B&B Monday Update 3/4/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/4/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill asks what Brooke what Eric said about her being the co CEO. Brooke explains that she did not get that far because she saw Taylor in bed with Eric.

Eric wakes Taylor up and Taylor is happy that it was not all just a dream. Eric decides that he wants Taylor to move in with him.

 Steffy looks for Taylor and Thomas walks in. The two wonder where Taylor could be because her phone is off and her car is no where to be found.

Marcus and Carter walk into Rick's office and Carter introduces himself. Marcus explains that he is trying to keep Carter from leaving and going back home.

Eric says that he knows what he wants and that he wants her here. Eric wants to have Taylor next to him every morning. Taylor says yes and the two kiss. Eric says that he is crowning Taylor the new Forrester matriarch.

Bill thinks that it is funny that the two are sleeping with each other. Brooke finds it wrong and thinks that Taylor is taking advantage.

Marcus thinks that Carter needs to find a woman and that Rick can get him into any club he wants. Rick says that he may not be able to find anything. Marcus explains that Carter should be kept around and become the lawyer for Forrester.

Brooke thinks that Taylor is using Eric and trying to destroy her family. Bill thinks that Brooke is taking to much into it. Brooke explains that the two believe that they are falling in love with each other. Brooke thinks that Thomas being the new vice president has to do with Taylor. Bill agrees with that. Brooke wonders what Taylor will do next.

Thomas opens the doors to see the Forrester shipping department come in and start moving. Eric and Taylor walk in and explain that Eric asked Taylor to move in and she said yes. Steffy and Thomas give blank stairs.

Carter understands that companies are constantly steeling from them and wonder what type of patent the company has. Rick says he does know. Carter explains he will look into it.

Brooke does not think this is good for the company and that Bill should have to know. Bill wonders if Taylor is doing this to go after Brooke. Brooke explains that she does not know and that Taylor is probably mad at more than just that. Brooke thinks that this is disrespectful and that Brooke refuses to allow this to happen. Brooke decides she is going back and she is going to make Eric listen.

Steffy wonders if this is a joke. Taylor smiles and explains that it is not and that they care for each other very much. Eric explains that he has always loved Taylor very much. Steffy decides that if this is not a joke she is happy for the both of them. Thomas agrees. Taylor decides she has to go back to meet the movers at her house. Eric corrects her by saying there house and the two hug.

Marcus explains that Carter has the job. Carter wonders how long he will have. Rick says that he does not know. Carter leaves. Rick wonders if Carter may know anyone in the entertainment industry because of a girl that he met at Dayzee's. Marcus wonders her name. Rick gets a call from Caroline. Caroline wants to go out tonight. Rick explains that he cannot go out because he has to work at Dayzee's again.

Steffy thinks that this is way out of character for Taylor. Thomas is just happy that she is in a good place. Steffy thinks that they all are doing so well. Thomas asks what Brooke will think of all this.

Brooke walks into the Forrester mansion and wonders where Eric is. She then spots Taylor and wonders what is going on. Taylor explains that she is moving in. Taylor hopes that one day Brooke will be able to accept this. Brooke does not think this is her home and that this is a revenge against Brooke. Taylor gives her a look.

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