B&B Tuesday Update 2/26/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/26/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam explains to Brooke, Steffy, and Taylor that Hope is gone and that he just let her go. Steffy hugs Liam when Brooke runs out. Taylor tells Liam that he made the right choice and leaves as well.

Hope sits in her car and sits crying. Brooke runs in and hugs Hope. Hope explains that the baby comes first. Brooke explains that they do not have to be together in order to be active in the child’s life. Hope understands and Steffy knows too but that it does not matter because Liam chose Steffy.

Bill thinks about his time with Brooke and kissing her. Taylor walks in to his office and congratulates him for the baby that Liam made with Steffy.

Liam is shocked over the baby and wonders if Steffy is happy with the baby. Steffy says she is but wonders about Liam. Liam says he is very happy just trying to let it all think in. Liam asks to put his hand on Steffy’s stomach. Steffy puts his hand on her stomach and Liam looks at Steffy and says they are having a baby.

Bill wonders how many opinions Taylor will have over the baby. Taylor says that she will. Bill explains that she will not have any way of getting her way. Taylor understands and explains how Liam chose the baby and Steffy after Brooke sabotaged Liam with a wedding.

Liam cannot believe that a baby is actually coming. Steffy wants to see Liam hold the baby but tells him that he does not have to stay with her if he wants Hope and he can still raise the baby.

Hope wants to be happy for Liam because he is going to be such a great dad but she is having trouble. She believes that she should be having his baby and now it all feels like a dream she had once. Hope never feels that her feelings changed but that it was always someone else who put them in the way. Brooke wonders why Liam would not chose Hope then because he was ready to commit to her five minutes before. Hope does not know. Hope then decides that she did see love but it no longer matters because Steffy is pregnant with his baby. Brooke explains that she knows how Hope feels because she has been in the same situation but that this could all just be an obstacle to work around. Hope knows that the bond she has with Liam is so much stronger than Steffy but Liam wants her now. Brooke says she will always have her support. Hope can’t believe that the Liam’s house is now the house that Steffy will raise a child. Brooke decides to take Hope home.

Bill explains that he does not dislike Hope but that she was not the right person for his son but now that she is out of the picture he can feel sorry for her. Bill cannot believe that a few years ago he was a bachelor and now he is a father of two and a grandfather with a wife. Taylor and Bill agree that children do not come with a manual and Taylor wonders if the children are ready to have children. Bill says he is late for a meeting but that they should have dinner. Taylor leaves.

Liam says that Steffy is having her baby and that the baby is going to have two parents living with each other. Steffy says she is ok with this but only if Liam is sure about this. Liam explains that he is.

Brooke drinks a glass of wine in the cabin. Bill finds Brooke and explains that Taylor told him. Brooke tells him that if he is here to gloat that he can leave. Bill says she knows that is not the case and that he is trying to be her friend. Bill thinks that Liam made the right choice but understands that Hope was hurt so he is there to help her through this.

Steffy asks if this is really happening. Steffy says that this is all she ever wanted and explains that it is meant to be. She believes that this would happen all along and that they would end up right here and it will be so good that they cannot even imagine. The two of them hug.

Hope fixes her make up but starts to cry on her bed.

Liam holds Steffy around her stomach and swings her back and forth kissing her.

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