B&B Wednesday Update 2/20/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/20/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke tells them that this brings it all back. Brooke explains to Liam this is his chance to give Hope all she was promised.

Taylor and Steffy race to Liam’s house and Steffy proclaims that Liam will not get married today.

Rick and Eric dress the models. Rick explains that Thomas keeps trying to move forward with his plans that he was supposed to stop with.

Taylor wonders if Liam said anything about this. Steffy explains that Liam would have told her about this beforehand.

Brooke wishes she could go back to the first wedding but she does not need to because she has this now. Hope and Liam both laugh at how much the two have been through.

Eric explains that he will talk to Thomas. Rick does not think that will help his relationship with Thomas at all.

Liam thinks that this is sweet of Brooke. Hope does not want to pressure Liam into a wedding. Brooke just thinks that this is natural. The priest thinks that the two are still husband and wife and that the two are only renewing their vows now.

Steffy thinks that she gave Hope too much room to breathe on him. Steffy thinks that she was meant to be with Liam after all that has happened.

Eric explains that he cannot force him to get along with Thomas. Rick feels that he is being looked at for leadership. Eric says so does he. Rick feels that this benefits nobody. Eric feels that Thomas belongs here. Rick explains that he understands but wonders how this will benefit in the long run. Someone comes in and explains that something is going on.

Hope understands what Brooke is doing but does not think that this can be rushed or pressured. Brooke thinks that this is the perfect time because the two are just as in love as they once were. Brooke explains she is proud to be her mother and have Hope as a daughter. Brooke tells Liam that he can have Hope support him. Brooke explains how much the two wanted to merry each other in Italy. Brooke has the priest start the wedding ceremony. The priest explains he wants to do this just because he came to see them. The priest believes that the two of them are meant to be husband and wife. The priest reminds the two of their vows. The two laugh over what they said. Brooke is happy that that she is finding her way back.

Steffy runs to the backyard.

Hope explains that they were not expecting this. Hope says she is through making plans and drawing maps for her life. She decides that she is ready to live her life with her. Hope is happy to put her wedding ring back on and gives it to Liam to put on her.

Steffy and Taylor bang on the front door.

Liam hesitates to put the ring on him.

Taylor spots the two in the back yard.

Liam puts on the ring but Steffy screams to stop.

The person explains to Eric that she accidently caused a problem with Hope and Liam’s elopement and telling Steffy. Eric is shocked and tells the girl she did the right thing.

Steffy asks if Liam is going to marry Hope. Steffy asks if this is what Liam wants. Steffy explains she needs to speak to him alone. Hope tells Steffy that there is nothing she can do to change this. Steffy whispers to Liam that she is pregnant. Liam looks at Hope not knowing what to do.

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