B&B Thursday Update 2/21/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/21/13


Written By Wanda
Pictures By Juanita

The wedding guests, Father Fontana and Brooke, lean in and Hope asks Liam what was it that Steffy said. She looks around to her mother who nods yes, so Steffy says she is pregnant. Everyone gasps.

Eric and Rick are working closely with a male model who is fitted in one of their signature suits. Rick has paid immaculate attention to every little detail ~ the fold of the handkerchief, the contrasting colors with the tie, the tasteful way he highlights the cufflinks and the monogram, something that their clientele expects from the Forrester men’s line. Eric seems distracted and all he says that it is nice. Rick dismisses the model and tells his granddad that was embarrassing. Here he was going on about re-doing Thomas’s designs and it looks like Rick came up short too. Eric assures him that it was very nice and traditional; something he would have done himself with the satin stitching. Rick senses Eric may be thinking of Steffy since he saw Madison as she was leaving Eric’s office; said it had something to do with Steffy. He knows she is no happier than Thomas and Taylor how the Logans are front and center at Forrester. Eric says he thinks he has fixed that at least for the time being. Rick says yeah by giving Thomas VP. Eric knows Rick is not happy about this either, but that’s the way it is going to be. Rick says he won’t mention it again.

Brooke rages at Steffy that there must not be anything she won’t do to keep Hope and Liam apart. Taylor tells Brooke to stay out of this. Brooke can’t believe that Steffy expects them to believe that she is actually pregnant. Taylor shuts Brooke up by saying they just came from the doctor’s office where Steffy had her first ultrasound. Speechless Liam take a deep breath as Steffy tells him aloud that she is having his baby. She’d like to talk with him alone inside.

Rick keeps getting phone calls and being called away, but he asks his dad what was he gonna tell him. Eric says just that he is doing a wonderful job as President of the company and he’s very proud of him. But running a company is not the only thing he can do. He informs him that he’s signed Rick up for a couple of hours of community service at Dayzee’s. It can make a difference. Rick says yes, definitely they can all do it, just not today. He sees Eric’s face and says okay, Eric is right, it’s important. Caroline walks in and apologizes for interrupting, but says if they are going to get sushi and a long, romantic walk along the beach that he has been promising then they’d better get going.

Hope grumbles that she can’t believe they are going through this again. Taylor counters with that she can’t believe they are trying to pull what they did. She knows Brooke was behind this. Brooke adds that Hope and Liam are in love with each other and have repeatedly been robbed of that life together. Taylor asks Brooke if she has any shame…… re-creating a re-do of Italy with the flags and the priest. A marriage should be sacred. Brooke shoots back that it is Steffy who has no shame, trying to trap Liam with a baby. She really has a lot of explaining to do. Hope adds that her mother has a point right now. Steffy has manipulated things several times before and if that is what she is doing now that Liam won’t stand for it.

Steffy tells Liam that she did not want to tell him this way, but then she did not expect a surprise elopement. Brooke wanted to make sure that he married Hope so she took no chances. But Steffy says they need to forget all of that. What matters now is that he is going to be a father. She goes into detail how she was on her way to Paris. They’d said their goodbyes. She suspected then she was pregnant so she stopped off at the drugstore and got a home pregnancy test. She can’t describe that feeling when she knew she was going to have his baby. She came back to tell him the incredible news, only to find him on the bed with Hope. The timing was wrong so she got on the plane and thought he’d get Hope out of his system. Obviously it didn’t work out that way. Then when she got back, he asked her to move out before she had a chance to tell him. She could not tell him about the baby then when he was trying to figure out what he wanted to do. She needs him to forgive her.

Caroline is all flirty with her hands all over Rick. She coos that she did not mean to run his father off. Rick tells her that she didn’t; he had other things to take care of. She says he is sexy and hopes he is as excited as she is. Rick says he definitely is getting there. She laughs and reminds him that she was talking about their plans. Rick drags his feet a little and she has to admonish him that he better not put her off again. He says no, but he does have a surprise for her. He won’t tell her what it is, but she has to follow him. It could change her life; it will change others.

Taylor tells Hope that she and Steffy have not done anything to manipulate her and Liam. But Brooke sees if differently and says Steffy’s behavior is beyond reproach. Taylor barks that Steffy did not get pregnant on purpose. No method of birth control is foolproof; they know that. Brooke tells her that she is not going to turn this back around to her or Hope. Liam knows in his heart that it is Hope he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Taylor counters with she is not sure about that, but things are different now. The baby changes everything.

Liam finally speaks. He tells Steffy that is not what was happening today when she says Brooke was strong-arming him. She says she knows he is a good guy and there is no way he would have let her walk out the door if he knew she was going to have a baby. She did not want to add to his concerns or put pressure on him to make a decision. She wanted him to pick her for her, not because she was going to have his baby. And as much as she already loves this baby, she had no intention of getting pregnant. She realizes there will be people who say that she trapped him and maybe the old Steffy would have, but she is not that woman now. She knows she should have been more careful and she will take full responsibility for this. Liam laments that they both should have been more careful. Now they have decisions to make. They have to decide what to do now.

Caroline doesn’t understand why Rick is bringing her to Dayzee’s. Maybe he’s there to drop something off. Slyly, he says no, they are there to pitch in. He will go get changed and she needs to get an apron. When she looks skeptical, he says they can do sushi anytime, but this is a real opportunity. People who are down on their luck can come here and get a meal for what they can afford to pay. She is shocked that they are volunteering. Rick says his dad sort of got on his case today that even hot-shot presidents of design houses have to help out when people are struggling. A lot of these people are homeless. She opines that she is sorry for that, but they can do this another time; they have plans. He says they are staying; she says no they are leaving.

Taylor asks Hope if she thinks that little of Liam that she thinks he would turn his back on his own child. Hope answers no, but he can be a loving father without marrying Steffy. Taylor says Steffy has known a while and she purposely didn’t tell Liam sooner so she would not sway his decision. Brooke says well it’s not going to now either. She may have stopped the ceremony now with her very dramatic announcement but……Taylor adds not like Brooke did when she stopped Taylor from marrying Ridge….but then Steffy didn’t have a horse this time. Hope says she’s heard enough. She’s going in to see Liam. Taylor warns her not to. This is something Liam needs to decide on his own. Steffy and Liam are making plans for their future and that doesn’t include Hope.

Steffy points out to Liam that he doesn’t have to make any big decisions right away. She is going to be pregnant a while. He smiles that she seems very happy about this. She says she wishes he could be too. He does say this baby was conceived in love, but he doesn’t know about him being a father. Steffy says she knows he will be; he’s wonderful with Will. He adds only because he knows what it was like growing up without a dad. He asks about the sonogram and she shows him. Once again he is speechless…..except for saying WOW. He stares at the print while Steffy says she knows this is happening very fast and she doesn’t want to pressure him in any way. She says she is committed to this baby and she hopes he is too. But if he goes through with this marriage to Hope, it might break her heart but she will survive. She will not be his obligation. They will raise the child and be good parents. The question is if they will do it together. Hope walks in and announces that she will not let this happen again. She calls out Liam’s name twice before he acknowledges her. He turns around but barely can look her in the eye.

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