B&B Friday Update 3/8/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/8/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy asks Liam once again if heís sure about wanting to marry her. Liam strokes her hair as he looks back at her. Rick finds his sister still upset over Liam and apologizes to her. Hope says itís not entirely his fault, some things are just not meant to be. Donna is shocked to hear from Brooke that Eric is interested in Taylor. Donna asks what Eric is thinking and says what about her. Brooke tells Donna that she knows how much she cares for Eric and Donna say she should have never let him get away before crying. Brooke comforts her sister. Taylor moves her clothes into Ericís closet and the pair share a tender moment and a kiss.

Eric worries about Pam not being able to handle him and Taylor together but Taylor says Pam is not an issue rather it is Donna that worries her. Donna continues complaining to Brooke about Ericís choice to be with Taylor and Brooke tells her that Taylor is moving into his home. She says that is why she is so concerned. Pam overhears that Taylor is moving in with Eric and looks shocked. Donna and Pam on opposite sides of the door are upset to hear that Eric says he is in love with Taylor.

Steffy tells Liam that even if a part of him is unsure to tell her now. Liam recalls how Hope made him promise her that he would marry Steffy before the baby is born. He tells Steffy that they are doing this and they share a kiss. Hope tells Rick about how Liam, before Steffy showed up was about to put the ring back on her finger. Sighing she says it was their last chance to be together and looks near tears as she turns away from her brother. Liam tells Steffy that she wonít regret marrying him and tells her that he promises he wonít regret it either. Steffy smiles and kisses him.

Rick feels guilty for his part in driving Liam and Hope apart but Hope tells him it was not just him. She says it was Bill and Steffy and Deacon and others too. Hope tells Rick that she told Liam to marry Steffy as soon as he can. Rick is stunned to hear that and asks why she would do something like that. Hope tells him that if Liam had decided to marry her then that baby would have had two wonderful homes but says with the way Liam and her grew up with no father around. She pauses before saying she has to let Liam be the kind of dad he always wanted for himself. Rick looks proud of his sister and gives her a hug for support.

Taylor asks Eric if he thinks Donna will be upset. Eric says maybe but also says that he never gave Donna any indication that him and her would ever get back together again implying she has no reason, at least from his side to feel upset. Taylor nods and says well as long as she and Pam and everyone else doesnít react the way Brooke did. Eric says he knows it will be awkward for a bit but eventually most people will be supportive just like Thomas and Steffy who are. Eric says two people all alone discovering love again who could object to that at which Taylor smiles.

Brooke tells Donna that Taylor is just using Eric and says itís so disrespectful to Stephanie. Brooke says she wishes Stephanie was here because she would know how to stop her. Donna says well someone has to stop Taylor before itís too late. Pam looks angry as she listens on. Donna and Brooke think there may be someone at the door when they hear a noise and go to check. Brooke breaths out and relief and says thank god she would not have wanted Pam to hear that. Donna says yes she wouldnít want to be Taylor when Pam finds out about Eric and her.

Taylor agrees with Eric that there is nothing wrong with them together before asking if the wants to go downstairs for dinner. She says sheís not exactly Pam but Eric cuts in saying sheís certainly not. He says dinner can wait before kissing Taylor. Rick says that Hope telling Liam to be with Steffy is a big sacrifice. Hope says well they have a child together. Rick says true but if she wanted to fight to get Liam back she could get him back. Hope says she has fought but now Liam is with Steffy and she is trying to let go. Hope remembers her past with Liam by recalling her many memories she had with him while Liam and Steffy make love. When Steffy leaves the room Liam looks distracted and itís made obvious that he is thinking of Hope while she cries in her room and thinks of him as well.

Brooke says Pam would flip out if she knew and Donna says yes Pam has always been very protective of Stephanie and has always had a crush on Eric. Donna and Brooke realize Pam has heard them when they find a magazine with Taylorís picture on it stabbed with a pen at Pamís desk. Brooke and Donna wonder over what Pam is going to do to Taylor now that she knows.

Pam enters Ericís home looking clearly upset. Eric sits down on the bed with Taylor and asks her if sheís glad she moved in with him. Taylor says very as they share a passionate kiss. Suddenly Taylor hears something and Eric asks if something is wrong. Before Taylor has a chance to respond, Pam opens the door and enters with a sharp object in her hand while screaming Eric. Taylor bursts out screaming.

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