B&B Friday Update 3/15/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/15/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Thomas says what they need is a solution to deal with the drop in sales and high production costs and he has that. The finishing touches are put on his presentation by those involved. Marcus and Oliver are stunned to hear that Brooke is also re-launching her line today without even asking Eric. Rick finally arrives and Brooke asks him where he has been. Rick asks what is going on. Bill asks him if he has seen the sales figures lately. Rick says no and Brooke tells him itís bad. They tell him that Thomas is taking advantage of that and trying to get Rickís job. Bill says they have an idea to deal with that though and tell Rick about how they are going to re-launch the Brookeís Bedroom line. Rick is surprised to learn that his mother will be the spokesmodel for it again.

Donna and Katie talk about how Taylor is using Eric and Katie is annoyed to hear that Thomas is trying to take over Rickís position again. Donna says Taylor has to be the reason why heís even getting that chance. Eric talks to Taylor about how Brooke has a lot going on she is dealing with right now but Taylor says itís the same case for everyone. She says Eric and her though have a lot to be grateful for. Eric kisses her hand and says he has them to be grateful for. Taylor says all these business decisions donít matter all that matters is them. Eric smiles and hugs Taylor before Pam lets them know that Thomas is ready. Eric turns to Taylor and says letís see what her son has in mind for them. Taylor kisses Eric passionately.

Rick asks his mother if she is serious about this. Bill asks Rick if he doesnít think his mother is capable. Rick says heís sure she is but looks uncomfortable. Brooke tells him she is doing this to help the company. Hope comes in and asks what they are talking about. Hope expresses concern over Thomas getting Ericís ear but Rick calms her down by telling her that they have an answer. He says their mother is going to rescue them by re-launching her lingerie line. Brooke, Bill and Hope all look pleased.

Caroline asks Rick where he has been. Rick tells her not now and Caroline gets annoyed with him. Rick says they are in the middle of a crisis and Thomas is vying for his job again. Caroline says well maybe if he didnít spend all of his time at Dayzeeís things would be better. She asks what his attraction to that place is anyway. Rick doesnít answer as they are told things are ready. Brooke tells them they all have to be on their toes today. She says she will not let Taylor and Thomas take over this company and ruin it. When the others leave Brooke and Bill flatter each other and Brooke looks happier than ever as she thanks Bill for supporting her against Taylorís family.

Everyone arrives in the showroom for Thomasís presentation. Pam and Thorne support him as the conference begins. Eric asks where Brooke is and Taylor says she doesnít know but says they should begin because he has a flight to catch. Eric agrees and they all sit down to hear Thomas. Thomas says this should not take long as they all know the bad news. He says the good news is that there is a solution and that is what he would like to present them with today. Eric and Taylor look at Thomas encouragingly while Hope and Rick just look annoyed with him as always.

Donna stays back to talk to Katie about how she is. Donna asks if she and Bill are doing okay. Katie says things have been a little challenging as of late. Donna says well a baby changes things. Katie says she tries explaining that to him but he just keeps complaining that sheís not available enough to him if she knows what she means. Donna sighs before telling Katie she is concerned about everything Bill and Brooke shared while she was in Aspen. Katieís face makes it obvious this is not an issue she wants to discuss because she is worried about it herself. Brooke seeks comfort from Bill as she goes to do this. Bill tells her the company couldnít be in better hands but Brooke tells him she is the one who couldnít be in better hands, flirting with him again. Brooke says she better suit up for battle and leaves Bill smiling after her.

Thomas gives his presentation while Rick tries to undermine his ideas. Thomas effectively stops him by reminding him how he is mostly responsible for this crisis. Brooke and Bill continue flirting while Bill helps her get ready with complimenting her and helping her pick out lipstick shades. Katie asks Donna if sheís worried about Brooke and Bill and laughs but Donna tries to have a serious talk with her sister and warn her about how close Brooke and Bill are getting and not in an appropriate way. Katie starts to look more concerned as she listens to Donna speak.

Thomas continues with his presentation as Steffy beams with pride as does Taylor. Hope and Rick look bored again as Thomas talks about appealing to a new marker, those that can afford Forrester such as college grads and young people who donít want fashion boutiques but a fashion experience. He says the company canít survive on just catering to rich clientele and things need to change. Thomas says Forrester originals need to be made affordable for these people who are dying to buy these items but canít afford them. Rick rudely says that this plan simply isnít going to work but Thomas asks why he thinks that, just because it is different? Thomas gets back at Rick by asking him to point to even one line in his tenure that has made a profit. Rick looks bitter but has nothing to say.

Thomas is about to continue with his presentation and Eric looks interested until suddenly music starts and Billís voice is hear announcing Brookeís Bedroom line. Thomas looks surprised and looks into the crowd until he sees Rick grinning. Thomas looks at him in disgust at how he has interrupted his presentation and humiliated him once again.

Katie continues to believe that her marriage is secure despite Donnaís warnings.

Brooke gives the fashion show at Forrester while Taylor, Steffy and Thomas are disgusted and outraged. At the end of the show Eric sides with Brooke and says they are re-launching her line. He says sorry to Taylor and Thomas but none of them look happy with him. Brooke goes backstage looking happy and she thanks Bill for what they achieved today They look deep into each otherís eyes and look more infatuated than ever.

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