B&B Monday Update 2/18/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/18/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke explains to the priest that she barrowed Hopes key to get into Liam’s house and that everyone has to be surprised.

Hope tells Oliver that the pictures for the shoot look great.

Steffy tells her assistant what to do and then Taylor walks in asking how she is doing. Steffy says she is doing well. Taylor wants to know why Steffy still has not told Liam because it will be the only way for them to get back together.

Rick talks to Liam about the conversation they had a few days ago. Liam explains that he understands that if Rick does not want to welcome him into the family that it is fine. Rick tells him that he actually just wants to reinforce it. Rick thinks that Liam and Hope are really good for each other. Liam thanks him but does not know if he is right for Hope anymore. Liam explains that he never really had a girlfriend before Hope. Rick tells him that now he can only have one. Rick believes that Liam is doing the right thing thinking about his options.

Steffy does not want to be married because Liam knows Steffy is pregnant. Steffy thinks that giving Liam space is a good thing. Taylor is afraid she will lose more people if she is not with Liam.

Olive explains that he does not like to see Hope go through things that she has gone through. Hope says thank you. Olive thinks that Hope is different than what she used to be like. Hope agrees. Hope explains that Liam will have to make a choice with who he chooses and she thinks she knows Liam will choose her.

Liam believes that he does not take Hope for granted but he has both Hope and Steffy to deal with. Rick agrees that Steffy is a great person too. Liam knows that he could have been happily married with Hope if things did not happen but then there is Steffy as well. Rick admits that Liam has a big choice to make and that he needs to think about the long run of things.

Taylor feels that Hope has turned into a home wrecker just like her mother. Steffy decides she is going to end the game for her child.

Hope explains that she wants to be with Liam. Oliver tells her to go for it then. Hope thanks Oliver for this and tells him that he is one of her best friends.

Liam knows what Rick is trying to do but that it is his life. Rick explains that it is also his sister’s life. Liam knows this. Rick knows that it is his fault that Liam is not with his sister and he has to do something about it. Rick knows that when Liam was not with Steffy he wanted to be with Steffy. Rick knows that he cares about Steffy but that he will never choose her first and Liam knows that.

Hope knows that you cannot always rely on someone else. Olive is happy to hear Hope say that. Hope is a bit afraid of how things are working out. Hope really feels that she should be with Liam. Oliver thinks that Hope should push a little because Steffy will.

Taylor is amazed by the woman that Steffy has become. Steffy explains that it is not just about her anymore and that the baby is involved. Taylor wonders if Steffy know when this will all be resolved. Steffy says it will be soon. Taylor goes with Steffy to her appointment.

Brooke and the priest go to see how things are going for the wedding and it is all set up. She thanks the decorator.

The doctor asks Steffy how the pregnancy is going. Steffy says that she is doing well. Taylor tells the doctor about everything.

The priest tells Brooke that it looks beautiful and that it bring them back together. Brooke calls up Hope and tells her to come see her at Liam’s right away. Hope agrees to it. Brooke calls Rick and asks how things went. Brooke wonders where Liam is going. Rick says that he is going home. Brooke is happy and thinks that the wedding will happen today. Brooke smiles.

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