B&B Monday Update 3/18/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/18/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick calls after Brooke to come celebrate with him. Brooke claims she is coming while she is with Bill. Brooke and Bill come out. Rick is excited over the pre launch for the company. Bill said that it would work. Brooke is just so happy and hopes they make a profit. Bill agrees. Rick tells them both great job and goes to leave. Taylor over hears Bill and Brooke talking as Bill explains that he will always be their for Brooke.

Rick walks into his office and sees Thomas in his office. Rick wants to know what he ca help him with. Thomas says congratulations for having Brooke do a relaunch. Rick tells Thomas never to talk about his mother. Thomas feels that a 50 year old woman posing in what she was wearing will not make money for the company. Rick believes that everyone else in the company agrees with him. Thomas tells him to mark his days left at Forrester.

Donna and Katie agree that Brooke being more involved in the company is a good thing. Donna wonders how Katie feels about Brooke and Bill being so close. Katie trusts Bill as she says.

Taylor walks in and tells Brooke that she just made a fool of herself. Brooke believes that it went well and Eric is the one who allowed this to happen. Taylor tells Bill that Brooke hijacked Thomas's presentation. Bill feels that the company is going to do fine with Brooke and it is about the classics. Bill does not think that Brooke has anything to be ashamed with. Taylor wonders why Bill is even here. Bill says he is a share holder. Taylor thinks that Brooke looks like a desperate aging fool.

Rick tells Thomas that his door has his name on it and not Thomas. Thomas feels that Brooke will sink. Rick knows that Brooke will help the company like she has always done. Thomas refuses to leave the running for head of the company. Rick tells Thomas to move on because Taylor cannot even change Eric's mind.

Katie explains that Bill wants her all the time and wonders if she should plan something special. Donna offers to babysit whenever. Katie knows that if she does not fulfill Bill's needs then someone else will. Katie tells Donna that Bill kissed Brooke while she was away.

Taylor feels that when Eric thinks about what he is doing that he will rethink about Brooke and her line. Bill tells Taylor that the more time he spends around her the more he feels that Taylor should go see a shrink herself. Brooke tells Bill not to waist a breath on Taylor because she has no sense for running a company and that Brooke's Bedroom will save the company and that their is nothing that will make Taylor stop it.

Rick knows that Thomas is mad because he is not in charge but that he is an asset to the company. Rick feels that if Thomas would get on board that he would be helping everyone. Caroline walks in and wonders if Rick will make her happy. Caroline starts to kiss Rick.

Donna wonders if Katie saw the two kissing. Katie explains she did not see it but that she heard it from Taylor. Katie says that it is not like Brooke and Bill are having an affair and that it is her fault in away because she set it up. Katie knows that it will never happen again.

Taylor feels that Brooke doing the line makes the company a laughing stock. Bill explains that Brooke is doing what Hope did for the older generation. Taylor feels that Bill and Brooke being together is as bad as her with Eric. Taylor storms out. Brooke and Bill look at each other.

Caroline says that Brooke looked amazing. Rick agrees. Caroline takes off her clothes to show off. Caroline tells Rick that this is his and to reach out and take it.

Taylor comes to talk to Katie and explains that Brooke is going around flaunting her underwear at work and that it is going to ruin Katie's marriage because of Bill's involvement.

Bill thinks that Brooke looked great. Brooke is excited and thinks it makes her feel alive. Brooke says she is doing this for her children because her success is her children's. Brooke believes she still has doubts because of Taylor. Bill tells Brooke to let Taylor be bitter but that Brooke will do amazing and that he is proud to a part of this. Brooke tries to wrap her head around her line being back. Brooke is excited. Bill starts to pour drinks, but Brooke does not like the idea. Bill believes that it deserves a toast. Bill roasts to Brooke. They click glasses and drink. They smile at each other.

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