B&B Tuesday Update 2/19/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/19/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope starts to walk off to go see Brooke when Oliver comes back with more pictures. Hope explains that she has to leave and will reschedule.

Brooke wonders when Hope and Liam will get to the house. The priest wonders what Brooke will tell them when they both arrive. Brooke says she will tell them that they deserve to be together.

Liam drives home thinking about Steffy.

Steffy tells Taylor and her doctor that only Liam knows what he wants. Steffy tells everyone she will tell Liam by tomorrow. Steffy explains to the doctor about Hope. The doctor thinks that the baby should help him make a choice. Steffy does not want make Liam choose based on that. The doctor still thinks that Liam has the right to know.

The priest asks if Brooke is sure that this is what the two want. Brooke says yes but is keeping it a secret so Steffy does not try to intrude.

Hope tells Oliver to stop worrying as Brooke is a great mother. Hope starts to leave. Oliver tells Hope good luck before she leaves.

Liam calls Steffy from his car but gets her voice message but does not leave a message.

Steffy thinks that she is making the right choice. Steffy needs to know that Liam wants her without doing anything to force him into the marriage.

Liam calls Hope and gets the same thing happen to him.

Brooke looks at Hopes wedding picture. Brooke asks if the priest thinks that she is doing the right thing. The priest agrees if they really do love each other. Brooke hears a car pull up and Liam walks in. Liam spots the priest and wonders what he is doing there. Brooke says that she brought him. Liam still wonders why he is there. He says Gods work.

The doctor explains that the baby will sense that Steffy is not in the right state of mind. Steffy explains that she is thrilled about the baby but that she does not know how Liam will react. Steffy does not want Liam to feel trapped because he feels he has to be with Steffy for the baby.

Liam explains he would love to show the priest around LA. He explains that he will not have that much time. Liam asks how Brooke got into the house. Brooke explains that she used Hopes key. Brooke goes into the other room. The priest talks about Liam and Hopes wedding how much of a wonderful day it was for the two of them. He explains that Hope and Liam shared a true gift and that it is a shame that they are apart. Liam explains that there is another woman involved and that the two also share something special.

Steffy has her first ultra sound. Taylor is excited. Steffy looks at the screen and sees the baby moving around. Steffy gets emotional and says it is there baby.

The priest does not know about Steffy but explains that there are probably reasons why they are divorced. Liam explains that it was bad timing and bad luck. The priest tells him that he is meant to be with Hope and he does not see him having that connection with anyone but Hope.

The doctor tells Steffy she should be ok. Steffy is mesmerized by the ultra sound picture. Steffy explains she never knew she could feel this way for anyone. Taylor explains that Liam needs to be here with her. Taylor tells Steffy to go tell Liam he is the father.

Liam thanks the priest. Hope walks in and says that it is nice to see the priest.

Steffy gets a phone call and is told that Liam and Hope are all together with the priest from Italy. Steffy hangs up the phone and starts to run.

Brooke explains that the priest is here to help remind them of the wedding and what the life they should have. Brooke takes them all outside and shows her recreation of the wedding. Hope and Liam smile. Liam and Hope figure out what is going on.

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