B&B Monday Update 3/25/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/25/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie demands that Bill tell Brooke that Bill will not ruin his family for Brooke.

Dayzee does not want to tell Marcus about her day. Dayzee explains that Rick is Maya's dream boy. Marcus is shocked.

Caroline wants to be Rick's center of attention but Rick needs to work. Caroline starts to kiss Rick as a plead. Rick agrees to lunch upstairs. Caroline jokes that they can just go to Dayzee's. Hope walks in and says sorry. Caroline tells her its fine because Rick is blowing her off. Caroline leaves.

Maya looks off into the distance and Carter comes over to Maya asking if he can keep her company. Carter puts the moves on Maya and Maya asks if she is being asked out.

Dayzee thinks that Maya does not have the best judge in character. Marcus is not sure.

Hope tells Rick that Caroline needs to know if Rick has feelings for Maya.

Maya does not know if she should. Carter tries to persuide her otherwise.

Bill refuses to say anything about the subject of Brooke and him. Katie starts to tear up.

Dayzee is sorry that she told Maya about being a Forrester. Marcus is fine with it and thinks it is for the best. Dayzee thinks that Caroline and Rick being together would be to crazy. Marcus thinks this is up to Rick and not Dayzee.

Hope wonders who he wishes to fix things with Maya or Caroline. Rick explains Maya feels tricked and does not know if he can. Hope tells him to go fix it.

Maya gets Carter some coffee. Maya decides that she will go on the date with Carter tonight.

Katie is mad that Bill will not admit to what is going on. Bill explains when they were married that Katie said she would not try to change him but now is once again trying to change things and that it has to stop. Bill walks away from katie. Brooke tries to defend herself but Bill tells her that this has nothing to do with her but between Katie and himself. Bill knows he has made mistakes but he will not allow Katie to get mad everytime she assumes something has happened. Katie believes that he needs to tell Brooke to clarify what happened to Brooke. Bill says no. Katie decides to leave to be with her son. Brooke looks at Bill.

Dayzee has a flashback to telling Maya to stay away from Rick. Caroline walks over to Dayzee and Dayzee asks if Caroline is busy. Dayzee wonders if Caroline knows what is going on. Dayzee tells Caroline about Maya. Caroline gets upset.

Maya is shocked that Carter is suprised. Carter says that he just has not done this in a while.

Hope tells Rick that he cannot be one person for Maya and one for Caroline. Rick agrees that he cannot give up. Hope wonders if Maya makes him happy. Rick explains yes. Hope says that he should go for it then but he has to talk to Caroline. Rick is happy that Hope is able to talk to him like this again. Hope tells him to take a chance.

Brooke does not understand why Bill had to do what he did to Katie and she just had to know that nothing was going on between them and wants to know why. Bill explains that its not true.

Carter tells Marcus that he asked Maya out and he is happy for him.

Caroline cannot believe that Rick is with Maya. Dayzee believes that Rick is the only one in the wrong. Dayzee explains that Maya said she would keep her distance. Caroline does not know what to do. Dayzee says that Rick and her are a bad idea. Caroline agrees that they have to be left apart.

Rick has flashbacks to Maya trying on clothes, when he first met maya, and talking to Maya, staying over at Maya's house and talking about dreams, running around the streets with Maya and kissing Maya.

Maya has the same dreams when she looks at Carter's card.

Brooke wonders why Bill said what they did was not wrong. Bill does not think it was wrong. Brooke tries to explain that Katie just miss understood. Brooke tells Bill to go talk to his wife and to think about it before he does anything. Bill says that he feels like he married the wrong sister. Brooke is wide eyed.

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