B&B Monday Update 3/11/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/11/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Pam storms into Eric and Taylor's room brandishing a knife. Taylor starts to scream.

Donna calls Eric and tells him to call her back right away.

Maya comes to visit Rick. Rick wonders if Maya has unpacked. Maya jokes that the decorators are coming tomorrow. Rick goes to get some coffee. Anthony asks when Rick is going to tell Maya that he is the president of Forrester. Rick does not know because he likes having a girl who likes him only for him. Anthony goes to talk to Maya. Maya explains that he feels bad for Rick because of his girlfriend. Rick talks on the phone with Caroline who explains she got sushi from and is at his office and wants him to be with her. Rick explains he is working with the underprivileged people and she should understand because of her work with cancer research. Caroline believes that is completely different, because she only has to handle the money and be the face of the company. Rick tells her he is not coming.

Eric demands to know what Pam is doing in his room. Pam tries to explain and goes on to say that she heard about him and Taylor is just over the moon about it all. Pam sees that it is true that the two are a couple. Eric wonders what she is doing with a knife. Pam explains it is a spatula and she brought lemon bars. Eric says he is sorry for not telling her about Taylor. Pam explains that it is fine and that she is happy that Taylor is with Eric. Pam gets into bed in between the two and congratulates them.

Maya explains that she wishes she could have paid Rick for helping move. Rick tells her that he would rather do this. Rick kisses Maya. Anthony tells the two that it is time to close. Maya offers Rick a jacket. Rick says he is good and leaves.

Donna finds Caroline in Rick's office and explains that she does not understand why he is spending all his time at Dayzee's.

Rick calls and asks for a car to come pick him up in an alley, because he locked his keys in his car. The car cannot come right away.

Maya looks outside her window and sees Rick sitting outside sitting in the cold and has a sad face. Maya walks down to Rick and gives him her jacket. Rick tries to explain to Maya what is going on. Maya tells him that he does not have to and to come up to her apartment.

Pam starts to laugh because the two thought she had a knife. Eric explains that it is late. Pam leaves but gives Taylor the spatula to remember the night.

Donna explains that maybe Rick is growing up and wants to be charitable and that once he came back to LA things changed. Caroline cringes about LA because she is a New York girl and always will be. Caroline thinks that something is up with Rick.

Maya makes Rick some soup. Rick looks at Maya and wonders why she is being so nice to him. Maya explains it is because he has kind eyes.

Pam finds it funny that she scared Taylor and Eric. Donna thinks that it is not funny and thinks she tried to kill Taylor. Pam tells Donna that she did not and that she is just happy that Donna did not end up with Eric. Pam also believes that if Stephanie is fine with this, then they all should be fine with it.

Taylor thinks that Pam was going to kill her. Eric gives Taylor a rose and says that he loves her but wonders if this is uncomfortable and wants to know if this ok. Taylor says it is fine but takes Eric's ring off. Eric kisses Taylor passionately.

Maya asks if Rick would like anything else. Rick tries to leave. Maya asks for Rick to stay with her tonight. Rick does not know if it is ok. Maya insists. Rick calls to cancel the car when Maya goes to the other room. Maya comes back with a blanket and tells her goodnight. Maya wonders what Rick's last name is. Rick explains that it does not matter and Maya kisses Rick on the forehead. Maya turns the lights off and goes into the other room. Rick smiles.

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