B&B Thursday Update 2/28/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/28/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Bill tells Brooke to ask Eric for a power position at Forrester. He tells her that Eric could use the help and that she could use the distraction. Brooke says that Hope could use a distraction right now. Bill tells Brooke that Liam and Steffy are a couple now and she just has to accept that. Brooke doesn’t give up and says she wonders if Liam and Steffy would be together if Steffy was not pregnant.

Steffy tells Liam she just officially listed her condo and tells him how happy she is that he was there with her for her first ultrasound. She says it was something she really wanted for a while but didn’t want to trap him. Liam asks Steffy if he’s giving her the impression that he feels trapped. Steffy says she hopes he won’t. Liam tells her he told her this is where he is supposed to be: with her and their baby. Steffy tells Liam that she wants to be with him if he wants her. Hugging him she says and now she does know that. Liam looks a little lost for a moment before he smiles and hugs her back.

Eric tells Taylor she’s absolutely glowing. Taylor says she has no idea how this day could possibly get any better. Eric says he wasn’t sure she’d be okay with a date because she had such a stressful day but Taylor says it turned out wonderful. She says Liam and Steffy are together and she’s going to be a grandmother. Eric says the most beautiful grandmother in the world making Taylor smile.

Brooke asks Bill if he really thinks Eric can use her. She says her confidence level has taken a hit today with how things turned out for her daughter. Bill reminds Brooke that she is both beautiful and has been very financially profitable for Eric and Forrester. Brooke agrees that Eric and her have always worked well together and that Stephanie would approve of this as well. Bill finally convinces Brooke to go see Eric.

Taylor and Eric talk about Stephanie. Taylor says Stephanie did end up choosing Brooke in the end but Eric tells her that is not how it was. He says Stephanie just had unfinished business with Brooke and tells her that Stephanie wants him to move on with his life. He says and with who better than her to do that with. Taylor smiles as Eric kisses her forehead.

Steffy and Liam talk about Steffy’s cravings and Steffy jokingly says that she’ll be making him take midnight trips to the deli. Liam laughs and Steffy asks him if he’s scared. Liam turns around and asks her if she’s scared about this at all and she tells him she was until today. She says now she feels safe. Liam tells her that is good as that is how she should feel. They share a kiss.

Eric starts his date with Taylor as they sit down to their candlelight dinner. Eric asks Taylor what she would like to drink and she tells him sparkling water. She asks Eric if she’s not going to have his usual martini. Eric tells her that was his routine with Stephanie, it‘s time to let that go. Taylor smiles at him and soon Eric says again that she is glowing. Smiling, Taylor says she thinks it’s because of the lovely dress she is wearing that was designed by Thomas. She says she is glowing with pride but says then again the fact that she is here tonight with him may have something to do with it. Eric smiles and ask how Liam took the news of the baby. Taylor tells him that she knows Liam loves Steffy and that they are going to have the most wonderful family. Eric says it’s been quite a day and Taylor agrees before saying and now this date with him, it’s the perfect ending. Eric says it’s not ever yet and pulls Taylor up to dance with him.

Steffy says it’s their first night together as a family and asks Liam if he’s still a little overwhelmed. Liam says a little but he’s sure when she wakes him up at three in the morning to make her peanut butter sandwiches reality will kick in. They share a laugh before Bill comes riding through the door on a kid’s motorcycle congratulating them on the fact that they are going to be parents. Bill excitedly says that the minute that baby comes out they are going to introduce him to the wonderful world of dirt bike racing which he knows his mother, Steffy appreciates as she is into that sport. Bill tells Liam that he is so proud of him before turning to Steffy and telling her that she never looked more beautiful. Steffy smiles as Bill says to look at her as she has a new Spencer growing inside her right now.

Liam asks his dad what is going on with him and Bill says he’s excited and thrilled. Steffy notices the huge bag he brought them and asks what it is. Bill reveals that he brought them tones of gifts for the baby. Liam asks if this isn’t a bit much but Bill says he is going to be a granddad and here he never thought he’d even be a father. Liam asks his dad how he found out and Bill tells them through Taylor. He pulls Steffy aside and gives her a hug and asks her how she is. Steffy says she’s good and he asks her if she’s resting and eating well. Liam says Steffy is fine and Bill warns that she better stay fine and tells him to take good care of her. Bill tells them he talked to Brooke recently and says she is taking this rather well. Steffy and Liam are surprised to hear that, but Bill tells them she will be fine and so will Hope. He tells them in fact that Brooke is going to see Eric right now and he thinks that will raise her spirits.

Eric tells Taylor that she is just so beautiful. Taylor smiles and tells him she can’t tell him how much it means to her to have him here to support her and be there for her. Taylor tells him she thinks of him as so much more than a friend. Eric asks her how she thinks of him and Taylor says she doesn’t want to get too ahead of herself. Eric reminds her that some years back there was an attraction between them. Taylor tells him that she always thought that Stephanie was the luckiest woman alive to have him. Eric says and yet he is alone now and so is she. Taylor says so she’s here to keep him from being bored but Eric says no.

Eric tells Taylor that she is here for so much more than that. He tells her that when he kissed her that day something changed. He says he would never want to pressure her but Taylor tells him she has not felt this way in a long time. She says this feels good and Eric smiles in happiness at her words.

Bill looks at the ultrasound picture and says that is one good-looking kid. He says it looks just like him. Liam says it could be a girl but Bill says it will still look like him. Bill bonds with his son and Steffy and tells them he knows they will both make excellent parents. He says he has every faith in them. The trio share a group hug and Bill looks happier than ever.

Brooke’s voice from outside the bedroom door interrupts an intimate moment between Eric and Taylor. Eric and Taylor look worried as they realize Brooke is about to find out about their seeing each other as she turns the door handle to come inside.

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