B&B Wednesday Update 3/13/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/13/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya cannot believe that they are really going to the Forrester boutique. Rick tells her to hury.

Eric and Throne talk about a meeting. Eric asks if Thorne is ok with him and Taylor. Thorne tells him he is fine about it as long as he is happy.

Donna walks in and explains to Eric that he did not have to tell her right away. Donna explains that if Taylor is what Eric wants right now that it is fine but if he ever were to want her she is availible. Pam walks in and tells Donna to cool it and that Eric does not want her. Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas walk in and then Brooke, Hope, and Bill walk in. Eric explains that he asked Taylor to move in and does not want any gossip or speculation about it. Brooke gives a dirty look. Eric does not want anyone talking about it like gossip. Marcus and Thorne walk in and explain that they need to talk to Rick because the first quarter numbers are in and he will not be happy.

Maya and Rick walk down the street smiling at each other and holding hands. Rick and Maya look outside of a store. Maya and Rick kiss passionatly again on the same street. Rick and Maya walk into the store and Maya believes that she should be in the store because they cannot buy anything. Rick explains that they do not have to buy anything. A sales clerk takes Maya to look at the gowns. Another sales clerk tells Rick she is happy to have him at the store. Rick tells her to keep it on the down low that he is here. Rick tells Maya to go try on several gowns.

Brooke says that Rick is not answering his phone and does not know why he was very interested in them. Hope agrees because he had very high hopes for them. Thorne explains that sales are not what they expected. Steffy says that it is not even close. Thomas thinks that if everyone would have listened to him and gone to the future with Forrester that people would have been interested. Steffy believes that Rick should have listned to her ideas. Brooke steps in and explains to Steffy that Rick has done nothing wrong. Steffy tells Brooke that she just feels that Rick should have been doing his job instead of fighting with Thomas over his position at Forrester. Taylor thinks that it might be time to try something new. Brooke gets a look in her eye.

Maya models the red dress for Rick and he smiles while she poses. Maya then puts on a mostly cream dress with some flower prints on it. Maya is then in a sparkling dark blue gown. Rick claps and explains that she looks beautiful. Maya tells him she is not going to buy it. Maya explains that this is a Forrester dress is a work of art and that is how she feels wearing it like a master piece.

Brooke feels that this company was founded on tradition and that is the way it should stay. Eric agrees. Thomas brings up his ideas again of changing the distribution and direction the company markets to and Thomas knows. Thomas believes that because Rick said that things were fine that it should be when things are not ok. Brooke does not believe they should make any desisions when he is not with them. Taylor believes otherwise because he is choosing to not be at the meeting in her oppinion. Steffy believes that she can work with anything. Thomas believes they need to cut things from the company such as jobs and what gets into the stores. Eric believes this is a good idea and wants to see a presentation. Brooke reminds Eric that he did not like this idea a few months earlier when it was first mentioned. Eric knows this but believes that it is the only way to go. Brooke wonders if Rick gets the same oppertunity to make a plan. Eric claims that he would love to hear what Rick has to say but he is not around. Thomas gives a smug look.

Steffy takes some pills and Hope walks in to wonder if they can talk. Steffy explains that she is really buisy. Hope wants to talk about the baby and that she understands that she may want to cut back on work. Steffy explains that she is fine with her work load and likes work. Hope wishes that Steffy would leave Forrester.

Taylor tells Eric that Thomas is taking after his father. Eric agrees. Brooke wonders why Eric is not telling Rick. Eric tells Brooke to call Thomas if he has questions. Brooke tells Taylor that this is in no way over between her family and Taylor's. Brooke refuses to allow Taylor to mess with her Children's lives. Taylor explains that she is just being the way she feels fit and that she feels like a queen. Taylor accuses Brooke of driving Stephanie to her grave. Taylor believes that it is a new day and to get used to it.

Maya explains that she has to go because she does not want to waste the time of a sales woman when she cannot affored them. Rick explains that she will buy them some day. The sales woman comes over and asks if Rick will be putting the gowns on his account. Maya finds this funny until she discovers that Rick was called Forrester. Maya wants to know wants to know what is going on. Rick tells Maya that he is Rick Forrester and that he was just helping out at Dayzee's. He then tells her that he is president of Forrester. Maya is shocked to find out that everyone in the store works for him and that they are his employees. Maya runs out of the store and Rick tries to go after he but she is to fast.

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