B&B Tuesday Update 3/12/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/12/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya puts on her make up while Rick wakes up on the couch. Maya says good morning. Rick thinks it is very bright in the room. Rick wonders why Maya is putting on make up. Maya explains she had a gentleman spend the night and she had to look her best in the morning. Maya goes to make Rick some coffee. Maya tells Rick he should probably put his pants on.

Donna tries to use a stappler but Pam stops her from using it from her side of the desk and stops her. Caroline rushes over and wonders where Rick is. Donna says that Rick is not there. Pam confirms it.

Eric and Carter look at the knock off clothing on the internet that is cheap looking. Eric mentions that Sally was not even that bad. Caroline storms in and gets mad that Rick is never around for their relationship.

Donna thinks that Caroline is acting out of character. Pam thinks that Caroline is the way she is because of her two mothers as well as being in New York. Pam wonders what a peep show is. Donna explains that she thinks it is something to do with paying to look at smut. Pam wonders why people cannot just do that at home for free. Donna gives a disturbed look.

Caroline is introduced to Carter. Carter explains that he can make a plan to stop the knock off clothing. Eric suspects that Caroline is upset over Rick. Caroline is mad that Rick is never around and blames Eric and Stephanie for making Rick feel he has to do charity work with the less fortunate who she mentions are less clean and less washed. Eric gives her a dirty and shocked face.

Maya brings over coffee and rice cakes. Rick notices a picture of a baby and wonders if it is a picture of her when she was younger. Maya explains that it is not and she just got it framed. Rick thinks he better get going. Maya explains that she would like him to stay with her.

Carter and Marcus box. Marcus wonders how the meeting went with Eric. Carter explains that he just had a meeting. Carter spots a pretty woman and tells Marcus not to stair. Carter notices that Caroline is bit high strong. Marcus tells Carter that has to do with Bill pushing her off a balcony. Carter gives a look. Marcus corrects himself and explains that Caroline slipt and fell of the balcony. Carter still looks shocked.

Eric reminds Caroline of the relationship policy for Forrester. Caroline talks about her foundation and personal contact. Eric feels that kindness is imporsant. Caroline finds it is stopping Rick from spending his time with him.

Maya tells Rick about her daughter. Maya explains that she was going to jail and that she had to give her up for adoption. Maya explains that she begged to be let go but no one believed her until now. Rick wonders why it happened. Maya says that she helped people she should not have and was naive to help other people. Rick wonders where the picture came from. Maya says the adopted family gave it to her before they died and the whole family with them. Maya wishes she could have told the little girl why she had to do what she did.

Donna tells a reporter that Eric cannot do an interview and hangs up. Pam thinks that Donna did a good job with that. Donna says thank you and wonders if they should rescue Eric.

Eric tells Caroline that Rick is not forgetting Caroline. Caroline feels that it is an excuse. Eric says Stephanie said the same thing. Caroline tells him nice try and leaves.

Marcus tries get Carter with someone. Carter asks if Maya has been around. Marcus does not say anything.

Maya jokes about her make up being messed up. Maya tells Rick that he does not have to keep the secret. Maya wonders about Rick and why he was sleeping in the alley. Rick tries to explain. Maya just wants to know. Rick explains that he will get to that later. Rick wants to take Maya out so she should put something nice on. Maya tells Rick that she has nothing nice. Rick does not mind.

Carter punches into the bag. Marcus explains that Maya just got out of prison. Carter says that she said it was a wrong place and wrong time thing. Marcus tells Carter that Maya is living above Dayzee's. Carter does not want to just go.

Maya wonders why they are shoppping in a wealthy area. Rick explains that they are just going to have fun to see what Maya could dress like.

Caroline explains that she was in a relationship with Thomas but that turned into a power play and now Rick is ignoring her. Eric tells her that this is not his issue. Caroline continues to talk about how she gets all dressed up and she better be taken out to be showed off. Caroline tells Eric thanks for listening and leaves again. Eric rolls his eyes and says thanks for stopping by.

Maya does not want to go in the store because she thinks she will be thrown out. Rick wonders why. Maya does not think she looks like she should be shopping here. Rick tells her that people do not judge in LA because of who people are. Maya wonders where they will go then. Rick decides on Forrester creations. They run across the street and start to kiss each other and smile.

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