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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/7/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Bill and Brooke talk about their feelings for each other until Katie arrives and they pull apart. Bill tries to get Katie to spend an afternoon with him by having Hope baby-sit their baby but Katie does not allow it leaving Bill frustrated. Bill asks Katie if it’s so wrong for him to want to spend some time with her. Hope remembers how she asked Liam to promise her that he would marry Steffy before the baby is born. Liam comes back home and finds Steffy organizing the place up. Liam tells Steffy that he thinks they need to talk about where to go from now. Steffy look curious.

Katie tells Bill that this is not about them but about her need to spend quality time with her baby. She tells Bill that she needs to do this at least until he bonds with her. Bill asks her how long that will take and she says as long as it will take, she doesn’t really know. Katie asks him to please not be angry. Bill says he is not angry just frustrated, lonely and he misses his wife. Katie asks him to just bear with her and promises to make it up to him. Katie then changes the subject and asks about Brooke as she seemed off to her. Bill asks if she has time to listen and Katie tells him he has her undivided attention but Bill looks unconvinced of that.

Steffy says that she can tell something important is on his mind. Liam tells Steffy that he has been thinking a lot about her and them and the baby. Steffy says and he’s freaked out and that’s okay because a baby is a life changing thing. Liam tells Steffy that he wants to set a wedding date, shocking her. Steffy asks him what he just said and Liam tells her that he wants to marry her before the baby comes. Steffy is touched and smiles at Liam who smiles back at her.

Brooke is stunned to learn from Hope that she told Liam to marry Steffy. Brooke asks Hope why in the world she did that for. Bill fills Katie in on Taylor and Eric’s relationship and how Brooke feels Taylor is pulling a power play. Katie says that all sounds a bit too calculating for someone like Taylor and suggests that maybe Eric and Taylor are getting together because they are lonely. Bill says Katie probably shouldn’t say that to Brooke and tells his wife that Brooke is gearing up to fight. He says he is going to help Brooke leaving Katie curious.

Steffy asks Liam again if he is asking to marry her. Liam says he is and that too in the most unromantic way ever. Steffy says that is not true and Liam smiles before saying she hasn’t said yes yet. Steffy tells Liam that she wants to marry him more than anything but only if he’s sure that is what he wants. Liam asks if that’s a no but Steffy tells him no, it’s a “tell her all the reasons why he wants to marry her.” Liam remembers how Hope told him to marry her.

Brooke tries to change Hope’s mind by telling her that Liam doesn’t have to be with Steffy to raise a baby with her. Brooke tells her that Liam and her could still get married and Hope could help raise the baby. Hope says it is not going to be like that and reminds Brooke that Liam chose to raise the baby with its mother. Brooke says the baby could benefit by being raised with Hope and Liam instead and Hope says she would accept that in a heartbeat if that was what Liam wanted. Brooke tells her to tell Liam that but Hope says no and tells her mother that she has to let Liam go.

Katie says that Taylor and Eric are consenting adults and she does not see what he or Brooke could do to come between them. Bill tells Katie that this is not about coming in between them but purely about business. He says Brooke is a proven saleswoman for Forrester and so she needs to get back in the game to protect her interests. Katie eventually agrees that it’s a good idea for Brooke to focus on work after everything she has lost. Bill tells Katie that Brooke was initially reluctant to do this but now is pretty turned on by the idea after he talked to her.

Liam tells Steffy that when he saved her that day when he first met her he had no idea this was going to happen. He says she came onto him like wildfire and nothing has been the same ever since. Steffy says tenacity has always been her specialty. Liam tells Steffy that the time he spends with her is fun. He says she makes him happy and now she is giving him the incredible gift of a son or daughter. He says it’s not a family he asked for or expected but he is so grateful for having. Liam tells Steffy that he knows she does not like hearing that this is the right thing to do but it is. He says he’s not saying this or doing this because he feels obligated but because it’s what he wants. Liam gets down on one knee and asks Steffy to do him the honor of being his wife. Steffy smiles as he kisses her hand and she cries in happiness.

Hope says that Liam is moving on and she needs to do the same. She says she wants to re-launch Hope for the Future. Brooke mentions Oliver and suggests Hope get reacquainted with him but Hope says Oliver is a nice guy but he’s not Liam. Brooke feels bad for her daughter and hugs her as she tries to comfort her.

Steffy tells Liam that she knows how committed he is to her and this baby and that he wants to end this cycle of the Spencer men not knowing or raising their kids. She says if he is sure and absolutely sure. Liam cuts her off saying he is sure. Steffy smiles and says then he’s got himself a wife. Liam smiles and kisses Steffy several times before asking when they should have the wedding. Steffy and Liam start to plan their wedding and amongst that Steffy tells Liam that she knows their baby is lucky for having a father like him. Liam is touched by her words and hugs her while she says they are going to be a family and cries in happiness.

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