B&B Tuesday Update 3/26/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/26/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie wants confirmation of what Taylor saw. Taylor explains she saw what Katie saw when she walked in. Katie does not know if what she did to Bill was right because it is how he is. Bill wonders what Taylor is doing their.

Brooke asks Donna if she saw Katie leave. Donna cannot believe that Brooke did this to their sisters husband.

Rick has more flashbacks to Maya.

Marcus wonders if the amount of drinking Eric is doing is a fire hazard. Eric jokes that it is and offers Marcus some. Marcus wonders how the wedding in Geno city went. Eric says eventful. Carter and Maya show up and Maya thanks Eric for allowing her to come over. Dayzee asks why Maya is here. Marcus explains that Eric asked for Maya to come. Dayzee feels that Maya is in a different world than they are. Marcus reminds Maya that they all live in the same world.

Bill tells Katie that Taylor coached Katie to see what Taylor wanted. Bill makes Taylor give up her therapy with Taylor. Taylor leaves. Bill demands loyality. Katie does not think that is a safe subject for him.

Rick keeps having the flashbacks.

Maya looks at pictures and explains that he has another son named Rick who lives on the property. Taylor walks in and introduces herself to Maya.

Katie does not want this to be another conversation that Bill gets to be right about. Katie does not like to be told that she has no right to be right. Katie wants her feelings to come first. Bill hopes that he can live with out Katie's views.

Donna explains that if Brooke came home and Ridge was in bed with a half dressed woman that she would be upset. Brooke does not think it is the same situation. Brooke feels that Katie is driving Bill away.

Marcus has to go get some good liqure. Dayzee explains to Maya that she should not be their and tells Maya that she needs to leave. Taylor and Eric come in with desert. Maya explains that she needs to leave because she has an early morning. Rick walks in and spots Maya.

Brooke explains that Bill does not go down easy with some people and she knows because she used to be one of them. Brooke thinks Katie needs to take responsibility for her actions of leaving Bill and planting the two together.

Bill says he is going to bed. Bill tells Katie he is lonely. Katie finds this funny because she is too. Bill wonders why he is being pushed away. Katie explains that she is just trying hard to be a good wife and mother. Bill says that Katie does not need to do everything when they have millions of people to help. Katie wants to be able to be with Bill. Bill tells Katie that this arguining has to stop. Bill kisses Katie and asks her to come to bed. Katie cries.

Rick says sorry for walking in. Maya explains that Rick met her already. Rick just leaves. Maya goes after Rick.

Maya tells Rick she is sorry. Rick says that this is not her fault. Rick wonders if Maya is with Carter and explains they look good together. Maya does not know him. Rick says Maya did not know him.

Brooke feels that Katie is passive agressive and they have had to deal with it their entire lives. Brooke remembers when Katie was sixteen when Katie told her that Brooke can have any man she wants. Donna wonders if Brooke thinks that is true.

Katie gets into bed with Bill. Bill tells Katie to come to bed because she is tired. Katie does not know if she is tired. Katie does not know if anything will ever change. Katie feels that Bill will just have her go get more pills. Bill asks Katie to come here. Katie says she is their and has been their. Katie does not have what Bill wants. Katie turns off the light and goes to bed far from Bill. Bill looks at Katie.

Brooke turns off the office light.

Bill turns off his light and keeps looking t Katie. He starts to go to bed but just lays their staring.

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