B&B Wednesday Update 3/6/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/6/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill explains that Katie is sleeping with the baby. Brooke says she is sorry for coming over when Katie and Bill were having family time. Bill explains that Katie spends all her time with the baby. Brooke cannot get over Taylor and Eric.

Taylor asks how the baby is going. Steffy says it is doing fine. Taylor wonders where Liam is.

Liam walks into Hope's office who is expecting him. Hope exlains she has a reason for seeing him and that Rick is not coming.

Rick and Maya talk and Maya says that she has a job to do and she could use some help. Maya asks if Rick is going to guess. Rick explains that he better not because he does not want to get in trouble with Caroline. Maya goes to show him.

Hope wonders how Steffy is doing. Liam explains that Steffy is doing fine and the baby is doing well. Hope explains that she is fine but she needed to see him.

Taylor wonders how Steffy's first night back with Liam was. Steffy explains it was good but that it was different. Taylor wonders how. Steffy says that it just was. Taylor explains that it has to do with Brooke.

Brooke feels that Taylor has power in the company and wonders what they are going to do about it. Bill believes that Brooke should running Forrester.

Maya takes Rick to her apartment. Rick explains that it is great. Maya wonders where Rick lives. Rick says a bus ride away. Maya wonders what life would be like in Beverly Hills.

Steffy says that it was the right thing to do when it comes to telling Liam.

Hope asks that Liam marry Steffy before the baby is born. Liam wonders why Hope would ask him to do this. Hope thinks that it is what is right. Liam does not know if he knows what to say. Hope explains that the baby needs to have married parents.

Brooke does not know if she should be in charge. Bill thinks that Brooke can save the company because she is a Logan.

Maya thinks that Rick is not showing the world everything he has to offer. Rick wonders why Maya is in such a great mood for someone who has had good times. Maya explains she is calm person and believes she is doing pretty well.

Taylor thinks that everyone is doing great. Steffy agrees and hopes that Hope will find someone too.

Hope thinks that the cycle of parents not being together needs to break. Hope says that this is not easy for her but that it has to happen. Hope feels that Liam and Steffy have to protect their baby. Hope asks that Liam promise her she marries Steffy.

Bill feels that Brooke is the best thing to ever happen to Forrester creations. Brooke does not believe him. Bill shows Brooke a video of her fashion show for Brooke's Bedroom line. Brooke remembers when she did this and Stephanie and Taylor freaked out. Bill thinks that this is the perfect idea. Brooke wonders who would model it. Bill thinks that Brooke should model it. Brooke explains that she likes to wear the clothes but she should not be the model. Bill wants to be the judge. Brooke agrees to show Bill. Bill thinks it looks good. Brooke feels that it is nice to hear that from a man because it has been so long.

Rick puts a picture on the wall. Maya tries to give Rick money but he will not take it. Maya will not allow him to walk away with nothing so Rick kisses her.

Steffy thinks that they have all turned a corner. Taylor agrees. The two hug.

Hope asks Liam to tell her she will do this. Liam wonders about her. Hope explains that she will be fine because she will be making a good life for herself. She believes that Liam will be fine and that is all she ever wanted for him anyways. Liam explains that he will do it. The two hug.

Brooke wonders if Bill and her can really pull this off. Bill thinks that she can do it and that Brooke's Bedroom will be a money making machine onces again. Brooke thinks that Bill better go check on Katie. Bill thinks that Katie has changed. Brooke explains that babies do that. Bill does not think that Katie loves Bill anymore. Brooke thinks that Katie still loves her. Bill brings up Aspen when the two were there and how he tells himself that it was just a thing but he cannot get it out of his mind. Brooke gets him to stop talking and the two hug. Brooke sheds a tear.

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