B&B Friday Update 3/29/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/29/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke protests against Katie’s request for her to stay away from Bill and blame her instead of the problems she is having with Bill. She says it’s the demands she is making of Bill that is causing issues. She asks if Bill’s feelings don’t matter to her anymore. Katie looks very angry and disgusted with her sister. Bill continues drinking in his office and soon Allison comes in and shares a drink with him. Bill mocks Katie’s concerns over his drinking as he keeps having more. Maya is shocked that Dayzee is taking Caroline’s side in this. Dayzee says maybe Caroline came on a little strong but she is Rick’s girlfriend and she has to accept that. Maya shakes her head in disbelief.

Caroline comes to see Rick in his office and says she likes it so much better when she finds him here compared to when she finds him at a run-down coffee shop. Rick looks annoyed already and looks even more frustrated when Caroline drapes her arms around him and keeps kissing him. His mind appears to be on Maya. Maya says that Caroline is rude but Dayzee defends her again. Maya gets annoyed and says if that’s the kind of girl that Rick is interested in then forget it. Dayzee says exactly, she should forget she ever met Rick. Maya doesn’t say anything and simply leaves. Dayzee doesn’t look happy.

Caroline starts to feel more and more rejected as Rick refuses to take a break with her. Eventually she leaves and Rick looks relieved that she is gone. Brooke accuses Katie of controlling Bill too much at which Katie gets angrier. She asks her how she can put all their problems on her. Brooke says she is putting all their problems on her because she’s the one who is hounding him. Brooke says that she needs to stop worrying about Bill’s meeting her and his drinking and just appreciate him before she drives him away. Katie does not like what is being said to her.

Bill continues telling Allison how Katie is treating him badly. He shows is ignorance when he says he doesn’t take orders from anyone, disregarding how Katie is trying to protect him and their baby. Brooke remains clueless about why Katie is telling her to stay away from her husband. Brooke keeps pretending there is nothing going on between Bill and her and blames Katie for everything. Katie gets angry and says that maybe she should follow her who has been married several times to several men. Brooke rudely says she could slap her for that even though what Katie is saying is true. Katie sees right through Brooke and says she gets it, Ridge left her and now she’s looking for some man to fill that void. She says it is not going to be her man. Brooke says she would never do that and tells Katie again to have fun with Bill. Katie looks very upset as she tells Brooke to think about what she is doing and not to ruin her marriage. Brooke does not look affected by her sister's words.

Allison offers to call Bill’s driver but Bill doesn’t wait as he calls Brooke asking her to meet him so they can discuss their issues with Katie with her and then leaves with his car keys in a heavily drunken state. At the same time Brooke runs out to meet Bill at his house. Caroline visits Dayzee and asks her to say no to Rick the next time he comes to help because she really needs some alone time with him.

Maya knocks on Rick’s door and asks him if she can come in because the nice lady with the lemon bars (Pam) said it was okay. Rick asks her in and asks her if she would like some water or to sit down but Maya says she just wants to say something. Rick looks anxious.

Katie tells Danielle that Brooke and Bill kissed. Danielle looks just as concerned as Katie feels. Bill starts to drive and it is evident by the fact that he can’t even get the key in the ignition in one try that he is extremely drunk. Maya agrees to tell Rick she doesn’t need his help tonight and also lets Caroline know she is on her side with this and has spoken to Maya to stay away from Rick and respect their relationship.

Rick apologizes to Maya for lying to her but she says she may have overreacted. She tells Rick she really likes him and says she wanted to talk to him earlier but when she worked up the courage Caroline came to see her. She says she’s being told to stay away from him by her and Dayzee. She says everyone has an opinion so here is hers. She says Caroline is sexy, she guesses, she’s rich, she’s from a powerful family and she’s a perfect match for him expect for how awful she is. Maya says life can be such a bitch and asks him why he would want to spend a moment of it dating one.

Danielle says she’s sorry and tells Katie she understands her worries. Katie and her share a hug as she continues to look worried. Bill and Brooke are both shown driving in the dark. Caroline proves that she does not understand Rick when she says she doesn’t get why he wouldn’t tell Maya he’s a Forrester because it’s like being royalty. Dayzee agrees to that. Caroline believes that Maya is only on Rick’s mind because he’s guilty for leading her on. She says it doesn’t matter though because it’s the end of it now.

Rick says that he doesn’t think Caroline gets how she comes off some times. Maya says she’s used to getting her way and that’s her problem. Maya says she wasn’t raised that way and was raised to treat people with kindness. Rick asks if Caroline said something to her. Maya tells him she called her a loser and that she didn’t stand a chance with a guy like him. Maya kisses Rick passionately and he responds right away. Maya pulls back and smiles saying that she doesn’t know what Caroline’s talking about because she kind of likes her chances. She and Rick keep kissing and eventually pull away, smiling at each other.

Katie says she has to protect her family and her marriage and right now that means Brooke not contacting Bill and Bill cutting back on drinking. Danielle says they are both reasonable requests for her to make. She says she’s glad she stood up for herself and says Bill and Brooke will realize what they need to do. Katie says she hopes she’s right because she knows Brooke’s history. She says if she doesn’t stay away and Bill doesn’t stop drinking then she doesn’t know what kind of future they are going to have.

Bill and Brooke’s cars nearly collide, and Bill ends up in a ditch with a gash on his forehead.

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