B&B Wednesday Update 3/27/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/27/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke walks into her bedroom and looks at a book that says Stallion on it and smiles.

Bill looks out the window and has flashbacks to Brooke in her costume for Brooke's Bedroom.

Caroline talks to Dannie about Maya and how this will not happen. Dannie says that she will get over it. Caroline says that Maya will get over it.

Rick tells Maya that Carter is the right guy for her.

Marcus gives Carter a drink. Dayzee does not like that Maya is outside with Rick instead of inside. Taylor and Eric thinks that it is ok.

Maya explains that Carter is a good guy. Dayzee comes outside telling Maya that she is being missed. Rick tells her to go and walks away.

Brooke tosses and turns in bed having flashbacks of her promotion for Brooke's Bedroom as well as when she kissed Bill.

Bill has these same flashbacks in his bedroom.

Caroline checks her phone and wonders what is wrong with Dannie. Dannie explains that she is worried. Caroline feels that she was raised to like expensive things and she will have a Forrester. She walks out to go be with Rick.

Brooke picks up her phone and Bill is on the other end. Brooke wonders what happened with Katie. Bill explains that Taylor is the reason Katie showed up at Forrester. Brooke tells Bill to try not to let this bother him. Bill thanks Brooke for listening to him and hangs up.

Carter asks if Maya is ok. Maya says she is sorry for leaving all of a sudden. Eric explains that it is ok. Dayzee tells everyone that she is done with Rick. Dayzee continues to change the subject. Maya decides to tell everyone what happened with her and Rick.

Rick walks into his bedroom and Caroline is waiting their and takes off her clothes. Rick explains that this has not been a good night. Caroline explains that she is New York and that he can ride on her carraige all night. Rick does not want too. Caroline wants to know why Maya disapointed him. Rick explains that he did meet Maya and thinks that she is sweet and kind. Caroline explains that Maya is fresh out of prison.

Maya explains that she met Rick at Dayzee's when Rick was a waiter and that she was encouraged by Rick. Eric wonders if Maya is from here. Maya tells him that she is from the midwest and came here to make a name for herself. She explains she had problems along the way but that she met Rick and that she trusted him but was foolish. Maya explains that Rick took her to Rodayo Drive and that it felt like they belonged together. She says that they went to the Forrester boutique and then a clerk said his real name. Maya became upset over Rick not telling the truth when she did.

Rick is shocked that Caroline knows. Rick wonders if Caroline is interested in anything other than Rick's name. Caroline says she does and that she is sorry that she did what she did the first time they went to Dayzee's to voluntear. Caroline thinks that Maya does not know Rick like Caroline does. Caroline kisses Rick passionatly but Rick does not look into it.

Brooke gets another phone call. Bill says he is sorry for hanging up. Bill is upset that Katie will not let him near her. Bill thinks that Brooke is the kind of woman... Brooke interupts him before he can say anything and hangs up.

Caroline wonders if they are having fun yet. Rick does not know. Caroline starts to kiss him again.

Eric says sorry for Rick's behavior. Maya wishes to say sorry to Rick. Eric tells her that he stays in the pool house.

Caroline is happy that they are laughing and smiling. Maya sees Caroline and Rick through the window. Caroline tries to turn Rick on. Maya is sad.

Bill walks back in the house and wonders why Brooke is there. Brooke explains that she was worried and knows what he is going through with her times with Ridge. Bill explains that he feels the same way about Katie and that if Brooke had been availible. Bill starts to kiss Brooke but Brooke stops but then the two start to kiss passionatly. This all turns out to be a fantasy.

Brooke continues to toss and turn in bed.

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