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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/14/13


Written By Wanda
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke wants to know if things are good between Hope and Liam. Hope answers that yes, she thinks they are. Brooke wonders if he's ready to ask her to move back in. Hope comments that she thinks he is getting there. Hope asks her mom how she is doing. Brooke smiles and says she is taking care of business…..her children are her first priority. Hope points out that today is Valentine's Day and she is all alone. Brooke answers that she is just fine. Hope isn't so sure if what happened with Bill is any indication. It proves she is lonely. Brooke reminds her they were practically pushed together and it will never happen again. She wishes Hope would forget about it. Hope asks if she still thinks Ridge will come back. Brooke confesses that no she doesn't and it's too soon to think about anyone else. She laments there is no other man in her life right now so it really doesn't matter. Still Hope is concerned since Brooke has a stack of romance novels by her bedside. She never had those before when Ridge was home.

Bill takes the baby from Katie who admits she is exhausted, even on Valentine's Day. Will has been sick and coughing. Bill says he's missed Katie and she blames it on baby duty. She hopes Will will get a good night's sleep tonight. Bill settles back on the bed waiting for Katie to return.

Eric has a bouquet of flowers and walks into Taylor's toward the bedroom door when he hears some very loud moaning and groaning. He listens for a minute then decides to walk away. She opens he door and sees him and they have a big laugh over what he thought might be going on….he can imagine it all now. He hands her the flowers and wishes her a Happy Valentine's Day with a quick kiss.

Dayzee puts Rosie to bed and tells Marcus that she will be right back. They lay in each other's arms, but Dayzee is very worried. Marcus rubs her face and tells her that his brother, Carter, is a damned good lawyer and he will handle this. Everything will turn out all right because they still have each other.

Katie reads her Valentine's card from Bill as he slips up and kisses her on the neck. She apologizes for him having to cancel their dinner reservations. He claims it is okay, part of the program with sick children. He tells her what an amazing wife she is and a wonderful mother. He doesn't think he has a drinking issue but if she thinks he does, he'd like to try it her way for a while. She kisses him but just when he expects more, she flops back on her bed ready to sleep.

Brooke states to Hope that she really hates how Taylor is acting and making demands on Eric. He must cringe every time he sees her coming. Well, no Brooke, if you could see them now……

Eric gives Taylor a back massage which she thoroughly enjoys. He tells her that he's pretty good at this as toward the end that it was the only thing that helped Stephanie. She turns and says that Stephanie was very lucky to have him. He agrees that he was lucky too, but right now he feels lucky to have Taylor. She thanks him for the massage, the flowers and just for being him. They both say there is no one else they'd rather be with tonight.

Brooke picks up one of her novels, “Stallion” and sighs when reading a passage. Meanwhile Bill is waiting not so patiently for Katie to return to his passion. He is surprised when Brooke appears before him in a sexy teddy. She wishes him a “Happy Valentine's Day, Stallion.” She brushes back her long, golden hair that is cascading over her shoulders, leans down and kisses him. He is brought back to reality when he hears Will crying on the baby monitor. He looks like he needs a cold shower. Brooke also is startled when she remembers, but she has a satisfied look on her face.

Taylor and Eric laugh over him forgetting Valentine's Day for so many years. But he says he finally made up for it with chocolates, flowers and champagne. Stephanie never seemed to mind as she was busy also with the business of Forrester. Taylor admits they left quite a legacy, not just the business but family too. He says yes, but she has a lot of memories too…..with Ridge. She says yes and she doesn't regret a one, but they don't last forever. She sorta leans into him and says he is so comfortable to be with. He remarks they have known each other for a long time. She says yes but this time seems to be different, like she is just beginning to know who he really is, perhaps a different side of him. Slightly embarrassed, he says it is past his bedtime, and he must leave her now. She grabs his wrist and watch and mocks him. He says he will leave her to her lunges and dreams. She comments it will be all the sweeter because of him. She thanks him for the surprise.


Written By Rachna

Brooke asks Hope if she thinks that Liam is ready to ask her to move back in. Hope sighs before saying they are getting there. She changes the subject by saying that they have been talking about her this entire time and asks what is up with her mother. Brooke says her children are her priority. Hope says it's Valentine's Day today and Brooke is alone. Brooke says she is fine but Hope tells her that if what happened with Bill tells them anything then it is that she is not fine. Hope says that she is lonely.

Bill and Katie spend time with their little baby boy while Eric goes to visit Taylor at her home. Eric brings Taylor flowers and they share a kiss while Marcus and Dayzee spend time with their baby girl. Hope berates her mother over kissing Bill and tells her she has been alone for too long. Brooke says this is odd, her daughter looking after her love life. Hope says well someone has to because Brooke isn't doing anything about it. Hope asks Brooke if she is still hoping that Ridge will come back. Brooke sighs before saying no and adding in that it's too early to think of someone new. She says besides there is no man in her life right now so it does not matter.

Bill tells Katie he's been missing her. Katie says she's had baby duty. Bill says maybe the baby will sleep well tonight. Katie says she hopes so because she could really use the night to sleep. Bill says for maybe even more than sleep making Katie smile before she says she's going to go put their son to bed. Bill says he'll be waiting for her.

Dayzee thanks Marcus for the roses he brought her as Marcus wishes her a happy Valentine's Day. Dayzee tells Marcus that she never thought she could be this happy. She tells him she didn't even fantasize about it which is something most girls do. She said her whole life was about trying to survive and she never even thought this could ever be in the picture. Dayzee sighs before saying she just can't stop thinking about Maya. Marcus says yes she has had it tough. Dayzee counts off how Maya was sent to prison for a crime she didn't commit, had to give up her baby for adoption and then learned her baby died. Marcus tells Dayzee that his brother is helping Maya now and he's a damn god lawyer. Dayzee nod and hugs Marcus.

Bill compliments Katie on being a great mother and wife and promises her that he will try to avoid his drinking just for her sake. Katie thanks him and they share a kiss before Katie says she needs sleep. Bill looks at little bummed at how his Valentine's Day is going. Brooke talks to Hope about how much she hates that Thomas is now VP. She says she is really hating how Taylor is gaining a hold on Eric and how she just makes demands of him that he fulfills. Brooke says he really must cringe every time he sees Taylor coming having no idea that Eric is with Taylor right now telling her that he is very lucky to be with her today.

Hope sees Brooke's pile of romance novels and remarks that she never needed those before. Brooke laughs it off and Hope says he is going to bed leaving Brooke with her novels. Bill hears Will stirring and moves to go take care of him but Katie says she'll go. Katie says she will probably just sleep in the nursery because Will doesn't sound like he's doing so well. Seeing Bill looking unhappy Katie apologizes to him and says that she knows it's Valentine's and he's in the mood and she's not there for him. Katie says rain check and Bill says she bets. When Katie leaves Bill lays down and sighs to himself.

Taylor thanks Eric for the flowers and the massage and for just being himself. Eric says he can't be anyone else. Taylor tells Eric that there is nobody else that she would rather be with tonight. Eric smiles and kisses Taylor's hand while she smiles back at him.

Dayzee tells Marcus she loves him and Marcus tells her he loves her too before telling her that everything is going to be okay. Dayzee says she knows it will because they have each other. Marcus smiles and kisses Dayzee.

Brooke sits in her bedroom alone reading from her romance novel while Bill is shown alone in his bed. Brooke reads aloud from her novel “Stallion” before smiling, closing the book and turning into bed. Time is fast forwarded and around 2:00 am Marcus is shown watching Dayzee while she sleeps before he wakes her up and they share a kiss. Bill fantasizes about Brooke coming into his bedroom and wishing him a happy Valentine's and kissing him. Bill and Brooke wake up in their homes at the same moment, their faces making it obvious they were having the same dream.

Taylor tell Eric that she is so comfortable with him. Eric says that's a good thing and mentions how they do know each other for some time now. Taylor says this is different thought it's like she's seeing a whole new side to him. Eric says his life is moving in a new direction now. They share a kiss before Eric says he's going to leave her now so she can get some sleep. Taylor tells him her dreams will be a lot sweeter now thanks to him. Eric gives her a smile before leaving and Taylor watches after him with a smile on her lips.

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