B&B Wednesday Update 3/20/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/20/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie demands that Brooke get away from Bill. Bill tells Katie that this is not what it looks like. Katie explains that she originally though the two of them working together would be a good thing but now hates the idea.

Taylor spots Rick and tells him that it is nice to see someone in his family wear clothes. Rick thinks that it helped business. Taylor thinks that it should have been all about Thomas. Rick tells her that Thomas had his chance and Brooke did not intrude.

Liam walks in on Hope who thought Steffy was in the room. Hope laughs and says that she is not Steffy. Hope wonders what Liam is doing here. Liam explains it has to do with fashion. Hope says that she is probably helping Thomas feel better. Liam believes that Hope does not feel bad about this. Hope explains that she is not and that Brooke was able to save the day because of it.

Taylor feels like Brooke blindsided Eric and he was not given a fair chance at a presentation. Rick thinks that Eric made a good choice. Taylor feels that Eric will change his mind. Rick explains Thomas had good ideas but that Brooke was better in this instance. Taylor explains that Katie is not so pleased.

Katie is mad that Bill is also drinking. Brooke explains that Bill was just helping with a promotion. Katie demands to know if their is something that she should know about.

Hope tells Liam to be warned that Steffy is afraid her line may be cut for Brookes. Liam explains that might not be a bad thing seeing she is pregnant. Hope almost forgot about it for a moment. Hope also tells Liam to get married right away because the dress is already being fitted. Liam tells Hope he is sorry. Hope explains it is ok but lets him know that she asked her to leave the company.

Taylor tells Rick that Katie is a client and is obligated to tell the truth. Rick thinks that Taylor is out of line and that this about her feud with Brooke. Rick thinks that as much as he does not like Bill he feels that Bill has helped Brooke and that Taylor just does not want Brooke to be successful. Taylor just feels that this is wrong and dangerous.

Brooke tells Katie that this is crazy. Brooke explains they were just celebrating. Katie wonders why Brooke is still dressed that way. Brooke explains it is for marketing. Katie wants to know why Bill is drinking. Brooke explains they were celebrating and that Bill needs to be himself and Katie needs to accept that as she does not seem to want to.

Rick tells Taylor that Bill is allowed to do anything that he wants as he has share in the company. Taylor feels that a secret fashion line with Brooke is not fair.

Brooke feels that Bill is not being accepted. Brooke has Bill leave the room and goes. Brooke wonders why Katie is so mad at Bill drinking. Brooke knows that Bill loves Katie and the baby and is loyal to the people he loved. Katie thinks this is the start of a Brooke romance like they all do because of how it is starting. Katie refuses to be a victim like the rest as Brooke always ends up in bed with the wrong man but it will not be hers.

Hope hates that Steffy will be his wife but it is happening. Hope cannot handle dealing with all things involving Steffy. Liam says he is sorry. Hope will always feel that Steffy got pregnant on purpose. Hope feels that Steffy is all to blame for the pregnancy. Hope will never be able to play a place in Liam's life because of Steffy. Hope is hurt everyday that Liam is not around and it is not fair. Liam knows. Hope feels that they were robbed and now it is done. Hope cannot believe that it is over. Hope does not like that this is coming true. Liam does not know what to say. Hope does not think that he can. Liam hugs Hope as she cries.

Hope looks at the picture again of the wedding dress and Liam walks in again. Hope continues to cry and Liam just looks at her frowning.

Brooke tells Katie that Bill is a wonderful husband and father and she should be lucky.

Taylor finds that Brooke is only trying to explain the truth of things. Rick gets up and tells Taylor to get over it and get over Brooke Logan.

Brooke explains again that she does not even like Bill that way. Katie thinks that Brooke is trying to take Bill away. Katie thinks that it is coming. Brooke wonders if Katie is on her medication. Bill walks out. Katie explains that Brooke will not be working with Bill, and Bill has to tell her this. Katie tells Bill that he is her husband and Bill needs to say it so Brooke can hear it. Katie demands that he tell her.

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