B&B Friday Update 2/15/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/15/13


Written By Wanda
Pictures By Juanita

Liam goes to see Steffy at her office. He asks how she is and she says fine. She understands why he needs his space. He opines that he appreciates that. She says good, he’s lucky to have her and maybe he will remember that when he decides who he wants to be with.

In Hope’s office, she is flipping through some papers and suddenly is holding a Liam and Hope photo and has flashbacks of their Italian wedding. Father Fontana’s words echo in her ear, “cause today, from two, you become one…..forever.”

Carter and Marcus return from a little one on one in basketball and Dayzee can easily spot their competitive spirit. She gives Marcus a quick kiss. Carter says of course Marcus won; he distracted him with all those tattoos. Carter says he’s proud of being from Texas too, but he doesn’t need to put it all over his body. Dayzee laughs and says she can just imagine them as kids; they must have been a handful. Marcus mocks that Carter was perfect, so that’s why their parents adopted the second child. They couldn’t take the risk of having another like Carter. The word adopt makes Dayzee sad again; she says it reminds her of Maya’s situation. She’s called Maya, but she doesn’t answer. Marcus says that’s okay. When she does need help, they will be there for her. He reminds Dayzee that she provided the little girl with a good home and family and that is all she could do. She’s as close to a superwoman as she can be, but you can’t stop accidents. Dayzee is still unsettled and worries that Maya may try to blame someone and even build a case against Dayzee. Carter pipes up that she has a lawyer right here in the family. He admits there is potential for some trouble if Maya were to talk to other mothers and they were disgruntled too. It could come back to bite Dayzee. Dayzee adds also that might include the whole Forrester family.

Brooke comes into Hope’s office and asks if she is daydreaming. Hope replies only thinking about her first wedding. Brooke says when she is ready again, she needs to do more planning and less reminiscing. Hope agrees but not now as Liam hasn’t made his decision yet. Brooke tells her that Liam knows what he wants. That’s the reason he asked Steffy to move out. The path is now clear for Hope.

Steffy tells Liam that she is not a saint. She has her faults, but what she is able to give more than outweighs her shortcomings. She states that she is gonna have a wonderful life with a man committed to her, and she wants that to be Liam. They are connected in so many ways. She just hopes he comes to realize that before he makes his decision.

Carter asks Dayzee just how closely she read the adoption papers. She says she didn’t know much; she had to trust the guy they hired. There is a knock at the door and Marcus lets Maya in. She says she got Dayzee’s messages and could tell she was worried. Maya said she visited the family….her baby’s family….the grandmother and aunt, the people who knew her little girl before she died. They sat together and cried. They told her stories about birthdays and church picnics. They shared how much the little girl laughed harder than anyone else and how she played. She sang, was learning her letters and how to count. The pictures they showed her were beautiful. She was sure she would have grown up and been something. They did confirm that it was an accident. And she knows Dayzee did everything she could to put her in a good home and a family like Maya always wanted to be with. Her life was too short, but she had a good life and was loved. The two hug each other and Maya thanks her.

Liam tells Steffy that he had been worried coming there, that things might be uncomfortable. She lets him know that no matter how things turn out, she can’t see how they relate to each other changing at all. He’s amazed that she always manages to say just what he needs to hear. She tells him to think back on their first kiss; that moment when his heart was beating faster. It was that moment and every moment since that taught her what he needs and what they need as a couple. But he’s asked for time and she is willing to give him that, yet she can not see how he could be with anyone else. Liam says he has not forgotten a thing. He’s not going to string her along either. It isn’t fair to any of them. He’s going to make his decision tomorrow.

Brooke tells Hope that she has every right to go tell Liam that she is ready. Hope says but Liam hasn’t made his decision yet. They aren’t ready to get married. Brooke urges her to go tell Liam since Steffy has moved out that she is ready to pick up the pieces where they left off. He doesn’t need space; he needs Hope. Sometimes men just need a little nudging. Hope says she is not going to pressure Liam about this. That is not who she is now. She needs to go see Oliver about some proofs and she demands that Brooke back off right now about this.

As Hope leaves, Father Fontana enters the office. Brooke whisks him in quickly so Hope won’t see him. Brooke tells him there may not be a problem, but they may have to change their strategy. She continues that her daughter is not exactly in the frame of mind that she thought she would be. She believes they both still want to get married, but Hope isn’t as assertive as she expected her to be. Father Fontana remembers when he married them that he thought this would last forever. He doesn’t want to brag but he has a spotless record when it comes to marriages. He says he is glad Brooke called for him to come as he doesn’t want his record to change. Brooke confides that she is working on something that might do the trick. They just have to get them back in that mind-set like in Puglia with the townspeople, the flags, Volare. It’s a room service elopement. Father Fontana doesn’t quite understand so Brooke says they have the priest, they have the setting, they are going to have the ceremony today. She calls Madison who is at Liam’s as they speak, setting the flags up. Brooke tells her that she better wrap it up. They don’t have much time left. She tells Father Fontana that by the end of today, Liam and Hope are going to be together.

Steffy tells Liam not to rush his decision because he thinks she and Hope can’t handle the waiting. He tells her that he knows she can. She has already put up with more than he could ever have imagined. Still he has to end this back and forth. The truth is out, there are no more secrets. He’s asked them for time and he’s grateful that they both understand. But he can’t stand by and ask one to wait for something that is not going to happen. She says it almost sounds like he has already decided. He says no, he does need another day. There are so many memories and feelings and he states that he is who he is because of her….just know that. She leans in to kiss him but he hugs her instead.

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