B&B Tuesday Update 3/5/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/5/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke cannot believe that Taylor would move in after one night. Taylor feels that this is none of Brooke's buisness. Taylor tells Eric that he likes her and that she wants to get comfortable in her own home.

Bill walks in and explains to katie that he will be home the rest of the day. The two decide that they will stay home. Katie goes to put Will to bed.

Rick serves people at Dayzee's and looks for people that are coming in. Rick explains to everyone that he wants to be here and that he is not trying to leave. Rick asks if Maya is a regular and Anthony explains to turn around as Maya walks into the resteruant. Rick goes over to Maya and the two remember there names. Maya asks for just coffee. Rick tells Maya to tip someone else because this was not his table.

Bill wonders if Katie could take a break and sit down next to him. Bill asks how Will is doing. Katie explains that he is good and they have about two minutes before he starts to get fussy.

Taylor and Brooke continue to fight when to of the movers come in and assume that Brooke is here to help move Taylor in when Taylor explains to them that Brooke is on her way out.

Rick wonders if Maya would like to sing. Maya explains that she just wants to have coffee today. Rick says that he will be taking his break and would love to take it with her. Caroline walks in and spots Rick from across the room. Rick walks over and wonders what she is doing. Caroline says that she is kidnapping him.

Katie does not want to be far away from Will. Bill explains that they will be around him. Katie feels that she she needs to be around the baby. Bill suggests a nanny. Katie refuses to have a nanny rase her child. Bill feels that they need alone time though.

Brooke thinks that this is sick. Brooke feels that Taylor is doing this because Stephanie did not do anything for her towards the end so she is getting her revenge. Taylor thinks this has to do with Brooke and just Brooke being upset that everyone in Taylor's family is happy and Brooke is not. Brooke thinks that Eric should be helping Eric get over Stephanie. Taylor explains that Bill says he is concerned about Brooke's feelings towards the current situations. Brooke explains that Bill and her are friends unlike her and Eric who slept together. Brooke feels that this is a power play and that she is playing with Eric and is emotions. Brooke asks how long it will take for Stephanie's picture to come down and her to claim the new queen role. Brooke will not allow it.

Caroline explains that if they leave now they can get Rick to change his clothes because she got reservations. Rick is mad that Caroline would do this when he told her no. Caroline thinks this will be fun. Rick says that he made a commitment. Caroline just leaves without saying anything. Rick walks back over and Maya asks if thay was his girlfriend. Rick says it was.

Eric walks in and kisses Taylor. Eric wonders how she is doing. Taylor explains that Brooke was back over and that she said the same things she already said. Eric tells Taylor not to think anything other than what she already thinks about their love.

Brooke walks into Bill and Katie's house and explains that Taylor is nuts. Katie goes to check on the baby. Brooke explains that Taylor is actually moving in.

Maya tells Rick that Caroline is beautiful but that she did not like the way she was talking to him. Rick explains that she wanted him to get off early but he wanted to stay around and help in other people's lives. Just like Maya can do with his music.

Taylor explains that Brooke thinks that she is using Eric and that she thinks it is unfare. Eric explains that if this is where she wants to be this is where he belongs. The two kiss.

Brooke and Bill agree that Taylor is getting the control she has wanted. Brooke knew this would happen and Eric would not listen to her. Brooke knows that Taylor planned this.

Taylor tells Eric that this is where she wants to be and this is home.

Brooke says that Taylor might have fooled Eric but she will not fool anyone else. She is not going to let him.

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