Brooke Logan Forrester.

Brooke gives Bill some coffee. Bill says he is sober from the accident. Bill puts ice on his stomach and is uncomfortable. Bill explains that Katie cannot keep trying to control every moment of his life. Bill will not put up with it. Bill explains that their was a bottle of scotch and every time Katie said no he took another drink. Bill wants his wife back and does not know what is driving Katie away. Bill knows he did something wrong and that Brooke saved him. He thanks Brooke.

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