B&B Tuesday Update 2/12/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/12/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Taylor and Eric kiss with passion and look at each other. Eric wonders where that came from. Taylor hopes that Eric did not do that out of pity in order to comfort her. Taylor believes that it is debatable to who kissed who.

Liam asks his employees about how things are going for the magazine. He is happy with everything they have to say. Hope walks in as they walk out. Liam smiles when he sees Hope.

Maya demands to see her baby. She wants her baby back today. Marcus introduces himself to Maya. Maya does not care and wants to know about her daughter. She wants to hold on but she needs to have her baby back.

Hope wonders if this is a bad time. Liam says it is never a bad time for her. Liam says that Hope looks pretty impressive. Hope says that she missed him. Liam wonders if Steffy told Hope she moved out. Hope explains that Katie told her but she wanted to give Liam time. Hope wonders if she should have stayed away. Liam says no and that he is glad she came.

Pam and Donna wonder what Eric and Taylor could possibly be doing in his office.

Eric explains that he had not kissed anyone like that in a long time. Taylor asks about Stephanie. Eric tells him that his affection for Stephanie was a different type of affection compared to other people’s affections for one another.

Maya understands that Dayzee did so much for her and is grateful for that but she needs her baby back now. Dayzee explains she is trying to find out what happened to the baby girl. Maya explains that she will be back because she will not leave without her kid. Maya leaves. Marcus wonders why Dayzee did not say anything. Dayzee did not want to have to tell Maya that right away.

Donna is desperate to know what Taylor and Eric are talking about. Donna wonders if they should be worried. Pam decides to go in. She goes in and Eric asks her to leave.

Eric asks Taylor where they were. Eric explains that the love that Stephanie and Eric had was a love that was interment but not on the level that other people have. Taylor asks how long Stephanie had withheld sex. Eric explains it was before her being sick.

Hope understands that Liam did not want to hurt anyone. Liam thinks that this is best for all of them. Hope wants Liam to take as much time as he can and she will accept that if he chooses Steffy that is his choice and she will not do anything about it.

Dayzee wonders if there is any reason for Maya to go after her with a lawsuit. It is explained that people go after others with a law suit for no reason every day.

Hope tells Liam that she wants this to go over right for everyone. Liam explains he does not know who to choose because he cannot imagine not having Hope in his life.

Donna wonders what Pam found out. Pam says nothing and explains that she felt strange about what was going on in there.

Eric tells Taylor that he did everything to get Stephanie to be interment but that it did not work out. Eric knew that Stephanie was done when he tried to get her to wear lingerie. Taylor is shocked that Stephanie would not accept that. Eric explains that he pushed Stephanie way too far over the subject. Taylor feels that this was Stephanie’s loss. Taylor says she will wear what Eric designed for Stephanie.

Marcus does not think that this looks good. It is explained that the baby and parents did die. Dayzee thinks this is awful but she has to tell Maya.

Taylor explains her plans to see Steffy to make sure she eats. Eric wants to have dinner with Taylor sometime. Taylor agrees but not at the mansion because she is afraid of Stephanie’s portrait. Eric knows that Taylor is flirting. Taylor thinks that this is a good thing.

Hope is happy that Liam asked Steffy to move out because now no one has an advantage over the other. Liam explains that when he looks at Hope he sees a good thing. Hope thinks that it is not too late for Hope and Liam to have a relationship. Hope kisses Liam passionately. Hope smiles and Looks at Liam.

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