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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/28/13


Written By Wanda
Pictures By Juanita

Bill tries to convince Brooke that going to Eric is just what they both need. He is trying to run the company with a couple of young, wet-behind-the-ears kids. They don’t have her experience. She agrees with that, but says they aren’t exactly kids. He points out she could use the distraction. She adds so could Hope. He says great, then get Hope involved more with her Future line. When he sees that she is not exactly buying all of this, he says that she fought the good fight and he respects that but she’s got to let that go. Liam and Steffy are together. They are having a baby and they are a couple now. Brooke needs to accept that.

Steffy tells Liam that it is official now; she has listed her condo. She wouldn’t have dreamed of that a few months ago, but now this place is their home. He reminds her again that he does not feel trapped. This is where he is supposed to be. “You and me and baby makes three.”

Eric opines to Taylor that she is absolutely glowing. That doesn’t surprise her; it’s been that kind of day the way it turned out. And here she is with him. He says well he wasn’t sure that she’d want to come over after all that had happened. He tells her that she is going to be the most beautiful grandmother in the world. They hug.

Liam recollects that it has been a rather weird day, finding out about the baby and then seeing Brooke and Father Fontana setting up for a wedding. Steffy says she has to admire her some for that; she sure knows what she wants and goes after it. Kinda makes you wonder what she may set her sights on next.

Brooke tells Bill that her confidence level really took a nosedive today so she’s not so sure about going to Eric. He points out there is BeLieF, the men’s line, Brooke’s Bedroom; she’s money, Ka-ching, and Eric knows this and would be happy to have her more involved. Plus there is always the eye-candy factor. He’s sitting there all alone is that old mausoleum. Brooke points out that he is mourning his dead wife. Bill says he will get over that the second that she hits his front door. He owns a piece of that company so of course this would be good for him too. Brooke admits that she and Eric always worked good together, and she doesn’t think Stephanie would object.

Eric and Taylor look at the huge portrait of Stephanie and she says maybe they should run; it did come crashing down once before so you never know. He says maybe she was making some sort of statement. She had some unfinished business with Brooke and she wants Eric to get on with his life. And who better than with Taylor. He kisses her on the forehead.

Steffy brings in a big bowl of strawberries and says they have folic acid which is good for the baby. Liam asks what else is she supposed to be eating. She replies a lot of leafy, green vegetables, fruits and a lot of trips to the 24 hour deli. That craving thing must really be true. She asks if he is gonna be scared. He asks if she is. She says she was until today, but not any more. She feels safe and very protected. He says good because she is. Suddenly she says she thinks she is getting another craving. He wants to know for what. She leans over and kisses him and cuddles on his shoulder.

Brooke tells Bill that she is fine and she knows he must want to go see his son. He says there is time for that. He mainly wants to know if she is going to go see Eric…..and do it tonight. She says maybe, she’s not sure yet. It takes a little more convincing but finally she says she will.

Eric has an elegant table catered with all the accruements of roses everywhere, candles glowing and he pulls out the chair for Taylor to sit at the table before the fireplace. He offers her a drink and she notices it is not martinis which is his usual. He says no that was his routine with Stephanie, but it’s time to let that go. He tells her again that she is glowing. She thinks it might be the lovely dress that Thomas designed for her. She does feel like she is glowing with pride. But adds…..then again it might be because she is with Eric. She gushes that it’s been quite a day.....yes Liam was originally caught off guard, but they are going to make a wonderful family. She got to see the first ultrasound and the baby is healthy. Liam and Steffy are back together and happy, so yes, it’s been quite the day….and now this, the perfect ending. Eric says it’s not over yet. He stands up, holds out his hand and she takes it and he guides her into a slow dance.

Steffy and Liam are on the couch, still talking about their first night as a family. He makes a joke about a 3 a.m. peanut butter and banana sandwich. The front door pops open and in Bill comes riding on a dirt bike. Liam wants to know what the hell is that. Bill has balloons, cigars, pink and blue that he sticks in Liam’s mouth and a sack full of goodies. He says there is a ton more coming so this is just a tiny start. He starts dragging them out, some onesies, bottles, bouncers. He’s so excited to actually be a grandpa. He never thought he’d have Liam and now he’s going to be a granddad. They will simply have to excuse him for being so over the top. He tells Liam as soon as that little thing pops out, he’s going to turn him into a dirt bike rider, there’s the dirt-bike mama and he does mean mama. She’s never looked lovelier. He gives her a big hug and then goes into a litany of questions of how she is eating and getting enough rest. He cautions Liam to take really good care of her. This is really good stuff. She has a new generation of Spencer in there. He tells them that he heard from Taylor who is thrilled, of course, but also from Brooke who is handling things pretty well. The Logans will land on their feet. As a matter of fact, Brooke is on her way to see Eric now and he thinks that will lift her spirits.

Taylor tells Eric that the dinner is delicious; the chicken cordon bleu is to die for. He stares for a moment and tells her that she is so beautiful. She replies that he can’t possibly know how much it means for him to be there and support her. She says she thinks of him as so much more than a friend. He reminds her that a few years back there was a serious attraction between the two of them. She says yes and it was only out of her respect for Stephanie …she always thought she was the luckiest woman in the world to have him. He adds, but now here they are…..her alone in her house and he alone in his. She perks up and says oh, so now she knows why she is here to keep him from being bored. He says no, it’s much more than that. When he kissed her the other day something happened, something changed and he would never presume or put pressure on her. She says she hasn’t felt this way in a long, long time and it feels good.

Bill holds the ultrasound print and says this is one good looking kid. He looks just like his granddad. Girl or a boy, he still looks like his granddad. He wants to know again if Steffy is taking her vitamins and does she like her Dr. Caspary as he can fly in the best doctors in the world for her. Steffy says she likes her doctor just fine. Liam tells Bill not to try to micromanage, it always gets him in trouble. Bill agrees that he makes a fine point there. It is Liam’s time to shine now. And he knows that he will. He hopes he does understand the importance of this. It’s more than being a father. It will mean a new bond between them. He and Liam will be the first hands-on fathers in this family. He knows they both will make an exceptional mother and father; group hug.

Taylor goes upstairs to find Eric who had left her alone downstairs with her coffee. She asks if everything is all right and he says he was getting something prepared for her and invites her into his bedroom. One look around and it’s pretty obvious what his intentions are – roses everywhere, candles softly burning, the bed covers turned down, everything to perfection.

Brooke lets herself in the front door of Eric’s home with a key. Eric brings out a FC garment bag and asks Taylor if she’d like to see it. Of course she would, it’s a Forrester Original. He unzips the bag and reveals a gorgeous black and dark emerald green sexy nightgown and matching robe. She tells him that it is exquisite and asks what his inspiration was. He can’t believe she actually has to ask that. He asks if she will try it on for him. She takes it and excuses herself. Brooke comes on in and looks around. She spies the place settings and then glances up at the portrait of Stephanie. Eric slips into his luxurious robe. He admires Taylor as she emerges sans the robe and shows a little leg. He caresses her hair and gives her a kiss. Brooke has found her way upstairs and follows the soft music to his room where the door is closed. She calls out his name and both Taylor and Eric are shocked. They watch in horror as the door handle turns.

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