B&B Thursday Update 3/14/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/14/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Rick calls after Maya as she runs away telling her to come back. Taylor tells Brooke that it is a whole new day at Forrester and now she has to answer to her. Brooke looks angry and says like hell she does. Taylor remains calm and says she can make this easy on herself or hard it’s her own choice. Taylor says she is here to stay and so Brooke should find a way to deal with it.

Steffy says that Hope can’t be serious for her to ask her to just pack up and leave Forrester Creations. Hope says she is. Steffy asks why she should leave, and Hope says she owes it to her, at which Steffy looks annoyed. Hope says Liam and she are living together and she is having his child and asks Steffy if she knows what it does to her to be reminded of that every day.

Taylor asks Thomas how the presentation preparation is going. Thomas says well and says he’s excited to have a real chance to maybe run the company and get it back from the Logan family. Taylor smiles at her son understanding him. Brooke talks to Bill about her fears that her family is going to be pushed out of Forrester but Bill says that isn’t going to happen. He says instead of just talking about Brooke’s bedroom line they are going to revive it. Bill notices Rick hasn’t been around and asks Brooke where he is at which she sighs.

Rick catches up with Maya and begs to let him explain himself. Maya opens the door to him but continues to look upset. Rick says he’s sorry. Maya asks Rick why he lied to her and why he didn’t tell her who he really was. Rick looks back at Maya looking confused as to how to say what he has to say. Maya says she thought he was someone else, someone homeless. She says she let him stay in her apartment and she trusted him. She asks him why he was at Dayzee’s, why he was in that alley in the cold and again asks him why he didn’t tell her his identity. Rick says he should have but says he just wanted someone to like him for him for once and not for his title. He tells Maya that she has to know that this friendship or connection or whatever it is between them is real. Maya looks back at Rick stunned.

Hope tells Steffy to go work at Spencer but Steffy tells her that Forrester Creations is a part of her, and she’s a part of it. Steffy tells Hope not to get any crazy ideas that she is going anywhere. Hope asks her to do this for her. Steffy says she will try to stay out of her way but she is not leaving. Hope upsets Steffy by saying she used this pregnancy to get Liam and says that’s the only way she could have ever taken him from her. Hope tells Steffy that deep down she knows she used this pregnancy to trap Liam, and if Liam doesn’t know it today, he will someday. Steffy looks really upset at Hope’s words.

Taylor gives her son a pep talk and tells him if he works hard and keeps developing his ideas one day he will get where he wants to in this company. Thomas says he has a good feeling and Taylor says she’s sensing big changes at Forrester Creations. She says their family is finally being recognized. Thomas smiles and thanks his mother for her support as he hugs her.

Brooke says that Rick is not picking up his phone. Bill says maybe Rick heard of the decline in sales and doesn’t want to face it. Brooke insists it is not Rick’s fault. Brooke says Thomas is getting the chance to make another presentation and she says now that Taylor is with Eric she is afraid he will be swayed. Bill reminds Brooke that her line was highly successful in its day. He asks if anyone mentioned that at the meeting. Bill tells Brooke that if she resurrects Brooke’s bedroom she will have the power of this company back in her hands. Brooke looks pleased at his words.

Bill says there has to be some samples from the line somewhere. Brooke crudely asks Bill if he’s trying to get her out of her clothes. Bill says she bets he is. Brooke and Bill flirt back and forth about Brooke’s lingerie and how good she looks in it. Taylor goes to see Eric in his office. She finds him upset that the sales figures have gone down in Dallas too. Taylor tells Eric that Thomas has some great ideas for cutting costs and pushing the company forward. Eric says he’s looking forward to the presentation but says Rick is probably not going to be happy. Taylor says he’s just going to have to accept it because in a family business everyone should get to have a say. She says she picked up a vibe at the earlier meeting though and says this is not going to be easy for Hope and Steffy.

Steffy says for the last time she did not trap Liam and this baby was a surprise to her too. Hope shows sarcasm and does not believe Steffy, because she is convinced she did this on purpose. Steffy gets angry and lays down the law with Hope, telling her that she is excited for her baby and the chance to be a mother, and she will not let her or anyone make her feel guilty about that. Steffy says things happen the way they are supposed to. Hope disagrees and says a part of Liam will always belong to her. Steffy looks tired of Hope’s endless attempts to make her insecure.

Rick tries to explain himself to Maya but she says it would too hard for her to get over this. Rick realizes things are not going to work and with tearful eyes says goodbye to Maya. When the door closes on opposite sides Maya and Rick are both upset and near tears at what appears to be the end of their relationship. Hope finally leaves Steffy alone after berating her to have some decency and telling her she can’t be around her because she doesn’t want to see her baby growing and watch her plan her wedding with Liam. Steffy looks stressed out and tired as she sits down in her chair and just sighs.

Brooke models lingerie for Bill and teases him by saying things like he can look but he can’t touch. Bill asks if she is ready to re-launch Brooke’s Bedroom line. Brooke says she doesn’t know but Bill props her up by loading her with compliments about how beautiful she is and how she has confidence and that is what is going to make this line as success. He tells Brooke that she can save this company and keep a place for her kids. Brooke says she didn’t think she could but being with him makes her feel like she can do anything. Brooke agrees to do the line and Bill tells her that he supports her. He tells her he’d do anything for her and Brooke looks more than please to hear Bill say those words to her.

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