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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/1/13


Written By Rachna
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Brooke asks if Eric is inside the bedroom as Taylor and Eric look at each other wondering what to do. Thomas drops in on his sister to see how she is doing. Liam tells Thomas that he had no idea about the impromptu wedding that Brooke had planned and neither did Hope. Steffy says it turned out to be a good thing because it made here tell her secret. She says that was not how she wanted to do it but now they can move on with their lives and so can Hope.

Hope looks miserable as she tries to focus on work. Seeing her sadness, Oliver goes up to her and tells her not to feel like she is ever alone because she is not. Hope thanks Oliver for his concern and says that she wishes he could help her. Oliver says he thinks he can leaving her curious.

Thomas tells Liam that he has never been his biggest fan nor thought he was good for his sister but says now that this baby is coming he wants to put all that behind them. He says he can tell he makes Steffy happy and that tells him that this is how it should be. Steffy looks overjoyed.

Brooke finally sees Taylor in Eric’s bedroom when he comes out and immediately expresses anger. She cries out saying, “you have got to be kidding me!” leaving Taylor to look at her with annoyed eyes. Liam tells Thomas that he is committed to Steffy and committed to being a father. Steffy says she guesses she should have told him about the baby before. She says though that she just had to know it was more. Liam says it is before he receives a message from work and leaves to do reading for his meeting tomorrow. Steffy uses this opportunity to catch up with her brother. Both Steffy and Thomas agree that Liam made the right choice by choosing her and not Hope.

Oliver tells Hope there is something he wants to tell her that he’s been wanting to for a long time. Hope says she really wants to be alone right now and asks if it can be saved for another day but Oliver says it won’t take long and then he’ll leave her alone if that is what she still wants after he is done. Hope looks at Oliver curiously.

Steffy asks Thomas if he is ready to be an uncle. Thomas says sure all he has to do is spoil the kid but Steffy tells him he is going to have to be a role model. Thomas says okay just don’t ask him to baby-sit though. Steffy says no her mother will be all over that. The conversation shifts to Taylor and Eric’s relationship and Steffy asks Thomas if he thinks it’s weird since Eric just lost his wife. Thomas says it is not weird. He says he thinks it’s great for both his mom and Eric. Thomas says that they will be quite the match.

Brooke expresses surprise, shock and disgust at Eric and Taylor being together. She asks them what they are thinking here and immediately begins to lecture Taylor. Taylor tells her that she should leave but Brooke continues to shame them both by telling them they are disrespecting Stephanie. Eric gets angry and tells Brooke not to judge him and not to question what he is feeling. Brooke starts saying that Taylor is using Eric and yells at Taylor for using Eric. She tells Eric Taylor is after his shares and how she’s trying to get revenge for the Logans always winning. Taylor starts to get angry at Brooke’s rant and interruption and tells her that she’s once again being narcissistic as this has nothing to do with her or her family. Eric stands up for Taylor and himself when he tells Brooke that he’s sorry she thinks he’s moving on too soon but he knew Stephanie and she would be the first person who would want him to move on quickly. He tells her Taylor is helping him do that and Brooke looks as if she’s losing control on everything.

Hope tells Oliver that she does not want him to feel pressured to make her happy but Oliver tells her he has been wanting to do this for a long time now. He shows her that he has had the Chinese symbol for her name tattooed on his foot. Hope ends up smiling and getting happy and Oliver says he guesses he can cancel that appointment to get it removed then, at least just for now. Watching her smiling he tells her that he’s just glad it made her smile. Hope looks happy as she looks back at him.

Steffy says that to be honest she thinks this is wonderful for their mother. Thomas says he thinks it’s wonderful for Eric too, being with someone like their mother. He says of course no one can ever replace Stephanie but admits that if anyone could ever come close it would be Taylor to which Steffy agrees. Steffy says she also can’t stop thinking about how irritated Brooke will be. Thomas asks if she really thinks so. Steffy says yes because despite the many times Brooke has attacked Taylor and ruined her relationships in this situation there is nothing she can do. She says she can just sit back and watch their mom become the Forrester matriarch.

Brooke continues to yell at Taylor and accuses her of hypocritical behavior for being in her underwear around Eric but Eric tells her that he gave it to her and asked her to put it on. Brooke tells Taylor that she is trying to take her place. Confused Taylor asks her what that means and Brooke tells her that Stephanie picked her to be the new matriarch of this family. Taylor says she doesn’t want to take that away from Brooke and this is not what this is about but Brooke continues to accuse her. Getting upset, Eric tells Brooke to just stop but Brooke doesn’t. Eric finally bursts out that he loves Taylor leaving Brooke to grow hysterical as she insists that he is just grieving. Taylor, finally having had enough tells Brooke that she hates her so much that she just never wants her to find any kind of happiness. She asks if it’s now her job to keep Eric from moving forward. Taylor tells her to stop being selfish and informs her that this is happening whether she likes it or not. After that Eric and Taylor share a tender look while Brooke looks rattled.

Hope looks at Oliver’s tattoo and says he’s had it all this time and he never told her. She asks him why and Oliver says he didn’t exactly want her to know. He says he actually had appointments made to get the tattoo removed and then something always came up. He says he eventually began to see it as a sign. Oliver tells Hope that he is not here to pressure her and he knows she needs time to process what happened with Liam. He says he just hopes that her knowing he still cares about her will help. Hope hugs Oliver and smiles as she holds him close to her looking grateful.

When Thomas questions Steffy about her main reason for liking their mom and Eric together being irritating Brooke, Steffy clarifies that that’s just an added bonus and the real thing is that she just hates seeing their mom alone. She says no one after their dad ever seemed to give her mother that excitement until now. Thomas says that Taylor was happy when Eric called her and Steffy says it is about time that some man gives their mother butterflies.

Brooke continues to badger Eric and says she is not going to leave here until he sees that Taylor is using him. She screams at Taylor that she is trying to take Stephanie’s place. Taylor cuts her off saying no that would be her since Stephanie decreed that as she told them. She tells Brooke to go do with that whatever she wants but not with them and not in this house. Taylor tells her that really she should be the last person to be calling this a seduction or a power play. Brooke refuses to listen to her and says she will be the voice of reason here and be Stephanie’s voice and rudely orders Taylor to get out.

Eric tells Brooke that Taylor is not leaving here. When Brooke tries to change his mind he says she is the one who is leaving. Brooke looks as if she’s been slapped in the face. Taylor says that Brooke is so used to getting her way, that she has wriggled her way through the Forrester family including Stephanie at the end and it finally looks like she has worn out her welcome. Taylor reminds her that Eric is the man of this house and this is his life and asks her why she doesn’t show him some respect and do what he said by leaving. Brooke looks at Eric in shock but he only looks at her expectantly. Finally Brooke leaves with tears in her eyes.

When Brooke leaves Taylor thanks Eric for standing up for her. Eric hugs Taylor and tells her he is not going to let Brooke talk to her like that. Taylor tells him that Brooke won’t be the only one if they continue bit Eric tells her there is no “if.” Eric tells her that Brooke seems to think she has some kind of mandate from Stephanie about who he should be with and how things should be, namely that he should have her by his side but he says she is wrong. He says the new matriarch of this family is Taylor not Brooke. Taylor looks stunned as Eric kisses her. When he pulls away, she smiles looking overwhelmed with joy as Eric hugs her. She looks at Stephanie’s portrait from over his shoulder and continues smiling in a happy way.

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