B&B Friday Update 2/22/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/22/13


Written By Wanda
Pictures By Juanita

Hope walks back inside the house and informs Steffy that she is not going to let her make Liam feel trapped. Steffy counters with their baby, a human life, is not a trap. And just what happened to giving Liam space and letting him figure out what to do. Perhaps Hope was afraid he would pick Steffy after all. Hope says no and they already said their vows in Italy. Even Father Fontana said in his eyes they were still married. All her mother wanted them to do was make them remember and make it official. She turns to Liam and says they still can.

Taylor tells Brooke that she should have stopped her daughter from going out there. Brooke says she had every right to speak with Steffy since this pregnancy will affect them all. She adds that she is proud of Hope for standing up to Steffy; bet Taylor thought she would run away again. Taylor snips that no, she’s not surprised that she would interfere in another’s family. Hope learned everything from her mother.

At Dayzee’s, Caroline relays to Rick that she doesn’t want to give him the wrong impression….she would love to come in here and volunteer some day. He says there is no time like the present. She says it’s just that she really doesn’t like surprises. He had told her they were going to lunch and she really was looking forward to time with him alone, a little romance. Another volunteer yells that they are short on bussers today so Rick says fine they will start there. Caroline steps in something with her heels and is perturbed. Rick says it’s either soup or some chili but they’ll get it cleaned. She can barely hold her tongue and quietly tries to say that she doesn’t like being blindsided. She will gladly do this another day, but just not right now.

Hope tells Liam that this does not have to change who they are. Steffy adds but it does change what they are – parents and she did not want to tell Liam this way (then why did she?) as she did not want to influence his decision (which is exactly what she is trying to do now – pick her!)

Rick tells Caroline that he is sorry. He didn’t mean to make it sound like some romantic surprise. He promises he will make it up to her. He just wants her to look around at all the hungry people. Some can not pay, but they can eat. A lot of the people working are just volunteers and the money goes right back into the community. That’s why they are here, to keep Dayzee’s going.

Caroline agrees that it is important, but she is not dressed for this. She can’t wait tables in these heels and she would have done something different with her hair. She adds they were supposed to get sushi….and somebody here hasn’t bathed in a while. She says again that she’d really like to do this with him someday, but meanwhile a little dating advice – give a girl a little advance notice. He’s about to follow her when Anthony spots Maya coming in the door and asks Rick to please wait on her. Rick looks her over with interest and welcomes her to Dayzee’s and asks what he can get for her. She starts with coffee.

Hope tells Steffy and Liam that they are bonded now, for life. That’s really hard for her to accept, but she tells Liam they can handle this. They’ve done this before and they are different people now and they don’t have to let this pregnancy interfere with what they can be. Liam tells her that it is different. He didn’t feel for Amber what he feels for Steffy. Hope reminds him that it is so convenient that all of a sudden Steffy is pregnant when she knows Liam knows the truth. Steffy scoffs that Hope wasn’t even in the picture when she got pregnant. She doesn’t know what goes on in that brain of hers, but she could not have anticipated Liam would find out about a lie that even she did not know about. She also thought they were being careful. Liam says that wasn’t all on Steffy; it was his responsibility too. Steffy argues that Liam already told her the truth; Hope just did not believe him so he moved on. Now her big brother has finally fessed up and she expects everything to just fall in place for her. Liam asks Steffy if he can have a moment alone with Hope.

Brooke tells Taylor that she understands why she would want things to work out for Steffy. She does think that Liam and Steffy would make great parents, but an unhappy marriage is not good for a baby. Steffy walks in and says what unhappy marriage. She assures Brooke that she is not going to pressure Liam in any way (heard that before). Taylor wonders what it means that Liam wants to speak to Hope alone.

Seeing her face, Liam asks Hope if she is okay. She says no. Liam says he’s not sure how he feels either. Hope is not sure what she is supposed to be feeling. Steffy has this way of being so good at making things seem innocent whether it’s keeping them apart in Mexico or trapping her in a gondola….or getting pregnant. She smiles at him and he can’t see the truth. Just please tell her that it’s not going to be like that this time.

Anthony tells Maya that they have plenty to eat here too and she might want to look at the menu while she waits for her coffee. He’s seen her a couple of times before. He introduces himself and she tells him that she is Maya, a friend of Dayzee’s. He says any friend of Dayzee’s is a friend of his, too. He doesn’t know if she knows of their policy, but it’s just pay what she can. She covers by saying she can pay, but that she is between jobs right now. She’s an actress. Academy Awards winner will be written on her tombstone one day, even a Tony winner too. She can sing and dance. She’ll get discovered one of these days. Anthony says that can be right now. Yu never know when some big Hollywood producer will walk through those doors. He says he plays the guitar in there all the time so she can get up and sing. Dayzee would encourage that. She sees that he is serious. He goes to the mike and introduces Maya. She says okay, that she would sing a little song to brighten their day. Rick is mesmerized and can’t take his eyes off of her.

Steffy tells Brooke that she wishes she hadn’t forced this elopement. She wanted to tell Liam in her own time. Brooke admits that she did not know that Steffy was pregnant, but that wouldn’t have changed anything. Deep down Steffy knows that Liam wants to be with Hope. Liam will be there for Steffy, but it will be with Hope at his side.

Hope tells Liam that her head is spinning right now and this is a lot to handle. She can not even imagine what he is feeling. But she begs him not to get tricked into something that he’s not ready for. Steffy says she is different and this wasn’t planned but……but everything seems to be very calculated now and a way to get him back. It sounds noble the way he defends Steffy and makes him admire her. Hope knows he was ready to say yes to their vows until Steffy came charging in here because letting him make up his mind was backfiring on her. She knows he doesn’t want to hear this, but maybe it’s possible that Steffy never intended to let him to make up his mind. She was only guiding him and letting him have compassion and secretly holding onto that golden ticket for her to use whenever she needed it. She points out that she is not saying this to be cruel. She knows Liam cares about her and that she is the mother of his baby but he needs to consider this before he decides what is best for them. He gives her a big hug.

Anthony thanks Maya and says with a voice like that he hopes she will do this regularly. Rick follows Maya back to her table and says she was incredible. He introduces himself and says it is great to meet her.

Taylor remarks that she knows Brooke feels confident. She knows that Liam and Hope’s multiple attempts to get married sort of means they are destined, but it also means that it’s a failure, a bad match, like they can’t quite get it together. Brooke says only because they haven’t had a chance. That is what today was about, a fresh start without all the interference. Steffy says yes they were lied to and that wasn’t fair, but they shouldn’t have any more chances. It doesn’t erase anything and they will not get back together the way they were. Brooke agrees that it will be complicated as the three of them will always be tied together somehow. But they can be together if that is what Liam wants and she believes it is.

Hope goes on to Liam that she understands that he wants to trust Steffy; that he wants to believe the best in her, but she has seen her manipulations too many times so she has a little different perspective. He tries to defend Steffy again saying that she has changed. Hope says she is exactly the same. He doesn’t believe she lies any more. Hope says keeping secrets is a lie. She knew his dad was up to something in Italy and said nothing. And now with this pregnancy…..she knew about it and said nothing until now. She is only truthful when it benefits her. And if not, then she just waits it out. Hope does not want that for him. She doesn’t want him to always wonder what he doesn’t know. Liam tries to explain that both of them grew up without a father. She says it would not be that way. He would love this baby and he would be there for it for everything. She just wants him to remember what he was feeling outside before Steffy arrived with her news. He simply can’t let Steffy manipulate him into changing his mind. She knows this is hard to hear, but Steffy knew just how to play this. She says he can love this child….he can commit to this child but that they can find a way to be together and commit to each other. He does not have to commit himself to Steffy. Please do not let her do this….do not let her take him away.

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