B&B Wednesday Update 2/27/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/27/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill acknowledges the hurt Brooke is having for Hope and offers anything that he can do.

Thomas tells Taylor that he is trying to become the next president as things always change. Taylor explains that Steffy is pregnant.

Steffy says that Liam has no food in his kitchen and starts to throw the food he does have at her. Steffy pretends to throw and egg and then the two joke and they kiss each other. The egg smashes into both of them.

Bill understands that Brooke was hoping for more for Hope but that it is never going to happen. Brooke thinks that Liam was ready to commit to Hope today but that Steffy went and ruined it.

Eric settles down when he gets home and gets a letter from Pam saying that she will be back tomorrow after her knitting class. Eric makes himself a martini.

Thomas is shocked that Steffy is pregnant. Taylor tells him that it was not planned but that Liam and Steffy are going to raise him at the beach house.

Steffy tells Liam that she will miss wearing this shirt when she starts to show. Liam jokes about the cravings that Steffy will be having. Steffy explains that he better not be joking because she is going to have some weird cravings. Liam and Steffy eat an anchovy pizza for the baby. Steffy explains that the two are going to eat healthy.

Taylor tells Thomas that there is more to talk about. Taylor gets a call from Eric and says she was thinking of him. Eric asks if Steffy was able to get to the wedding on time and that Taylor should come over to have dinner. Thomas knows that Taylor likes someone and wants to know who. Taylor holds up a picture of Eric.

Bill says that Brooke may have had good intentions but wonders what if Steffy did not show up and that the baby would still have happened either way. Brooke knows that if it were to have been a few minutes longer that Liam would have wanted to marry her. Bill explains that Liam would still want the baby over Hope.

Liam explains that they have a few months to name the baby but what if the baby was a girl. Steffy says that there is one name that she does not want. Steffy explains that she knows Liam cares for Hope but that they have the baby now.

Bill thinks that this baby is a new start for everyone. Brooke does not think that Hope thought this was how her life would be. Bill thinks that he will be the youngest grandpa in the world. Bill explains that Brooke should go to Eric and talk to him about running the company together as co CEO’s.

Eric pays caterers and then turns on music and lights candles. Eric looks up at the picture of Stephanie and smiles.

Taylor explains that she did not expect this to happen with Eric. Thomas says that he is happy for her. Taylor hopes that this means that Thomas is happy for her. Thomas goes to get a dress he designed that would be perfect for tonight.

Brooke does not want to be the CEO when Rick wants to be it one day. Bill thinks that she needs it right now. Bill also feels that Brooke was what made the company what it is today and that Brooke needs to go there tonight and tell Eric that he will have too.

Eric compliments the dress that Thomas designed and shocked that Thomas took it well. Taylor looks at the table and thinks that this will be a wonderful evening for Steffy. Eric thinks this will be a wonderful wedding for her as well.

Liam looks at a website and is worried that he could get a hysterical pregnancy. Steffy is happy that she knows what the future will be and she loves him and their baby so much. The two start to kiss and then Liam puts a blanket over Steffy and they hold each other. Liam holds her stomach again and smiles. Steffy smiles.

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