B&B Wednesday Update 2/13/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/13/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam looks through pictures and has a flashback to Hope and him kissing a little bit ago. Liam calls someone.

Steffy picks up her phone from her condo. Steffy says hey. Liam explains that his feelings have not changed for Steffy and he knows that he hurt her. Steffy tells Liam to stop and that she gave him the space so use it. She hangs up.

Hope comes to talk to Rick. Hope tells Rick that he owes her and she has come to collect.

Dayzee gets confirmation that Maya’s baby is dead. She is unsure how she will tell Maya that the baby has died because she promised that it would have a good future. Dayzee calls Maya and tells her that they need to speak in person. Maya accepts the invitation right away.

Maya believes that she is going to go see her baby.

Hope asks that Rick go so sorry to Liam so that Liam feels that he can trust the Logan family.

Liam hears Steffy’s voice in his head and has flashbacks to telling Steffy why he needs her to move out.

Steffy tells Taylor that she is not having a pity party. Taylor knows and explains that she just brought some food. Taylor tells Steffy that she must tell Liam that she is pregnant before Hope wins him over.

Dayzee does not know what she is going to say. Carter tells Dayzee to remember it was an accident that was not even her fault. Dayzee needs to comfort her and make her feel better. Dayzee knows that this won’t be possible. Maya is at the door and Dayzee lets her in. Maya is very happy and eager.

Steffy tells Taylor she is full and does not want to eat. Steffy explains that Liam called and tells Taylor that he told her that he was sorry. Taylor thinks that this a good thing. Steffy does not and wonders what will happen if he still choses Hope. Taylor thinks that if Steffy tells the truth that she will have him. Steffy thinks that it will not matter one way or another. Steffy refuses to open up again until she knows where the relationship is going.

Hope comes back to Liam’s office with Rick. Hope tells Liam that Rick has something to say to him. Rick tells Liam he is sorry about what he did and it was messed up. He tells Liam that he should let Hope move back in now. Hope tells Rick that is not why they are hear. Rick gets mad over it and starts to argue with Liam. Hope tells Rick that Liam does not have to do anything he does not want to. Rick explains that he knows that he did the wrong thing with Liam and Hope and he made the wrong choice about them. Rick wants to make things right. The two shake hands.

Taylor thinks that it is a mistake to leave Liam alone because she feels that Brooke is going to push Hope close to Liam. Taylor knows that she should have to feel pressure. Steffy talks about Liam and Italy again. Taylor does not think that this has to happen again and that the baby will bring them close together.

Dayzee asks Maya to sit down. Maya wants to know why she can’t see the baby. Maya starts to cry and explains that she did not choose to abandon her baby and just wants to have the baby back. Dayzee explains that it is not possible for Maya to see the baby. Dayzee shows the article to Maya and Maya starts to cry deeply. Maya asks why Dayzee would say she was fine. Dayzee said she did not know. Dayzee hugs Maya and tells her that she is very sorry. Maya does not understand. Dayzee explains that she called everyone and then she found that article. Maya just wanted her baby. Marcus explains that it was no one’s fault. Marcus then explains that they all feel bad but that there is no one to blame.

Liam clarifies that Rick is ok with that. Rick says that he is because Liam makes Hope happy. Rick decides to give Hope a moment alone but tells Liam that he was not the only one keeping them apart but he was not doing it to benefit himself.

Steffy does not want the baby to be on the list of things that Liam needs to figure out. Steffy knows that Liam knows what she wants to hear.

Hope wonders if Liam is ok with not having distance. Liam explains that he wants the two of them around. Hope knows that Liam wants to do all the right things as did Hope, but she made things so complicated. Hope feels that there is nothing stronger than there love. The two kiss passionately again.

Steffy holds her stomach again and Hope and Liam are inserted between her.

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