B&B Monday Update 2/25/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/25/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam thinks that Steffy’s reasons make sense. Liam also explains that he did not chose that wedding that Brooke set up. Hope did not want the wedding until Liam appeared to like it.

Taylor decides that she is going to go out there. Brooke and Steffy stop Taylor. Brooke explains to Taylor that Hope needs to be able to talk to Liam about what Steffy has dropped on all of them. Steffy explains she would not have done it if Brooke did not decide to play wedding planner again.

Rick explains he does not know the soup for the day. Maya explains that she is not hungry but wonders why Rick does not know the specials. Rick tells her that she just started today. Maya decides to ask for some hard boiled eggs. Rick says with a smile that he will be right back. Maya peels the egg and Rick asks if there is a right way to peel a hardboiled egg. Maya believes that Rick was raised by a single mother because he does not know how to do such a simple thing. Rick explains that he is going on break but that he was wondering if Maya could show him how to unpeel it.

Brooke tells Steffy that Liam wants to finish things with Hope. Brooke also explains that Liam was tricked by three different people. Taylor feels that Hope has a serious issue because she lets her dignity in the way and lets doors close on her.

Liam thinks that marriage has been a curse for them. Hope agrees. Liam does not think anything will fix it. Hope just wants Liam to forget about both of them and think about what he wants not about anyone else and what they want. Hope thinks that this should be a simple answer.

Maya thinks that she should have done more in life because she was the smartest and talented girl in her school and that everyone thought that she could make it. Rick says he would hire her.

Steffy says that Brooke should be a wedding planner. Brooke knows that someone was going to say that. Taylor wonders why Brooke has been married so many times. Brooke explains that her and Ridge were together for a very long time. Taylor think that Brooke thinks she was just an obstacle in her game with Ridge. Steffy says it is Brooke’s fault that Hope is the way she is.

Hope wants Liam to have the life he wants. Hope tells Liam to tell her the life she wants. Liam does not know if he can ever have that because he will have to settle. Hope explains that he does not have to have that. Hope tells him that they can still have everything they wanted. Hope hopes that Liam can believe that as well.

Rick is scolded at for not working. Maya explains that she is able to pay for her meal and wonders if Rick is an actor. Rick tells Maya that he is not but that Maya is and has loved spending the last fifteen minutes with her.

Steffy thinks that it is obsessive that Brooke is so involved in Hope’s happiness. Brooke wonders about Steffy and her pregnancy. Taylor does agree that Steffy should have told Liam when it first happened. Brooke explains that she did not know about the pregnancy when she planned all this.

Liam tells Hope that he loves all the time that he has spent with Hope. He always explains that what he wants to be is be the man that Hope sees when he is in front of her and that man would not leave a child that is his. Hope starts to cry.

Rick tells Maya she better not be leaving without saying good bye. Maya explains that she is trying to let Rick work because he is busy. Rick sees the large tip that Maya gave him. Maya tells him to say thank you and that it is possible she may be back.

Brooke is shocked to find out that Eric and Taylor are getting closer. Brooke thinks that she has given so much more to FC than anyone. Taylor tells Brooke she does not want her job. Steffy decides to leave.

Hope runs away from Liam and explains that she is done. Liam explains that he wants to be there for his baby. Liam explains that he should have been married to her but that this cannot be undone. Hope knows that Steffy loves him but that no one will ever love him the same way that she does. Liam kisses Hope. Hope lets go and runs away. Liam looks as Hope runs off and sheds a tear.

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