B&B Thursday Update 3/28/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/28/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke talks to Bill on the phone who tells her that his an Katie’s issues have not disappeared but they are going to work it out. He asks her if she’s ready and Brooke says she’s not sure because it’s been so long since a press conference has been about her. She asks Bill if he’s coming and he says in a few. Brooke suggests he bring Katie with him. Katie enters and Bill hangs up and asks her to come with him to conference. Katie looks visibly unhappy and tells him none of them are going to that press conference.

Caroline tries to talk to Rick about their relationship and keeps trying to seduce him but Rick tells her he’s sorry but he’s preoccupied. He says he has a lot riding on his mother’s line’s re-launch. Caroline asks if he’s not thinking of Maya but Rick tells her he doesn’t want to get into that discussion again and says he is busy. When Caroline slams the door and leaves Rick sighs. Maya thinks of the time she spent with Rick and appears as if she’s having a hard time getting it out of her mind.

Donna shares her excitement over her sister’s new line with Pam but Pam tells her Brooke is too old to be parading around in her underwear. Donna doesn’t understand what she is saying and walks away still excited about Brooke’s line. Eric thanks Taylor for coming today even if she isn’t happy. Taylor expresses that she is not happy with the line and his support of it but says she supports him anyway Eric says he appreciates that and tells her he is also going to make an announcement about them today. Taylor smiles at Eric. Caroline barges into Dayzee’s and rudely tells Maya that she needs to stay away from her man. Maya does not look impressed.

Taylor comes to see Brooke. Brooke asks if she’s come to wish her well but Taylor says she’s just checking in. Taylor says maybe Bill won’t come today. Brooke argues that Bill has a stake in this company but Taylor says he has a stake in her and if Katie is smart she will keep him away. Bill tells Katie the same thing, that he has a share in Forrester Creations and so should be there. Katie says his share in the company is so small that it means nothing to him. She says he does not need to be there to see Brooke in her underwear. Alison interrupts them with business news, but when she leaves, Bill resumes his conversation with Katie who does not look happy with him.

Caroline accuses Maya of wanting Rick for the money and opportunities but she says that is not true. Caroline says that she does not have a place in Rick’s life. Maya asks if she gets to decide that and Caroline insults her saying she fits into Rick’s world while she makes stupid decisions that land her in prison. She says Rick can take her wherever he wants while he hides her in this trashy diner. She asks if that doesn’t tell her all she needs to know. Maya looks very upset with Caroline.

Brooke tries to slander Taylor by telling her she is inappropriate for having a relationship with Eric but Taylor reminds her that she and Eric are not hurting anyone like she is by having an affair with her sister‘s husband. Brooke says she is not having an affair but Taylor tells her she is getting really close. Brooke tells her to get a life because she has nothing else to say but Taylor remains calm and says she already has one and is reveling in it. Eric and Rick arrive and Brooke goes off to change. Bill refuses Katie’s request not to go to the conference by saying she doesn’t trust him and he is not going to prove anything to her. Katie looks very angry with Bill for not seeing what is going on between Brooke and him. Katie and Bill have a major argument about their marriage which is interrupted with Brooke’s text message. Katie sees Brooke is asking Bill where he is and she loses it. She angrily marches off and it is obvious she is going to see Brooke.

Eric announces Brooke’s bedroom line’s return and Brooke starts the conference. She says she is very grateful for them all being here and for Eric giving her the green light for her line. The reporters ask her if she doesn’t feel exposed dressing like that at her age but Brooke says her motto is the more exposed the better and takes off her robe at which Taylor looks disgusted. Brooke ends her conference and moves aside and everyone is about to leave until Eric says he has an announcement of his own to make. Brooke and Rick look confused while Taylor smiles.

Dayzee watches as Caroline continues insulting Maya before she finally leaves. Maya is clearly angry that even after he trying to defend herself Caroline said such awful things about her. Eric announces that Taylor and him are living together which shocks Brooke and Rick. The reporters ask if this is a new relationship and continue asking questions and taking pictures which upsets Brooke and Rick as they look and feel upstaged by Taylor in the eyes of the press. Dayzee comes over to Maya and takes Caroline’s side as she tells her that Rick and Caroline are in a committed relationship and she needs to leave them alone. Maya now looks angry with Dayzee ordering her around. Back in his office, Rick thinks about Maya and looks at her photos on his phone.

Bill continues drinking in his office and looking sour. He thinks of Brooke and the time he spent with her. Katie arrives at Brooke’s office and asks her where her phone is. Although confused Brooke gives her phone to Katie who tells her if this is not what got her into trouble with Ridge - inappropriate text messages. Brooke acts dumb but Katie tells her that Bill runs Spencer and is not involved in her little lingerie line. Katie says she is sorry it has come to this but she doesn’t want Brooke communicating with Bill at all. She asks if she’s made herself clear. Brooke looks upset and annoyed.

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