B&B Tuesday Update 3/19/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/19/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Bill drink and Brooke thinks that if someone were to walk in they would be mad at Bill for drinking. Bill explains that they need a drink after what they just pulled off. Brooke does not think that Taylor will take what they just did lying down.

Taylor explains Brooke made a pitch to Eric today about Brooke's bedroom. Taylor explains that it was Bill's idea. Katie frowns.

Rick does not think Caroline being in his office naked is a good idea. Caroline tells him to kiss her. Caroline tells Rick that she knows he is thinking about someone else.

Maya explains how she found Rick and was tricked. Dayzee wants to know who the guy is.

Caroline wants to know who Rick is thinking of. Caroline is upset when Rick starts to look at sales reports. Caroline demands to know.

Maya explains that Rick took her to Forrester Creations and did not know why he was taking her their but now that she does know she does not want to know.

Katie thinks that Bill having Brooke get involved in Forrester is a good thing. Taylor wonders where this could lead though.

Bill thinks that they should just keep an eye on Eric right now as the rest of the world keeps an eye on her. Bill takes another drink.

Maya says she was afraid but then she started trying on the outfits and never felt more special. Then she discovers that the guy is Rick Forrester. Dayzee is speechless. Dayzee explains that she is also a Forrester. Maya is shocked but not much for words when she finds this out.

Caroline is mad that Rick never wants her and wants to go partying with her. Caroline misses being with Rick all the time. Caroline kisses Rick.

Katie knows that Bill should have told her about this but that the two both know how Taylor feels about her sister seeing she is just relaunching a fashion line. Taylor thinks the emotions are coming back out. Taylor does not like the way the two were looking at each other. Taylor does not know how far they have gone.

Brooke is reminded when she discovered belief. Bill bets that when Ridge finds about this he will be mad for letting her go. Brooke holds Bill's hand.

Caroline got a massage therapist to book an appointment for her and she leaves. Rick fixes his tie and says Maya.

Maya wonders why she did not tell her before that she was a Forrester. Dayzee asks if she still likes Rick. Maya does not because he was not real like she wanted him to be.

Taylor thinks that their is a bond and they made it clear they will work together. Katie does not want to hear anymore of this. Katie calls Donna and asks he to come watch Will. Katie leaves having Taylor stay until Donna comes.

Bill goes to get more to drink. Brooke does not know if they should drink anymore. Bill insists. Bill explains that he cannot be who Katie wants as Katie is not how she was when they were married. Bill does not want to be changed by Katie and he will not change for anyone. Brooke says that she could talk to Katie. Bill would enjoy that. Bill thinks the girl he married was more like Brooke.

Maya explains that Rick tried to explain things but that she could not handle it. Dayzee wonders why he did not tell the truth in the first place. Maya explains that Rick wanted to have a normal life. Dayzee explains that Maya is not to see him anymore as she has had enough conflict to last her a life time.

Rick looks at his phone and has good memories of Maya.

Brooke explains she loves to wear what she is wearing. Bill tells Brooke he will buy a thousand for Katie. Bill cannot believe that Katie refuses to have sex anymore. Brooke tells Bill to give her time. Bill thinks this line is going to go through the roof. Brooke and Bill lay on the bed and Katie comes in and demands that Brooke take her hands off her husband. Bill sits up and looks at Katie as does Brooke.

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